iPhone X 256GB Space Grey Unboxing – REAL Day in the Life!

iPhone X 256GB Space Grey Unboxing  – REAL Day in the Life!

I know things can get it for toddler
poodle video article in the number can’t get it for travel you pick jalopy to
locally-made to number one my Apple iPhone 10 to 50 256gb
and wanna market Luna Bella everyone like $5,000 having be relaunching time
de la vela in an approval moon was so people need to avoid you 80,000 Elling
in 70,000 like available on ax other Flipkart Amazon like a little bit of you
know Apple outlet see the monkey available on the people number on box am
wanna have a little excitement lon it was expensive for peanut even the number
for a Apple 10 metaphor here in there any national very low orbit the penny on
you know each other a I found 10 to 50 C GB the time set up
with an available a pedometer man boxia matter than the total recession limp or
it’s a stunning another orphans year in the Nevada know that
odd in the novena to do is Donna Libya where Amanda with another pouch are my
PO Chi Lam the tatianna designed by Apple in California they didn’t pin em
to bathe another although a similar environment that the iPhone tendon day
Seidler is limb in the SWAT and a pedometer since water you can redeem the
Presidium after the victim pin mm okay Lakota geometry Lazaro T an apple did
you stick current array provided under cleaner hallowe’en over at LaRue Avenue
a little guide and then the carrying recommends like a hi hello Newman
Brigade down the tender innovative air another you know main a traitor number
that you’d end up at 1:00 a.m. a big charge down epidemic underscore type on
avail another inanimate wait another who accept an we had said lenient Coachella
convinced Allah etc no I’m done etc etc no we’re not given the percentage in had
said you know movie preamble about Islam going to be a digital number every
airports there minute number one like an umbrella here in 2009
2011 and oboro-sama the basic air headphones arm carrier for some
developed a leader in every number I have to run we have to remember when
America do you put my telephone a little Rumble I found it through a period are
available on iPhone today available penis asada our USB lightning cable on
the phone connection that let me give them anything to do be my tour features
normal a yarmulke beer another kono and each other for no more on children idea
it on Abednego even video displays great another gray an identical are very never
silver better than the space grave element within the storage it 256gb on
away the mother never long on G the garniture all the being added the on G
the view is showing up on your credit we are on G the connector then Apple the
chimney man David a little you know just a little I
already bigger than the face aggravated another and the pivot dependency under
to gonna be an abuse or any other diagonal I did their back Eliana do the
partition Garwood did you gonna form did another even I’m giving the page then
that my to love each of them having like a penny anymore if you didn’t do an
elephant is somebody for ironing a performance wedding the Apple a lovin
Bionicle Bionicle another storage it 256gb anyway another in a camera where
you know the – well MV + 2 LMP unaware another battery battery capacity way
down there and I divinity pollen Eric and Madge run away another it a display
via Tomica 5.8 5.8 and 5.18 just son away another CML a pariah 14.7 three
women there I am a 3G 3G beyond of a remember a launch date to be remember
now Berkeley 2017 wait another picnic into the camera for number camera like
every nerve in the camera 7 MP and a camera within the battery
capacity number now at the power of you and I tell you into binary I have an
image a Nevada when I display 5.8 it just unavailable in a rear camera
with my to LM t plus 2l MP Anna we need them to do special features with another
sensor some it didn’t light light sensors like the science and surrender
in a extra meter on the bio me barometer on bed combi center in a finger pendulum
number come at you I I follow me another I don’t know fingerprinting remember
already didn’t it another you better come look at my
telephone number finger Latoya cheering a finger I’m dizzy I’m pretty little
face a lien holder the living taking fingerprint in their banana makida
laverna on and on build the application where the FaceTime and the iTunes Store
I did sir the pod cakes and they find my phone find my friends Ackerman de pinna
channel things will give an idea cube charging Anna you charged you could do
the new operating system with another iOS 11 to stipend number 213 can you in
a sling slot to another a single semana single similar museum Balaji is someone
along to be a micro micro single giving birth in a model I 410 256 GB on Avenida
people even drew a brand a plan penis in size and nano we remember in a network
where in the 4G available supporting India brands 3G available to EG b TG
availab lying phenomenal phenomenal multimedia returning guests here who
steer stereo speakers on I guess other than um comes to you see the speakers 11
we have from Radio pyromania another audio jack and lightening up in
ur allowed to speak up loud of course other in under beneath into
number then they’re cheaper change in the ink performance it can I give a
cheap set to no I opted a hell happened Bionic ran away another graphics way
them the Apple GPS GPU 3 core graphics an event the processor processor running
an X for a to 3.9 ghz dual-core in a month so for 4.2 GX quad-core
we met a female Intel processor of mmm Levana
been artistic to after lecture over in over 60 a 64-bit remember we gonna build
a building material of our animal gorilla glass in the first of the
building material in a in a thickness of seven point seven point seven mi mana in
a v12 the 70 point nine am among been updated seven-hour
174 grams beneath a waterproof and it is
waterproof resistant in 13 minutes in depth of 1 meter other chamber area 1p
6067 they remain the pinna if they did add s profile either in a height you
better know one 140 3.6 Yamaha modem end up in a color away running two colors of
is an onion already Parma silver and this thing’s great
in a display of Ariana get display we removed in there then the month on
display with another oil oily diluent penis the accept ratio of eighteen point
three nine we’ve endured described items in this plane is in the display Kampala
pathala pigment TLX desk density over nine four hundred sixty sixty three PPI
Union in a screen protection and experienced professional in that in a
you a strange body ratio calculator other para Hanigan
then at eighty eighty point nine three person hmm
screen size of five points it just so you remember in a screen over solutions
very important down a number of screen resolutions were in other than that our
solution is very another 1125 into I 24:36 plx Amarillo the
Pickler’s elephant Ravenna torchlight to a romantic guest 3d touch on number two
3d touch a plan when communication for number of column number three Rita
channel that’s other than that in America
storage will give you one angle isn’t there a you a number left already 256gb
another number if you ladies up in available storage enormity vietnam papa
even with number the GBO in extendable memory india iran over that camera the
canon cameras at Apple is single available de in exposure compensation
are you so control villain underpinner image resolution resolution Le Poire a
4000 to 3000 little severe another tip video recording features are optical
image stabilization under in and your focus yes of course in a shooting models
with a continuous shooting with the high dynamic range mode actually HDR V
Bustamonte covered in the vanilla syrup in a
motivator the camera features will be around 10 point digital zooming optical
zoom in in a flash phase early detection talks focus in the sensors we have a BSI
sensor original the physical observable in F 2.2 in optical image stabilization
yes dual optional you need stabilization in the flash right in a flash away
remember in a bad tweedle I will leave a normal battery it will give it a go
ahead of the housing are 50 percentage to 30 minutes 30 can totally 50% a
charge all been a fire wireless charging of a certain capacity you know only
Parma and itv2 panorama HR up in a network connectivity on until a jumper
on a pattern of great another that do I come up here a little bit and just did a
Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi you regarding it 800 point to Louisville Vedant that pin
mobile or hot spot endure pain a member to the group Luther 5.6 whenever volted
Acharya of course volt you volt Amir another USB
activity USB 2.0 better than that you need them to stand even ASR value number
field in the exposure value Killick adding it had one point zero 8 kg to
bode one point 70 kg remember in the network support we’re running in the
divine order if the forge is supported on ax in since
they seem or even an honor upon Amba number – I found 10 256gb on a number
line boxy the drill upon America if they either users need to be a champ between
either expensive for I hope a sheepfold I will develop on the trend economical
now put a penny keep you super pariah on an iPhone 10 256gb great features from
face ID in the poor boy features anatomica number data security and in a
matter number for non-motorized I take Andrea no telling a data unit transfer
you know nobody loved wommen it highly security VI telephone becoming the angle
other iPhone in an apparent in America passage in November evening Authority
use like a mock-up of blogs GM will grow I am today
you do for now because I didn’t do no no companion the video sorry began a rapid
mingle on our iPhone honey 256 GB right the talented Adam experience he enough
DNA and the channel logo was subscribing and supporting acapella unboxing video
not a virtual reality learning oceanic you know about please subscribe my
channel share come and me this is signing off KKT for
travel thank you whew

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