iPhone X and iPhone 8!

iPhone X and iPhone 8!

Hey guys, how’s it going it’s Justine and today, we are chatting about all things Apple Event more specifically the new iPhone X which is not actually called iPhone X. It’s called iPhone 10 here It is the iPhone 10. It was officially announced today, and I’ve got it in my hand This is a white version, and there’s also a space gray version, and this thing is absolutely beautiful. We’re at the home screen here it is Man It has such an awesome feel to it This is the space gray. I got a chance to go to the Apple event this year And it was by far one of the most incredible experiences Not only because it was my first time ever going to an Apple Keynote But it was held at the Steve Jobs theater, and this was the first time that this theater has ever been used for anything It’s official the Steve Jobs theater is directly behind me and This is my first Apple event ever and to walk in to the Steve Jobs theater up to the doors and see Steve Wozniak standing there Was the coolest thing ever it was also one of the first times the people outside of Apple have seen Apple Park have seen their New campus have seen inside the new Apple Visitor Center where there’s a retail store I buy something what if I could buy things here? Can you buy things here? Well, I did a little bit of shopping, but a little bit. Oh, yeah, just a little whatever Mac I’m getting a nice chai latte And they have this amazing augmented reality feature they have a massive table that weighs 11,000 pounds yes 11,000 and when you look at it with just your normal basic eyes you don’t really see much of anything But when you use their augmented reality app you can get an inside look at the entire Apple part It’s also really interactive so you can swipe up on this little side screen, and it’ll show you morning tonight What it looks like you can also take off the roof which was quite a surprise Aside from that we are here to chat about the new iPhone which is called the iPhone Ted not the iPhone X Unfortunately the iPhone 10 is not gonna be available right away pre-orders will be starting on October 27th And they will ship on November 3rd starting price Nine hundred and ninety nine dollars Worth it out of all of the rumors that I have seen the number one thing is that I am so glad that did not Come true. Is that blush copper gold color? I was not a fan of it, and I really just had this feeling there’s one thing I know Apple is not gonna make that color a reality and thankfully it did not because the iPhone 8 comes in this amazing beautiful Gold color so before we get too ahead of ourselves There were three new phones that were announced today number one the iPhone X comes in two different color variations There’s a silver and a Space Gray the sizing options for these is only two And it was rumored that there was gonna be a 512 gig, but there’s not there’s only a 64 and a 256 I’ve already made my decision and I’m Definitely a hundred percent getting the silver I think it’s so beautiful And it kind of reminds me of the original iPhone Next up is the iPhone 8 now technically this would be the 7s if we were kind of following in the footsteps of previous Namings of iPhones the size and form factor of the eight is pretty much Just like the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus the biggest how many friends of the new iPhone 8 is the new color that they have and it is a Beautiful gold color rolls gold is one of my favorite colors. That’s my favorite type of jewelry to wear and in the past they had a rose gold which was more of a pink and then they had a Gold, which was almost too gold it was more of a yellow, so this gold is the perfect marriage of the two I mean It’s just the perfect gold color that I could ask for like if I were to make this phone the color that I wanted it To be it’s this color, I’ve owned eight pre-orders will be starting on September 15 And they will start shipping on September 22nd so set your alarms add it to your iCal prepare yourself for pre-order day So this is kind of cool you basically Find your spot on the table. It’s not real The iPhone 10 It’s in my hand I’ve got a little bit of hands-on with it and the Craziest thing is the phone is much smaller than a 7 plus, but yet the screen because it’s a full OLED screen Which they are calling it a super Retina display? I love it every time they were saying super retina in the keynote I was just I would die no aren’t super to me is very very funny so followed by Retina super right now It just had me what actually laughing out loud I think a lot of people who thought that the plus phones were too big But the smaller phones are too small this iPhone 10 is the perfect marriage of those two you’re losing No screen real estate, but yet you have a much smaller phone the display looks Beyond incredible its edge to edge, which means there is no touch ID so Justine How are we gonna use our phones with no touch ID how are we gonna unlock it? How are we gonna do anything? How are we gonna return to home pretty simple you can add a passcode of course or you can use face ID you can use? Face ID and passcode at the same time just again That was it you just unlocked it do it again. Yeah, let’s yeah, let’s see it But if you’re familiar with any type of facial recognition software, it’s very simple There’s really not much you have to do you just hold your phone up look at it And when it recognizes you it unlocks your phone face ID is enabled by a true def camera It’s super simple to set up I watched this guy set it up in just a few seconds it projects and analyzes more than 30,000 invisible dots to create a very precise depth map of your face, and I watched this happen in person I watched this guy set it up, and then I watched him unlock his phone immediately One of the biggest concerns with face ID is what if somebody else has my same face will I be able to use a photo? How does this all work? is it safe one of the things that they really stressed in a keynote is whether you get a haircut you wear glasses put a Hat on grow a beard for instance face ID knows your face This is far more Secure than touch ID I’ve been using facial recognition for a while on my samsung galaxy s 8 and my Microsoft studio So I’m pretty familiar with it, but watching this whole thing in action was really cool So you basically just hold your phone out looks good Oh shoot Sorry, you need his face, and then you can swipe up to unlock your phone But my biggest question when I saw this in action was oh wait how do I access control center? They solved that by now swiping down for control center Which will probably take a little bit of getting used to but even in this short little bit of hands-on time that I had with It I got used to it Really quick so a face ID you’ll be able to do all the things that you did with touch ID you’ll be able to unlock Your phone and you’ll be able to use Apple pay something that I’m pretty excited about and I think anybody who takes selfies will be Excited about you can now take portrait photos using the front-facing camera portrait mode allows you to take really Incredible photos that make it look like it was taken by a professional The blurred out background really adds to that effect, and there’s something else that they also announced. It’s a new feature in portrait mode It’s called portrait lighting it’s really kind of crazy inside because Photographers you guys are gonna be out of a job now because everyone’s just gonna be doing everything with their iPhones I mean Instagram models This is taking it all to a whole new level hashtag no filter But hashtag portrait lighting hashtag portrait mode hashtag is this my face is this my body. I’m not even sure I’ve been in reality That’s the new reality So because of these cameras can sense depth you’re able to make changes on the fly so here’s an example of using the stage light Mono filter this is in the new portrait lighting filters There’s natural light studio light contour light Stage light and this stage light mono which pretty much turns the whole background to a nice black And it looks like it was shot in an actual studio One of the other rumors that did not come true was the fact that the iPhone X would be us PC and this was something That I was really looking forward to I have so many USBC cords, but I also have so many lightning cables It’s fine. I can wait a little bit longer They also announced a wireless charging which is something that I’ve been looking forward to for quite a while They also introduced this little guy. This is the air power so with this power charging mat You can just lay your devices down on it, and they will charge wirelessly It’ll charge the new iPhone the series 3 watch and the new air pods. I got a few tweets where people were like well What if I want to charge my phone and use it? Same time well, then you plug it in you don’t have to wirelessly charge They did it not some other partners who were going to be making other wireless charging devices so stay tuned for those I know they mentioned Belkin and my favorite friends Mophie I look forward to all the third-party things that come out of this announcement because that’s always something that’s so exciting to see what people Take away from the event and then in return Create something that they think that we need for these devices that are missing. I mean like look How frayed this is all three devices charging at the same time So here’s a quick look at what is making everything work right here. We have the infrared camera We have a flood illuminator a proximity sensor an ambient light sensor speaker microphone Seven megapixel camera and a dot projector so with all of that built in to the new front-facing camera this gives us so many more possibilities animated emojis Obviously extremely important just when you thought you’ve seen it all you haven’t so you can pick your emoji And then you can hit record in IMessage you can record your message as it face tracks your face to the emoji And then you can send as your friend I mean honestly you guys better believe I’m gonna be posting these all the time another thing they announced is the new Apple TV 4k HDR the 4k HDR is going to give you such a clearer and brighter image I loved seeing these side-by-side Comparison photos because you can really see the difference between the 4k and the 4k HDR The colors are brighter the blacks are darker and it’s just an overall better image so the biggest problem is the Content there hasn’t been that much content available for 4k and HDR quality, so now a lot more platforms are supporting it There’s a bunch of movies and shows on Netflix Now that support this and I’m Alan mentioned Netflix because I’ve actually seen it firsthand They also mentioned Hulu and ESPN and other live streaming sports But I can only speak to Netflix because I’ve seen that firsthand on my lg wallpaper TV one More thing in this video the Apple watch Series 3 looks absolutely amazing I’ll be making a full video on this guy here very shortly But the biggest highlighting feature of the Apple watch series 3 is that now supports cellular So you won’t need your phone at all you can leave the house And you can stream all of your music text messages make calls all without having your iPhone I got a chance to check out the new black ceramic which looks really beautiful I’m probably gonna go with the white ceramic again So that’s just sort of a quick overview of the event and some things that I saw today I would love to hear what you guys think of everything Did you watch the event are you going to watch it? Judging by some of the things that you might have seen in my video today or what you’ve read online or during the keynote let Me know in the comments below what you guys think are you going to get one? Are you going to wait? Why why not what phone? Do you have right now tell me all of the things and I look forward to chatting with you guys in the comments I also Have some more iPhone videos coming out very very shortly. I just haven’t had time to edit so stay tuned I’ll see you guys later. Bye

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