iPhone X Performance Comparison 64GB vs. 256GB – what Apple doesn’t want you to know! (S1-E6)

iPhone X Performance Comparison 64GB vs. 256GB – what Apple doesn’t want you to know! (S1-E6)

Correction: line one above is write speed and line two is read speed! Thank you to those who noticed!

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  1. Can anyone explain the readspeed to me? What is exactly meant with that?

  2. There is any diferences with iphone 7’s?

  3. Shows that the black one space grey is better

  4. 0:59 but the phones are running different versions of iOS 11

  5. World's costliest feature phones apple iPhones

  6. Well larger flash storages naturally have a faster speed

  7. Don’t get less storage, if your willing to spend that much money for a phone get the best of the best

  8. You got read and write backwards ?

  9. "Apple doesn't want you to know…" what an idiotic statement.

  10. Don’t worry apple will slow it down on the next ios update.

  11. or it could be the battery life showing it’s almost dead makeing the other phone really bright showing on the top right corner

  12. Wtf the camera is 12mp and it’s hexa core not quad core?

  13. I see some difference between colour also

  14. Does the amount of battery counted on this test? they are not the same. Or maybe it does not affect the test…

  15. Random

  16. What a nice Lamborghini

  17. ?

  18. “Apple doesn’t want you to know” what a way to attack a great company, SSDs work like that is just how they work, the larger capacity the faster the disk. Stop finding ways to get s*** on them.

  19. Good video, but darling. To have a great storage you need some more power right ? You need it! It doesn’t work without it! Well what is the point to add same power for the 64GB if it is not necessary ? Just to make your battery last less ? If there is NO NEED of such power, there is not point dear, no point. 😉
    Conclusion of this video is: waste of time.

  20. A11 bionic is not a Quad core CPU
    First its an SOC and it has 6 cores!

  21. My iphone X Antutu score is 232000 somehow

  22. There is a mistake in the video at 2:06 when u mark out the read and write speed, you switched the numbers of the read and writing speeds 🙂

  23. Dude you mixed-up Read and Write… its Readspeed on the 64GB Modell 1185Mbyte/s and WRITE 265mbyte/s. Most Times, like you Start an App only reading Speed matters. The only difference will be whit big files, like coping a 4k Videofile an you Iphone from one App to a nother. Just as a info the same results you get whit ans SSD on an PC. More storage means more Write speed in that stage of tech that we are right now.

  24. Not worth the money the big difference is a Verizon iPhone X it’s no need for a 256 GIG phone

  25. the best 2018

    pixel 2 xl smart phone

    imac pro desk top

  26. bigger ssd = faster on read/write everyone know this

  27. ??? I get 240000 on my 8 Plus

  28. A moment ago, Antutu Benchmark was skulking his performance. Iphone x 64gb 227336 so somehow.

  29. Memory capacity? They both have 3GB of RAM. You’re talking about storage.

  30. different battery level on phones

  31. What a clickbait moron of a headline! Apple does not want you to know what ?? Something that even 1st grader in technology knows , which is that is the way SSD works! Go on your 125 laptop ssd and compare it to 256 or 500 ish one … writing speeds will always be higher on the bigger drive! It has nothing to do with Apple or Samsung or whatever the company name will be your next dumb video. SSD works that way , period.

  32. This has been the case since the second generation iPad. Of course higher storage capacities need faster reading/writing capabilities.

  33. The An TuTu score on my X was 241554.
    Geekbench 4- 4321/10631.
    Just proof every single device is completely different.

  34. I’m happy I got the 256gb one!

  35. You’re comparing apples to oranges lol

  36. I have the larger version and my test results are closer to what you got on the 64GB version

  37. How much that now

  38. i transfered my iphone 6 files (almost 40Gb) for the past 3 years to my new iphone X 256 Gb Silver… no regrets at all… :), if there is only a 128 Gb version, i would definitely take it, but 64 gb for me is just too low… #applemarketingstrategy

  39. Difference maybe cause low baterry on 64 gb and Truetone turn on at 256gb ?

  40. Ya I agree with most folks here. 64GB is not enough especially if you take a lot of photos and download movies and games. I’ve used the iCloud for photos and it’s not the smoothest experience. When trying to watch older videos of my daughter it sometimes doesn’t even load and I can’t watch it at all. Better to have certain items on your phone than a slow cloud service. I’d only recommend the 64GB if you don’t really care for the extra space.

  41. This had been mentioned by unbox therapy before.

  42. Hexa-core*

  43. it's already proven that the bigger GB capacity iPhone work much faster than low capacity iPhone

  44. It’s not that Apple doesn’t want us to know. It’s a given for additional pathways to higher capacity ssd’s. It’s always been the case.

  45. That has 0 effect on end user.You will never read at rate of 250 mb/s.Just benchmark showcase

  46. This test is incorrect, it’s because of the color not the storage. Space gray>silver

  47. The battery has a big effect and on the 64 gig the battery is a lot lower

  48. Should I get 256g iPhone 8 or 64g iPhone 8 Plus ?

  49. I still like my iPhone X with 64 GB.

  50. I don't need much Storage.

  51. Guess what lol with android you can get unlimited storage from google fotos for vids and photos and you can put a sd card on top of ur 64gb phone…

  52. You turn off the True Tone in 64 iPhone

  53. it surprised me that iPhoneX sucks at auto-zooming. everybody just take your iphone X out and try it. such a big disppointment

  54. mine 64gb version, antutu v7.0, drops down to 190754 point, not the same as video above, why???

  55. So I can just get 64gb then I’ll get 50 on top of that if I get the monthly plan

  56. You forgot to take into account of future IOS update storage which you can’t store in iCloud. 256 GB is definitely the way to go, seeing that you have already spent so much money on the phone itself already.

  57. some years ago a magazine claimed that larger storage iphones had cheaper and slower memory

  58. The colour looks warmer on the right

  59. We know what apple knows WOW

  60. The best color of iPhone x is Samsung s9.

  61. There’s only a difference on storage read/write speed. Computing power is identical on both.

  62. I just got the iPhone 8+ 64gb because I didn’t even have 20gb filled on my iPhone 7 32gb, I really don’t understand how people struggle with storage. I could honestly manage with 16 if I had to.

  63. I have the 256gb got 38 gb filled up already and my phone is getting slow

  64. Lol my note 8 has 180,000 score '_'

  65. He’s got the read and write mixed up the dumbass ?

  66. Will you be willing to gift me just one of them it doesnt matter

  67. What don't they want me to know?

  68. You switched up Read and Write speeds.

  69. 13 MP Camera?

  70. What video were you testing the anime


  72. You fucked up the write and read captions.

  73. 156 GB

  74. mb the batery level can change the score

  75. Apple might try to tell YouTube to delete this vid

  76. Lol. Both iPhones should have the same amount of apps and freshly restored or else there will be differences .

  77. i have the 256 space gray

  78. Do the to iphone8 pls?

  79. I didn't even get 10k in Integer math on my 256. Is performance score affected by apps installed on phone? I closed all the apps but I am sure there are a lot of apps running in background. E.g. I was using Whatsapp web while testing even when it was closed in phone.

  80. So that Mean, I have to get the 256GB ?

  81. the galaxy s8 is faster then the iphone x… it has 4GB of ram while the iphone x has 3GB of ram. even though the galaxy s8 can only have 64 GB of storage you can get an sd card for it while the iphone x cannot have an sd card.

  82. 256gb

  83. 1:54 can't you see you're saying te speeds the opposite… it's writing speed 255 not reading

  84. Thats not about the storage.
    Take a close look at the battery capacity of each phone.
    The lower the battery capacity the less performance so the phone lasts longer.
    And what a coincidence it is that the 64GB iphone has less battery capacity?.
    Like if you agree?

  85. The time on the left was 9:51 and the right was 6:51. just telling yall cuz u care sm LOL

  86. If you’re a person who keeps a phone for a few years then you’d be better off getting the 256gb one. Because you don’t get the full 64gb and you’ll have to import photos a lot if they stack up to high then you would on the 256gb one. Especially if you do a lot of gaming the newer updates can stack up to over time. And in my opinion the 256gb is the better one to go for.

  87. Too bad my 256 is still slow. The X is garbage.

  88. same to ipad pro? ;(

  89. Iphone giveaway plss?

  90. You fucked up the read and write speeds

  91. I had been noticed this since the first ti me on a Desktop and the first time on iPhone (3GS) untill now I’m using an iPhone Xs Max 256GB and MacBook Pro 2017 13’

  92. Everyone knows blacks run faster

  93. Please are the two iPhones the same size????

  94. thank you dearrrrrrrrrr

  95. is this rear cam has 12 or 13 …? its 12mp

  96. I m going for iPhone X but which one should I buy 64gb or 256gb still in confuse

  97. but the more apps you download the slower your phone lol so 64gb

  98. I watched your video last year for iphone 8 64 gb vs 256 gb

  99. Yes but in everyday usage does the speed of 64gb read-write make the phone stutter or lag sometimes ?

  100. I want this video for iPhone 11 64GB vs 128GB

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