iPhone X Unboxing & First Look + Small Giveaway 🔥 🔥 🔥

iPhone X Unboxing & First Look + Small Giveaway 🔥 🔥 🔥

Please Subscribe Technical Guru Ji channel..& Click the Bell icon to see latest videos. Hello friends! This is Gaurav, welcome to another episode of Technical Guru ji. Today we will be doing unboxing of this iPhoneX We will see what is the content of this box and also whats happening in iPhoneX’s world. You must be thinking why I am I doing iPhoneX unboxing now? Why so late? You must be thinking that you have been seeing videos for a while on it. Listen friends…You are going to love this…. Really you will be amazed!!! So Here we go…..Here I have something very special for you guys!! I Hope you will love it. Lets get started…. So here I have four iPhoneX phones. One is for me and other three are for lucky viewer like you A small gift from me to you… Friends I love you all but for now… …I can’t afford 3.4 million (subscribers) iPhones for you all The phone that I am going to use is 256GB memory and color is Silver. From other three, one is the same as mine.. And other two are 64 GB, one is Space Grey One is silver I will tell you later in this video about how can you participate in this contest. For now friends, the box of my iPhone … …has some Arabic written on it because I bought it from Dubai. if talk about the price..its really great!!! Here in Dubai the cost of 256 GB is …. Indian Rupees 83,000 ( US$ 1303) if you need iPhone X with 64GB then it will be Indian Rupees 70,000 (US$ 1099) IPhoneX prices are just astronomical in India… In India you will get for…. Indian Rupees 102,000 (US$1602) You can buy a nice second hand Alto Car in this amount. But what can you do…Apple like to cheat people like this in India. Lets remove the wrap from the box. You can see the box from all around. When I open the lid, You can see a paper that says ” Designed by Apple.. ..in California” You see there is a Hello Guide that shows Some new gestures of this iPhone X. It comes in various languages You also gets some tools and apple stickers. Here you see iPhone X..that looks very compact. We will talk about it later. Apple made a lot of profit on this phone by fooling people… Here you have a old style.. … ….5 Watts slow wall charger here we have ear pods with lighting port. On the back we have the converters. You can use it to… …connect your traditional ear phones. Here you see the Apple’s Lightening cable..that is usually of very poor quality.. It breaks easily…. The main thing here I have in my hand is iPhone X… Lets remove the plastic wrap from the screen… and turn it ON. I will give you the physical overview of the phone in the mean time. the frame of this phone is made up of stainless steel… it looks really cool in Silver color…. Phone looks even better from the back…. here on the other side you have…. mute switch, and then Volume buttons Here you have the lightening port and two grills on both side… One is a microphone another is the speaker.. This button on the side is not a Power Button, This is Apples new Side button, It has several functions and it is slighter bigger in size. Apart from that here you have the sim tray.. You can put single sim of nano size. There is nothing on the top side of this phone…. back side is complete glass….Here you see Apple logo… and at the bottom you see iPhone is written on it… here you see setup that looks like traffic lights.. There are.. two separate cameras and in the middle you have secondary microphone and a flash…Both cameras are….. ..of 12 Mega Pixels. I will tell in detail later about them.. For now friends Phone is turning On.. You can see apple logo..the screen is 5.8 inches OLED screen resolution is 1125 X 2436 pixels Apple calls is Ratina desplay. or Super ratina HD, HD Plus etc.. Screen comes with Bezelless design. You do see bezels..but It does look like edge-to-edge In the middle you see a notch… This notch comes with a lot of sensors. where you have your front camera…& ear piece…. various systems for face ID So friends Phone has Booted already (turned ON) You can see the complete look of this iPhone X… Apple has installed A11 bionic chip The battery is 2,716 mAh. You get 3 Gigs RAM rest of the storage is 256Gigs…thats all friends This phone comes with Facial ID technology. You can use your face as a password. you do not get Finger print scanner in this phone… Apple claims that Facial ID is very secure and safe. its easy to set it up…You just need to move your neck up-down; left -right. it will store all the features…. All you need to do is just lift your phone..it will unlock automatically… You just need to swipe up…and you have the home screen… from Swipe I remembered that there is NO HOME button in this phone. Most of the commands are based on gestures… if you want to come out of any app..to go to back to home screen…. just swipe up… and if you go to the right… You can see all the active app at the time… You can switch them by sliding right or left… if you want to go to the control centre… Then you have to swipe from top right if you do it from any where else..middle or left..then then you will come to your normal location from there you can turn on your camera, flash light(Torch), These are the basic complete details ..of iPhone X Main highlight is the Facial ID..which I have already told you. Apart from that the rear camera setup is really great… You get two 12 MP cameras… One is with 2x optical zoom.. Both lenses support OIS(Optical image stabilization) You also get support for recording 4K videos too 60P which is just amazing…. rear camera and front camera both has Portrait mode option the front camera is 7 MP and you can use Portrait lighting You get a lot of wonderful effects.. These were the details about iPhone X.. there is one more thing ANIMOJI You can put animation in emojis with your own voice and it can also copy your face expression, (Emoji of technical guruji talking in Hindi) Friends this was iPhone x. you also get support for wireless charging You also get support for IP67 protection (Ingress protection) You also get Apple pay etc…This was the whole story of iPhone X Now I will talk to you about. the Giveaway contest of this iPhone X. I have three iPhone X friends. That will be given to three viewers among you… participation is really easy friends. All you have to do is Like this video, and also share this video… You can put one comment any thing about this iPhone X or any thing about the world… also please subscribe this channel.If you do these four things.. LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, AND SUBSCRIBE You will be eligible to participate in this contest. if we complete 300,000 likes This contest will be active and I will pick three random viewers.. and these three iPhone will be sent to those three lucky viewers. You must remember one thing friends that You will be liable to pay import custom duties in India whatever that may be 2000, 5000 or 12000 etc. You will have to pay that if you comment more than once than you will be disqualified. i am waiting to see 300,000 likes than only I will draw the names and I will announce the names of the lucky viewers on my Facebook and twitter account for this iPhone x giveaway contest… All the best to all of you. This was the complete story I hope you liked it Thats all for now friends. I hope you liked the video. if you have any suggestion please don’t forget to comment below. If you have not liked or shared this video…. Please do LIKE, SHARE and also Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to the channel…… because I bring you interesting technological videos like this every day. Thats all for now. Friends. Jai Hind! Vande Mataram.

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