iPhone X vs iPhone 8: Why You Should Buy iPhone X (Or Not!)

iPhone X vs iPhone 8: Why You Should Buy iPhone X (Or Not!)

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  1. iPhone X vs iPhone 8: Is 8 Better Than X?: https://youtu.be/wGuMsxO-d1g

  2. I kind of like the bezels on the 8 plus, I hold them when I’m gaming or watching movies. They are black too, so in a dark room they almost disappear anyway.

  3. I go for iPhone X

  4. Waiting on the X

  5. want the iPhone x but may get the 8+

  6. Display is smaller on the X compared with the 8 plus.

  7. Performance of the x will likely suffer more than the 8 cause of the amount of pixels it’s got to push. We have seen this before with the 6 and 6 plus etc. The plus models lag a lot more. If you want lag free smooth phone get the SE.

  8. I'm switching Android to iPhone but still wondering which one is better the x or 8? Also which one should I get

  9. Always been an Apple fanboy, though when the samsung galaxy S6 edge was released i decided to switch to android, because it was just better than the iphone 6.

    Now I decided to switch back to the iPhone even though i enjoyed android a lot.
    Honestly, I even know that the SG S8 is better in specs than the iPhone 8 Plus but let's face it, an iPhone is an iPhone, some of us just know it's a different feeling.

    I went today to the apple store near my house and tried a bit the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus to decided which one to buy but there was just a problem:

    The iPhone 8 was just a tiny bit smaller than my Samsung galaxy S6 but still had a smaller screen (5.1in on SG6, 4.7 on ip8) and a LOWER RESOLUTION. So I definitely excluded the regular iPhone8 and decided to try handling the iPhone 8Plus.
    As someone who's never had an iPhone Plus or a phone bigger than the 6S , it felt just too weird. It felt annoying, actually, and the helpful worker told me that the Plus isn't a great choice especially for Bikers, and I happen to own a motorcycle aswell.

    Then I realized: The iPhone X is just slightly bigger than the SG S6 / Iphone 6S but still has a bigger screen than the HUGE iPhone 8 Plus.

    Conclusion: Waiting on that iPhone X on november 3rd, just to try it out in my own hand and I'll take my decision then.

    As I said at the start of this, I'm an apple fanboy, but I could even call it an addiction. If you're not looking for a bitten apple on your phone but just for the best piece of technology without any prejudice on the brand, I highly suggest you to look up the Samsung Galaxy S8.
    I think it isn't as good as the iPhone X but on paper it's quite the competition, with prices more than 400 dollars lower.

    But again, to me, apple is apple.

  10. this will be my first iPhone and i am thinking of going for the iphone ten

  11. What if he takes a pic and put it in of front the camera give a like if you agree

  12. You are wrong, the screen is bigger on the iPhone 8+. You’ll get a taller but narrower screen on the iPhone X

  13. X is very tempting I like the whole no home button and gesture thing. It looks beautiful just not sure about the cut out. a small bezel at the top like Samsung would of been much better

  14. Kann mir bitte jemand sagen, warum man ein englisches Video mit deutschen Titel hochlädt?

  15. Definitely waiting for the X because the 8 models do not feel like a big enough upgrade from my 6s and I like Face ID and OLED display.

  16. I currently have a note 5 and I'm looking to upgrade I'm not sure what I should do, stick with the Note 8 or jump ship to the iPhone 8 plus or wait on the iPhone 10. I need a phone that I can use for business purposes. I'm not very familiar with iPhone products so coming from Note 5 would I be able to do the same features calendar wise, such as scheduling meetings, things like that. How developed is the iPhones calendar? Also, do the new iPhones come with the more modern Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to connect to more than one device at the same time but separately if you get my gist. Thanks I really need your Tech opinion

  17. Definitely iPhone x! It’s the new era of phones and more to come with this technology

  18. I'll just buy 8plus and buy s8 or s8+ later since I've been an android user since the first time i used a smartphone. Well yeah the x is not for people with ocd. 8plus is possibly my first and last ios. Idk since apple is so expensive. So can you help me pick which should i buy from 7/ 7plus / 8 or 8plus for an ios device. And for android should i buy the s8 or s8 plus

  19. Very happy with my 8 plus gold I’m not interested in X at this time

  20. I think I'm the only one who's stilling using an iPhone 4, I'm quite happy enough with it only I'm now having battery issues and have no choice but to upgrade. I was originally thinking to get the 7 Plus, but then thought for the price difference I may as well go for the 8 Plus. After watching so many reviews I got completely confused and started thinking about the X, but thanks to your video I've decided to settle for the 8 Plus. I think it's early days yet for what Apple is doing with the X model, the first of it's kind and a very high price tag. I'm sure it won't be long until the next model after the X comes out, probably without that annoying sensor blocking the top of screen content, more color choices, and more confidence in the face recognition. I'm excited to buy my new iphone 8 Plus in Gold. Thanks for your review, I've just subscribed!

  21. I'll switch from android to iPhone only because iphone 10 comes out !

  22. Time to move up from 5s to 8

  23. Upgraded to the 8, had a 6s and one of the main reasons was the magnetic/wireless charging. My car has the capability but my phone did not. Love it!!! Also I like the water and dust resistance, and of course it’s faster. I prefer the smaller phones, fits perfectly in my hand and in the pockets of my handbags.

  24. Is the new screen on the iPhone X really better than the iPhone 8 plus? For me so far the only thing that I like about the iPhone X is the bigger screen on a smaller phone and maybe the OLED screen if is really any better. I currently have a iPhone 6 but I still may and just wait to see what happens next year.

  25. i have an iphone7 atm and i can't decide between the iphonex and iphone8 plus😭help anyone??

  26. Cecil w I like your video .

  27. Looking forward to get iPhone X. Kinda unsure if it'll be good as most new iPhone usually have early issues.

  28. Face Id is too much for me, who knows where that info is going. I say touch ID is perfect.

  29. I'd get the 8plus over the X any day

  30. Why is it that no one who reviews the phones touches on the e mail ease of use and voice recognition for e mail and message applications.

  31. Yes the Notch is the biggest reason I don't want an X :'(

  32. Iphone 8 of course !!! Since the processor is same with the 8 and 8plus. Why spend more for the OLED and face ID ?!

  33. I currently have iph6splus and thinking of getting the note i for the s pen. I already have an ipadpro so don't really need 2 iOS device

  34. I have decided to upgrade to iphone 8plus. Thank you for your input it helped me to see the differences.

  35. i stick with iphone 5

  36. I own a iPhone 6s plus and planning for iPhone X but Pixel 2 XL camera is diverting my attention a lot from iPhone to a Google phone.

    Camera in phone is mostly what amazes me
    what do you think of the differences between Google's best vs Apple's best esp. with respect to Camera front or back.

  37. iPhone X

  38. idk which one to get, I have the 7+ 🙁

  39. First of all great explanation and points on both videos!! I had the 7 but my grandmother needed a new phone that she can use forever so I gave her my 7 and I purchased the 8 256gb. I have been impatiently waiting for the full screen iPhone for years! Then I saw the X … sigh I need my Touch ID and then the notch 👎🏾. So for those two reasons only. I had to get the 8. Hopefully next year or in 2 years we will get full screen, Touch ID, headphone jack and no notch lol wishful thinking but hey 🤷🏾‍♀️

  40. I took the iPhone 8+ and it’s amazing!! .. but i really needed 2 things that it’s only in X ..
    1.face lock
    2.portrait in the front camera 😢

  41. Enjoyed this video. I’ve got 7+ 128 so I’ll be going for the 256gb X. May alarm clock is set for 2:57 am edt. To place my order.

  42. I wonder if any improvements on the notch in future X models will reach back to fix the original X. 🤞🏾

  43. which one should i get iphone 8+ or iphone X please suggest me
    i wanna go with 8+ just becoz of big display
    plz reply

  44. i'm probably going to the x from my iphone 6

  45. I got the 8 plus

  46. Bought the iPhone 8, I just looove Touch ID! ♥️

  47. Waste of 10 mins of my life

  48. I'm skipping the iPhone 8 and Pre-ordering the iPhone X

  49. I am ton, but ultimately it comes down to $ and I don't think I can spend that much money on a phone! Thank you so much for sharing; it really helped me decide which to buy.

  50. My iPhone 6 is amazing, I won't need a new one for a couple of years.

  51. I just purchased the IPhone 8 Plus.
    So far, I’m enjoying the phone.

  52. Going for the x

  53. thanks for this video… im gonna be getting my first iphone and im leaning strongly towards the 8plus i hate the design of the iphone X.. no home button plus the top of the screen is ugly with that "notch"

  54. I always buy a new iPhone but this time I am not buying iPhone because of its price. It is ridiculously high. The so called new features they are already available in other phones any way

  55. I choose the 8+ because of the home button primarily. I like that it’s essentially got the same guts as the X minus a few things of course. Oh and Touch ID. I love that feature. I upgraded from my 6S and it’s been amazing. No regrets from me!

  56. just gonna buy it then return it if i dont like it

  57. I .have a 7 and I am trying to get a 10.

  58. thanks for polish translate

  59. Galaxy Note 8 has the best display period.  IPhone has best operating system.

  60. APPLE X

  61. I'm pre-ordering an iPhone X, because I've got the 7 now and the 8 Plus is too big for me, the 8 has less to offer so yeah…X obviously <3

  62. 👎👎👎 jajaja

  63. X today

  64. So when is someone going to talk about the simple stuff. Lack of customization or personalization on the iPhone. Still no adobe really?!!!! Last years “wireless charging” speeds. Samsung giving them the lower quality oled screens. Do I really need to keep going. Yet I still will upgrade but these things really need to be fixed or us as consumers get apple to change these things we want.

  65. iPhone 8 plus does allow Dolby Vision on Netflix. It’s software based not hardware based but does allow Dolby Vision on Netflix.

  66. I got the iPhone 7 I'm getting the iPhone 8 plus don't want the 10

  67. Hi Andru.. Enjoyed your Video..Got to Know the Differences…. Will Buy Iphone 8 plus …. Thanks

  68. iPhone X definitely

  69. I still have the 6s plus. 😳🙄
    still works great 👍

  70. I managed to pre order the iPhone X in silver 256gb model in Australia. 🇦🇺 only thing is it’s a killer price tag $1829 here in Australia purchasing it outright. Don’t know how they can justify the extra $680 us poor Aussies have to pay. Hope it’s worth it.

  71. I've watched several videos and it's going to be the iPhone x. I've fallen inlove with. Your video just reinforced the attraction. IPhone x it is.

  72. I may buy the ip X by January I have to wait for all those features to be works properly.

  73. iPhone X sounds awesome… but the price… I have the money right now.. but it doesn't feel right… too expensive… I'm getting the iPhone 8 (I don't like the size of the plus) and anyway I'm upgrading from an iPhone 5s…

  74. 8 plus

  75. Definitely getting the X but I also want them to make the X in Plus size 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  76. Iphone 8 plus better. Samsung OLED display fade screen.

  77. iPhone X

  78. Originally had the Google Pixel 2 XL, screen burn in issues were real. Google customer service was horrible with replacing it. So I returned it all together and bought my first iPhone, an 8+. … I’m understanding iOS but, I still hate it and miss Andriod. 🙁 The reason why I go Google or Apple is simple, timely updates. Sure Samsung phones are nice, but you never know if and when your phones OS will be updated. So, iPhone it is.

  79. I ordered the iphone X and have been searching all over for an answer to my question. It is about how this phone is answered. My phone is the primary phone and I did see where I can opt out of using face ID which might be what I have to do if a person cannot answer a call without facial recognition. When my iphone rings now my husband can answer my phone can they with the iphone X?

  80. iPhone X waiting now

  81. can i send an animated emoji to someone who doesnt have an iphone X?

  82. I have a 5 lol. Works for now. I'm glad to see such a well rounded integration of the OLED technology tho

  83. iPhone 8 Plus all the way. If you’re watching a 1:85.1 full screen video on the 8 plus, the video is exactly that. It fills the entire screen. When watching a widescreen movie it has letter boxing. Now with the X, the 1:85.1 picture is smaller on that screen and if you want it to match the size of the 8 plus, you double tap it and you’re losing information! Lame! And when checking out a widescreen movie, it looks fine on the X, but if you want that screen filled, yeah you double tap and it’s bigger than the 8 Plus, but again you’re losing information. This time because the notch covers the video. I’m waiting and very happy with the new iPhone 8 plus

  84. Merci pour Tes vidéos je pense prendre l’iPhone X

  85. Got the x. Best iPhone I’ve ever had. Came from the 7 plus. Great phone but the X is a monster.

  86. Tbh i dont care about the notch on the top. I like it 🙂

  87. いつのまにか英語になってんじゃん!笑

  88. I gotten iPhone 8 plus wanted the X but AT&T want have none in for a while

  89. I Like The trraduction for the french viewers

  90. I'm on Android rn but i'm getting the iphone 8 plus for Christmas

  91. I still can’t decide.
    This was a great video and helps a bit, but each have their pros and cons.

    I really don’t like the notch in the screen of the X. Plus, I’m not completely sure if I’m ready for face ID. I do still like a physical home button.

    Having said that, there do seem to be some great advances i. The X. But I don’t know if they are worth the price for someone like me. Screen and display improvements are completely wasted on me – I don’t watch a lot of videos, photos taken or viewed by me are never required to be professional. I can’t even tell the difference in quality between HD TVs and TVs 20 years old.

    The only selling point for me is that the X is the most up to date and is a bit of a flagship for Apple and perhaps be better supported (and possibly respected) as a result. But I’m not sure if my money would be better spent on getting the best spec 8?

    I would go for the 8+ as a compromise, but the physical size is too big for me.

    Arrggh decisions, decisions.

    Would I really regret just getting the normal 8?

  92. U r right brother who will spent that much of money

  93. I am watching a bunch of videos now to see which one I should buy I really want the X but tell me what y'all think

  94. I want to buy the iPhone x

  95. Great and informative review. I’ve had the iPhone X for about 2 weeks and I’m missing the home button and everything else my iPhone 6S had before… I’m not very cell phone savvy so any improvements on either the X or the 8 is something that I probably wouldn’t notice..

  96. Hello Andru i am an anroid user i want to switch to ios, firstly i considered Iphone x but soon after its release I heared about burning of OLED display so I waited for comments of apple but then apple said its property of OLED screen they will not be providing any support , then i decided to buy IPhone 8 plus but size is one of the problem in it. I am really confused now where should i spend my money on 8 plus or X as I am not frequent at changing phone. So what would you suggest an iphone 8 plus or X , or should I wait for a new iphone which has a corrected OLED display.

  97. iPhone X

  98. 변역기봐….

  99. Ima android user but I'm tryna switch to Apple

  100. Giveaway pls😭😅😢😄😅 give me one 😭😅

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