iPhone Xr Vlog!

iPhone Xr Vlog!

100 thoughts on “iPhone Xr Vlog!

  1. Blue

  2. I accidentally dropped my xr

  3. Hi Justine this video is one of the reasons that convinced me to buy an iPhone XR instead of a mirrorless cam. BTW I just posted my first ever vlog using my iPhone XR. So if you have time to watch it, I would be very happy ☺️ https://youtu.be/q8ZNyS0Glfs 💜

  4. This vlog is better than the galaxy s10 plus honestly

  5. I got iphone xr in black

  6. i got the iphone xr in coral and its a really big upgrade from an android LG

  7. Mi phone camera is best👍💯

  8. I ordered the red one

  9. I have the iPhone XS Max but I do agree that both the iPhone XR and XS have good quality.

  10. I would get the product red

  11. I got iPhone XR in Coral

  12. I am so happy! I’ve been begging for a new phone, and I’m getting the Xr next month! I have a 6s now so it’s going to take so getting used to but I’m still so happy!

  13. I am thinking about getting the xr and if I do I will get the coral or red. I’m still undecided between the Xs max or xr

  14. I want the blue on or the yellow

  15. Hey! How did you do the speedy shot on the bike? Time lapse? Looks great!

  16. just ordered the red XR. Never owned an Iphone before wish me luck.

  17. I got red

  18. I got the coral.

  19. YELLOW!!

  20. i ordered a white XR

  21. i have the iphone xr white

  22. Blue

  23. I’m not sure what colour but I can’t decide between white and coral??? Pls reply to this comment and tell me what colour should I get??

  24. Red or Black or Yellow

  25. OMG that looks soo fun! I got the blue xr

  26. I just go an iPhone XR and I’m only 11!!!!

  27. I’m getting my iPhone XR this week! I’m super excited. I currently have the 6plus and it’s cracked with green and black stuff on the screen. So it’s time for an upgrade. I’m getting the coral

  28. Hi. Were you shooting with your front cam or back ?

  29. If all the clips were not on the xr it would be worth labeling the clips as the video progresses. I personally wanted that clarity not sure if I'm the only party pooper😆

  30. I would get the red

  31. I know I am late but I got the Iphone xr in red colour and my younger sister got in blue colour❤❤💙💙 Both of them are gorgeous

  32. I got coral!!

  33. been using red XR for a month. its just great. the SOT got 8-10 hrs 👀🙃 the video quality of Iphone undoubted…… sorry samsung fans Lol 🙂 xr has really great value for money! Alhamdulillah

  34. I need opinions plz! Red or Black?

  35. Messy hair look ♥

  36. I'm sorry what??? It's Build in 1943, in the middle of WW2. It's 2 years after Pearl Harbour, that's correct. JUSTINE!!!

  37. I got red lol

  38. Bruh I just went here! No joke😂😂 I rode the horses.

  39. i ordered white

  40. Having used the cameras of multiple different smartphones, I have to say that I can instantly recognize Apple’s color science even if you hadn’t told anyone this was shot on an iPhone. It’s a very distinct Apple look!

  41. The blue one

  42. I got the white and silver xr

  43. I would get Coral

  44. Black my first iPhone

  45. XR yeah )) nice vid, thanks 😉

  46. I is boring and I got a white iphone Xr 📱

  47. I have the blue

  48. I got the black iPhone XR my brother got the white and my mom got the product red

  49. I’ve got the red xr and I’ve been using it for my vlogs and vids!

  50. I got the XR in coral I’m late but that’s so funnn

  51. At 0:58 it looks like she's riding on a ball lol

  52. That quality😱❤️

  53. I got black xr

  54. yes mines coming in a week and i got the iphone xr in blue!

  55. I have the the 5s 😂😢

  56. Should I get the..

    Yellow 💛
    Coral 🧡
    White ⚪️

    Don’t know which one pls help!

  57. I plan to shoot a majority of my videos on this camera! Why wait until I can buy a super expensive camera if I can start making videos NOW with my iPhone XR?

  58. I ordered Iphone Xr Black ! Its so aesthetic ❤️

  59. Mines is Black

  60. I got red it looks so cool

  61. Oh and I upgraded from android 😹😹

  62. The video quality and audio is really good. I use the iPhone XR as my camera that I use to film my YouTube videos bc I don’t have any other camera 😂. Btw I got the blue

  63. I just ordered my iphone XR! It will be my first phone! I'm so excited 🙂 I got the yellow one

  64. The iPhone 4 needs glasses

  65. I'm getting the Xr this Saturday in Yellow <3

  66. I just upgraded from a IPhone 6 to an IPhone XR in blue

  67. I bought the black phone . I think of resale value in 2-3 years . So far as an avid DSLR user the Xr has literally blown my mind coming from a iPhone 5s . the upgrade was long over due . hmmm maybe a vlog in the future what adventures could i get into with this gem of a phone . As for my boring life since i have been taking lots if pics now with a truly capable phone alot of people really seem to think i have this fun life filled with awe and grander . Too long but man i really love this new iPhone Xr .

  68. I’ve heard the XR’s camera quality is top notch, but I never thought it looked this good!
    Gonna have to start using it for my own vlogs, thanks iJustine!

  69. Yes! Such great quality!! I just recently got an XR and had to try out the video https://youtu.be/Z4L7BbDCgtk

  70. I have the same phone and the quality ain’t even that good lol

  71. I would definitely get yellow omg!

  72. I have the iPhone XR and the camera quality is beyond amazing

  73. i got the red but wanted the yellow btw i love your videos and can't wait to see your future posts!!

  74. I think I would get the yellow iPhone XR

  75. I got a black xr


  77. i just love your all videos 😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍

  78. I have the yellow XR

  79. Should I get iPhone Xs or Xr ?

  80. i got the xr in red

  81. If I were to get the iPhone XR I would get the coral color or the yellow color

  82. i went there and it’s beautiful im in hawaii right now actually !! if you want there is a real cool ziplining place there ! a lot of fun !

  83. Was this front facing camera?

  84. But on snapchat the XR is ass tbh and it’s so zoomed in it’s annoying

  85. I got the xr in white I love it

  86. What do you do after you review these phones? And what phone are you currently using I’m using iphone XR

  87. Yellow

  88. 💛📱☺️

  89. omg the camera quality tho 😭😭 in love 😍😍😍😍

  90. I got red

  91. I lived in Oahu for 5 years and never went there

  92. I don’t have a phone😭
    I would get the iPhone XR in white

  93. I got the xr in the color coral

  94. im getting the coral

  95. WOW

  96. You signed plainrocks iPhone se

  97. i would get black

  98. Am I the only one that thinks the quality of the camera isn’t that good

  99. I do not have an IphoneXR but I will get one for my Birthday soon! When I do get it, I want White as my first choice, and Coral as my second choice.😊

  100. I have a white iPhone XR and it’s a big upgrade from the iPhone se

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