iPhone XS by Pineapple | Rudy Mancuso & Anwar Jibawi

iPhone XS by Pineapple | Rudy Mancuso & Anwar Jibawi

100 thoughts on “iPhone XS by Pineapple | Rudy Mancuso & Anwar Jibawi

  1. Thanks for watching!

  2. this add was funny, but a little crappier. love how they ended with..
    "Pineapple. Think a little crappier." XDDDDDD

  3. I want one

  4. Anwar jibawi pressed decline

  5. ?????

  6. Pinapple is better yeahhhh

  7. Honestly, this is better than Apple

  8. Now I wanna buy it

  9. Before:shittyer
    After: crapper

  10. I died laughing

  11. Apple is better

  12. I WILL TAKE 57

  13. Mix both apple and pineapple it will be great phone

  14. 3:53 lol hahahaha $2000

  15. so funny lol

  16. Forget Apple, I'm going with Pineapple ?

  17. Steve: Get your butt off that chair
    Me: Gets in chair and stands up

  18. When you realise that Jobs=trabajo in Spanish jajjajja so good

  19. I would buy Pineapple XD

  20. Think a little crappier

  21. Trabajo means jobs

  22. White, black and hispanic and the mac bro??

  23. Who else came back after watching pineapple iPhone 11

  24. 3:18 THAT'S BAD BUNNY!!!!!!!

  25. What is the background music?

  26. "We go for the 5%, my homies"

  27. He just had to mention tequila

  28. Bought one yesterday and its so crappy…good job Pineapple

  29. I Love Pineapple phone , Can you send me one of them ???

  30. Who else came here
    after iphone 11??

  31. I don't know who disliked this

  32. I love your sense of humor!

  33. Flew to Mexico, No pineapple phone ?

  34. Latino is the new White. Racist cases. Got me killed. ha-ha-ha

  35. Still funny ?.

  36. This should be merchandise

  37. ? P I N E APPLE
    Think A Little Shitter

  38. Honestly I’m down

  39. Why was this so persuasive???

  40. But………………..

  41. Steve trabajo gets me every time ????????

  42. In pineapple studio I live there

  43. I got an iphone 11 pro add while watching this

  44. This is like Anwar but shitier

  45. what about
    Tim Cocinar

  46. You killed me hahaha with the Hispanic case haha you are a genius of comedy man!

  47. Thank you I just bought a plane ticket to Mexico! I'm so excited to get a new phone!

  48. i’d buy this

  49. 1:52 When my mom catches me watching Youtube at 4AM with my cousin when I was 8

  50. ?????????….
    Rudy mancuso…
    Rudy mancuso….

  51. Can i actually buy that iPhone

  52. Mr.trabaho

  53. Who's here after watching Ashish video????damn! Both have done a good job

  54. Who comes after watching Ashish chanchlani vines video of iphone parody … Hit like

  55. who is here after ashish chanchlani's video

  56. Love from India ?????????????????????

  57. Can you share the name or link to the background piano music….?

  58. From : India after watching Ashish Chanchalani video

  59. Who came after watching ashish chanchalani video

  60. That aint no macbookbro thats the macbookfoo

  61. Dang they roasted the shit out of apple??

  62. Just awesome….. Bro

  63. “Steve trabajo”

  64. Latino phanter?

  65. The music ?

  66. 3:44 I get Hispanic because I am. Watch my YouTube channel!

  67. Your new subs. From India. Love you, you are so funny.

  68. Trabajo in Spanish means job ?

  69. how rudy says: “Hi, im Steve Trabajo.”

    Idk why but its SOOOO SADISFYING ?❤️❤️❤️

  70. "Apple has Black Panther, we have latino panther" Lol

  71. These videos never get old. The Hispanic case though ????????

  72. time

  73. Who Else Thought This Was A Real Phone On Sale

  74. Omg I have the iPhone XS yay ?

  75. 3:12
    Got me dead ??

  76. The “Mac book bro”

  77. Fukkkkkkkkkkk I'm dying


  79. Same sleeves man ? apple ? ?

  80. Latino panther ?

  81. The pineapple studio bit made me laugh

  82. Fun Fact

    Trabajo means “job” in Spanish

  83. 1:57 I like this new feature

  84. Black panther =Latina panther

  85. Pineapple think a little crappier

  86. smart

  87. How much it will cost to come to Mexico from India to Buy Pineapple phone?

  88. Steve: get you butt off that chair
    Me: taking a shit in the bathroom

  89. Can someone plz send me the location of what city the Pineapple store is in? Im currently in Merida, Mexico. I'm interested in the Pineapple iphone xs and the binoculars

  90. সেরা চেটেস!!???

  91. for some reason, I really want this iPhone


  93. I want the hispanic case

  94. I bet that apple fanboys are the people that disliked this

  95. when can i buy it

  96. Anyone can relate – ??

  97. A little crappier saves your wallet

  98. Going to Mexico

  99. Whos watching on iphone

  100. Magic Miguel. ? Salute u Mr Trabajo!

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