iPhone XS MAX 512GB – [GIVEAWAY]

iPhone XS MAX 512GB – [GIVEAWAY]

6 thoughts on “iPhone XS MAX 512GB – [GIVEAWAY]

  1. real or fake?

  2. Hello sir i subscribed your tysm for this giveaway i waiting when u annoumce the winner u have a big heart i am waiting for a chance for mine too

  3. Done sir

  4. Good stuff for making a video for him

  5. I want a new iPhone because my iPhone is completely destroyed and actually the only way I’m texting you guys this is because I’m on my mothers phone, my phone is an iPhone 6s and is completely destroyed, the glass is cracked and the headphone jack doesn’t work and the charging port barely works neither do the speakers

    Please help me out
    The only way you could probably contact me is through Instagram if I do when even though I’m a loser and have lost at least 32 iPhone giveaways

    Instagram: @_connor_mclees_

    Also did all the steps

  6. i did everything exept the step of twitch my ma said that she wouldn't let me download the app and that i have to win by luck

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