Hey, how’s it going guys? My name is none of your business!!!! today, we’re gonna be doing a knife or drop test if you’re gonna ask why my hair’s like this don’t? Let’s get into the video Alright, so let’s go first drop test. We’re gonna do side so here we go through all sorry about that mode in the background It’s for the pool alright, so ready here. We go three two one So those bit there’s really nothing that happened. There’s like Like a little dead. I don’t–but like right there. I don’t know if you can see that No, it’s a little dent right there, but nothing much, so we’re gonna do Now we’re gonna do front facing strapped up on the screen alright. So here. We go. We’re gonna do Screen here we go ready three two one Alright, so let’s have a look at this Alright, so what we have here I? Have the light on what we have here is we have crack up there right there a big crack right there when we have little Nothing on the sides little dents But yeah, I think that’s the most danger crack right there. So now we’re gonna go a little bit higher up here we go All right here. We go. You really can’t see me doing but I’m gonna do a little higher ready set go Alright, so what we got here is we have much more major cracks at the side right there left right there major at the bottom so Here we go now. We’re going to do a front facing drop test here. We go All right here we go front and three Two one All right, so we’re getting a lot more cracks on the side right there Especially and we’re getting more at the top, too all right, so He’s home button still clickable Clickable, so we’ve got a lot more dense and cracks so now we’re going to do extreme for this one I’m going to chuck it as hard as I can so here we go in 3 2 1 alright, so we have a lot of Major cracks we have the glass broken right there? And we have up there look at all these crack man. This iPod really stinks But for now for the last drop. We’re gonna be doing the Window [I] Hope this works 3 2 1 So yeah it got so yeah, it got really cracked you got glass broken up there It’s just shattered button doesn’t even click anymore The backs final here is aluminum Tops all done it. We have a really cracked screen for this one We’re just I’m going to go super hard for the last one ready set go All right So that last one really got it the cold blast part came off and now we’re digging into the inside Got a little glass hanging out from there, so yeah, it’s really done So I think I’m gonna have to stop it there and it’s so if you [like] this video give sure you give it a big thumbs up and there’s a sky for more because there’s a lot more coming ah So one more thing if you wanted to see my cousin’s iPod for drop test click that link in the description below Because he has a good drop test to say scry for more because there’s a lot more coming

3 thoughts on “iPOD 4 DROP TEST

  1. not a forth gen

  2. I had iPod touch 4 then got a bsod and my mom let me drop test it

  3. My mom let me drop test my iPhone 6s plus

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