iPod Magician – Marco Tempest

iPod Magician – Marco Tempest

Hi there, Marco Tempest here with a brand new
magic trick I have been working on. The kind of magic I like uses technology
to create illusions. and I have prepared these three ipods to show you what I mean. I’m going to use them to tell you a
little bit about my favorite subject… Deception One of my favorite magicians is Karl Germaine. He had a wonderful trick in which a rose bush bloomed right in front of your eyes. But it was his production of a butterfly that was the most beautiful. Ladies and gentlemen, “The creation of life.” When asked about deception he said this: “Magic is the only honest profession. leak honest profession A magician promises to deceive and he does.”” I like to think that I’m an honest magician. I use a lot of tricks. Which means that sometimes I have to lie to you. I feel bad about that. But people lie every day. I’ll be there soon. I’m stuck in traffic. You’ve all done it. “I’ll be ready in a minute, darling” “It’s just what I always wanted.”” “You were great.” Deception is a fundamental part of life. Polls show that men tell twice
as many lies as women. Assuming the women they asked
told the truth. We deceive to gain advantage. And to hide our weaknesses. The Chinese general Sun Tzu said
all war is based on deception. Oscar Wilde said the
same thing of romance. Some people deceive for money.
Now… Let’s play a game. Three cards, three chances. “One five will get you ten, ten will get you twenty.
Now where is the lady, where is the queen?”” This one? Sorry… You lose.
I didn’t deceive you. You deceived yourself. You thought you could win. Self deception. That’s where we convince ourselves
that a lie is a truth. Sometimes it is hard to
tell the two apart. Compulsive gamblers are experts in self-deception.
They believe they can win. They forget the times they lose. The brain is very good at forgetting. Bad experiences are quickly forgotten. Bad experiences quickly disappear. Which is why in this vast lonely cosmos we are wonderfully optimistic. Our self-deception becomes a positive illusion. Why the movies are able to take
you on extraordinary adventures. Why we believe Romeo when
he says he loves Juliet. And why single notes of music
played together becomes a sonata. And conjure up meaning. That’s Clair de Lune. Its composer Claude Debussy said, that art is the greatest deception of all. Art is a deception that creates real emotions. A lie that creates a truth. And when you give yourself over to that deception, it becomes… magic! Thats it! Thanks for watching
I’ll see you around.

100 thoughts on “iPod Magician – Marco Tempest

  1. COOL @@

  2. he just did some shit

  3. nice…but i see a bit slow mo om the butterfly before the phone…3:59..but amazing….

  4. Did anyone else spend the whole video trying to figure out how he did this?:P

  5. It's technology. You can do whatever you want with it. It's not magic. It's call programming. That's called me.

  6. OK, never mind my last comment. I watched the video without sound first… now that I watched it with sound, I understand…

  7. Thanks for watching? Nah man, thank you for deceiving me into seeing truth.

  8. yeah i like it..now INCEPTION!!

  9. Why isnt this guy on TEDTalks?!

  10. Nice! : ) ( :

  11. it says ipod thats a iphone

  12. Clas

  13. can you give a link to the three videos the iPods were playing? Please!


  15. amazing honesty

  16. так, дійсно круто !!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. .. it's also kool, when we type some comment tht gets an,
    awfully awsme response tht we had no fuking idea in our mind when we typed in …!

  18. Half of the views HAVE to be mine! I found this video an Marco a couple of months back. I have insominia and this video, and the form of magic he does, is relaxing! I'd like to personaly thank Marco for his amazing entertainment and also for breaking my insomnia by putting me into a state of relaxation 🙂 -Colt

  19. WOW!

  20. This was a great video but please don't practice phone magic, coz everyone knows that it's just about timing with the phones. There's nothing amazing happening there. Also when you time it wrong, which I noticed a few times in this video, it breaks the illusion completely for me. I might get a lot of hate for this comment but all I'm saying is that phone magic is worst of all magic.

  21. 100% worthy of the like button

  22. very nice…………………i like it

  23. Brave! I really loved your words and your lies. It really made me think over the life. It's magic, isn't?

  24. its a lie that there is magic in this video

  25. 669 Dislikes. Why!!?

  26. Impressive.

  27. wow. im speechless. so awesome. got lost in the art of this. hhaha

  28. Incredible. This meets all the ideals in magic… this was technically superb, entertaining, amazing, informative, and probably the most important of which is the demonstration that magic is an art that evolves everyday along with culture and technology. Truly beautiful

  29. nice and rich

  30. i lost track of how many times i watched this!

  31. magicly!

  32. That was aamazing

  33. A very well video setup.Nice! 🙂

  34. This is Amazing Man !!! <3

  35. Cool!!!

  36. An wonderful show. But I didn't saw any magic.

  37. is there any way of becoming a disciple of you???I am an computer engineer and i am really interested on how you use augmented reality and intend to study on the same….

  38. WTF 307 likes! Now 308.

  39. Dis is very great i wnt more.!

  40. That must of took a lat of practice. That was really good.

  41. wouldent really call it to much of a magic trick 😛 but it was really amazing, and deff entertaining =D

  42. do this with Note 2 !!!

  43. DUDE ? OMG HOW

  44. ipod can not call xD 1:21

  45. Wow thats awesome!

  46. how can anyone dislike this?


  48. Apple was going to make a smaller version of the ipod version for kids until they realised "itouch kids" sounded really wrong and awkward.

  49. Whoa o_o

  50. I love this! =)


  52. Just 3 Videos but nice trick and its looks good.
    Its alot finger work

  53. This should be on every day

  54. Do you beleive in magic? In a young girls heart, because the music can free her and everyone knows cause its magic. DO YOU BELEIVE IN MAGIC!!. My response to that song is "yes".

  55. amazing magic trick

  56. Got to see this trick live a few days ago. Marco is a talented individual who keep the audience interested.

  57. Can I have one of those I pods lol

  58. I saw this on TED. As soon as he said I wanna tell you about my favorite subject I knew what I was going to see.

  59. AWESOME:-)

  60. Amazing! People lie everyday and deception is fundamental part of life. It turned out that the brain is verygood at forgetting bad experiences. We are wonderfully optimistic haha

  61. That must of taken ages to act out with the iPhones!!

  62. These Switz are so creative and playful.

  63. Sorry, Marco, I've watched this video so many times I already figured out every part of it 🙁

  64. what is that debussy piece called?

  65. amazing

  66. cool

  67. do magic on vine app

  68. Iphone magic

  69. This will never get old.

  70. I don´t like your concept of magic, above all magic is about turning impossible things into something reachable and enjoyable, tricks are the entrance to something more complex and beautiful.

  71. How ? 🙂

  72. Very cool

  73. Amaziing 😀

  74. Very wonderful :DD Is that Liszt's Ricordanza, by the way? I can't remember what piano piece it is

  75. Cool, yes; beautiful, yes; but THIS IS NOT MAGIC.

  76. WOW!

  77. Is there a "love" button to click?

  78. amazing

  79. i miss your videos..

  80. You are greeeeat

  81. Theres an app for that, many ppl used it i saw this same video but different theme

  82. wow !  brilliant !

  83. Just awesome

  84. He's good…

  85. OMG so true 😮

  86. This is Amazing!!!

  87. Technology and Magic is the new Future

  88. beside the awesome trick that he does with his iphones this dude is a great philosopher

  89. Amazing!


  91. Well done. That was amazing

  92. amazing magic trick 🙂 I think all of the ipods have a video and this requires alot of timing soo good job.

  93. Technology and deception. Could all be done post. 

  94. AMAZING Trick

  95. Fantastic show!

  96. Amazing

  97. However it's done, it's great and entertaining. Kept my eyes glued to the screen the whole time. Please keep up the great work. : )

  98. Amazing!!

  99. it's amazing…….

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