iPod nano 7th Generation Review

iPod nano 7th Generation Review

Hey guys, this is Austin and today I’m here
with a review of the new iPod nano 7th generation. This brings back a much
more traditional design but is it any good? First step is to pop open the box
and inside you’ll find the iPod nano in yellow, although in person it’s
pretty green. You’ll also find the new Lightning cable to charge and sync and the
Apple EarPods which look like the old earbuds but actually don’t sound bad
at all. Pop the screen protector off and finally the iPod is free. Take a look
around the iPod nano and you’ll see it’s absurdly small. Along the left side
you’ll see the volume rockers as well as a center button which allows you to pause,
skip tracks and more. The top houses a sleep/wake button and on bottom you’ll
see the Lightning jack, plastic window for the Bluetooth antenna and
the headphone jack. To give you a better idea of how thin the new nano
is, it’s identical in thickness to the cable on the EarPods. Hook in a pair of beefier
headphones and the nano looks downright silly. Speaking of audio,
of course that’s what an iPod is all about. With the included headphones the nano
sounds perfectly fine with a moderate amount of bass and solid overall
quality. Hook up a pair of more power hungry headphones like the Audio-Technica
ATH-M50s and the iPod will drive them just fine although of course
not as well with a proper setup. Even though it looks just like iOS Apple officially
calls this the Nano OS and it’s not hard to see why. You have no support
for apps and Wi-Fi is nowhere to be found so it’s best not to go toss your
iPhone away just yet. To navigate you can swipe back from any screen or hit the
home button to go to the homescreen. It’s very responsive and features
a 2.5” inch display with a resolution of 240×432. In addition to music
you can always watch video on the tiny display. It plays 480p video synced from
iTunes and the player is just fine but honestly I can’t imagine anyone actually
wanting to watch a movie on something this small. Same goes for pictures,
you can view them but it’s not something terribly useful. Nike+ is built-in
along with a pedometer which can be helpful for exercising. You’ll find a
few more apps like radio, podcasts, and a clock but don’t expect to do much more
than listen to music on it. Battery life is really impressive. I’ve been using
the nano off and on for several days now with the screen on full brightness and
I’ve only just dented my first charge. The thing with the iPod nano is that
it’s still entirely tethered to iTunes. Want to add a song? Hopefully you
don’t have Spotify because you’re going to need to import the music into iTunes,
find your Lightning cable, let the iPod stop anything you were doing and
then transfer the files over. With music available effortlessly everywhere you
turn on smartphones and even the iPod touch this feels like a major hassle.
Don’t get me wrong, the iPod nano is the best iPod for music yet. It’s
tiny, uncomplicated and amazingly enough plays MP3s. The thing is that’s exactly
what the first iPod nano did when I bought it in 2005. If this was $100
I’d say it makes sense but at $150 it’s not much less than the vastly more useful
iPod touch which makes it a hard sell. Don’t forget to hit up that Like button
and if you’re interested in more videos like this I’ve got lots of coverage
of the new iPod touch! Anyway I will catch you in the next one!

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