iPod Touch 5G: Is It Still Worth It?

iPod Touch 5G: Is It Still Worth It?

So Apple finally released the new iPod Touch
and you’re wondering whether that one offer you’ve found about the 5th generation iPod
is worth it. These are 3 reasons why it could still be
the device for you. The first reason is price.
Now the iPod Touch series is already pretty cheap by itself, starting at 250 bucks on
the Apple website and slightly more from other retailers, but with the new model out there
prices will only go down for the 5th generation. Right now, prices online for the iPod Touch
5G start from 180 bucks for 16 Gigs model, but there already are offers at 190 for the
64 one. And since it is now out of production, you’re
much more likely to find some occasions even below market value in the upcoming weeks. The second reason is that is still makes a
perfect media player. In terms of features, the 5th and 6th gen.
are virtually identical. They will both sport iOS 9, they both have
WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS, and they both have the standard Apple apps package from Apple
Music to the latest Apple News. Now, to be clear, performances are going to
be way better on the newest model, which has double the RAM and a much faster processor,
but if you, just like me, plan to use it just as a fancy music and video player with some
sporadic app usage, you won’t need the 6 gen. Keep in mind the both the screen size and
screen resolution are exactly the same, so you won’t get any extra value as for video
watching with the new model. Also, with the lower prices, you should also
be able to get a model with some welcome extra storage, which is an absolute must-have when
the songs count goes up. The third and final reason is design and build
quality. Design-wise, the 6th generation is the same
as the previous one, with the only exception of the removed loop button on the back, which
was doubtfully useful anyway. Other than that, you’ll find the same rounded
metal back, the same usual home button, the two volume rockers on the side and the power
button on top, and the Lightning port, audio jack and small speaker grill on the bottom.
Now to be honest that whole package really looks gorgeous to me, and it feels great in
the hand, also thanks to the super thin profile and the really limited weight.
Something extra you do get with the 6th gen that you don’t get here is new colors, which
also include the gold also found on the latest iPad. So hopefully that helped you out in making
your decision, but if you have any doubt feel free to drop a comment right below.
Also be sure to smash that like button if you enjoyed this video, thank you so much
for watching, this was Gio, and I will catch you guys in the next one!

One thought on “iPod Touch 5G: Is It Still Worth It?

  1. I love my iPod touch 5 and I think it's not worth it. I'm going to keep it when I get the new 6g but it isn't worth it sadly ;(

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