iPod touch 6世代 開封と紹介 16GB スペースグレイ

iPod touch 6世代 開封と紹介 16GB スペースグレイ

Introducing the iPod touch 6 generation 16GB space gray. It will introduce from the package. The accessory becomes explanatory documents from the left hand, the earphone, the Lightning cable. Simple instructions are included. This will be the Lightning cable. The body in the touch screen, also has a camera function. Power here of the button to sleep on and off. There are also authentication function of the path code. Home screen, looks like this. Here is also the volume button. In this way, by pressing the Home button, you can return to the home screen. Power supply and button press and hold, You can turn OFF by the slide. It was introduced a simple opening, but I hope for your reference. We look forward to comments such as your impressions ♬ Thank you for watching

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  1. 動画公開しました。
    チャンネル登録、高評価も よろしくおねがいします

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