iPod Touch 6G vs 5G vs 4G vs 3G vs 2G vs 1G: Speed Test!

iPod Touch 6G vs 5G vs 4G vs 3G vs 2G vs 1G: Speed Test!

What’s up guys this is Ryan from TAWRreviews and today we’ve got a speed test for you of 6 iPods. We’ve got the first generation,
second generation, third generation, fourth generation, fifth generation, and
sixth generation as you can see here we actually have the third-generation
indicated by the 32 gigabyte on the back of it. And here we go let’s get right into
the speed test. So we’ve got all six iPods lined up next to each other. We’re gonna hit the
power button at the same time and we’re off to the races. alright so it looks
like the sixth generation turned on first followed by the second generation then the fourth generation now we’ve got the fifth generation on and the first generation. So it looks like the 3rd generation is coming in last oddly enough now the speed disparities don’t really make much sense as you would think that the newer technology would come out first every time but there’s other variables you have to consider including the software that each iPod is running alright, so now we have all the iPods up and running. So we’ve got some interesting results there of course the sixth generation did come on first which is to be expected and here you can see just a profile shot of each of the iPods getting a little look into the differences in design of course we have the 30 pin on the older iPods and the lightning on the new ones alright so now we’re going to take a
closer look at each iPod starting with the first generation of course. Now
this iPod was released back in 07. This was my first ever iOS product it had a
412 megahertz processor along with 128 megabytes of RAM. It had no speaker
and it didn’t even have the App Store when I first got it the latest software it runs is iOS 3
and as you can see the design looks a lot like the first generation iPhone
actually it has the stainless steel backing plastic on the bottom and the
plastic window for WiFi connectivity Now in everyday usage this iPods actually
not that bad if you’re just gonna be using it as a media device for music and
maybe the occasional video and also it’s also internet-connected of course you
can go on safari and every now and again if you want to you
can do a quick web search I wouldn’t recommend it for much more than that but
back in the day to play call of duty zombies on it and it was actually a
pretty nice device I used it a lot as you guys can probably see it’s taken a
beating it has scratches all over it the back is absolutely scratched up but yeah I
mean it holds up pretty well the battery still intact and yeah so that’s about it for
the first generation lets move on to the 2nd gen so as you can see here with the
second gen this was a pretty radical redesign you have the rounded back again
with stainless steel this is the 8 gb version still have the plastic
wifi window and 30 pin dock connector on the bottom now the big new feature and this
iPod was the addition of speakers and volume rocker on the left hand side this
came out this iPod came out in 08 it has a five hundred thirty three megahertz
processor 128 megabytes of RAM and the latest version of iOS that this iPod can run
is iOS four now again in everyday usage this iPod is as you would expect that if
the first generation was good enough then the second generation is probably good as
well so yeah you can use this as a media device really whatever you wanna do with
it as long as the version of the software doesn’t limit your use but yeah
so now we’re gonna move on to the third gen 32 gigabyte so here we have the
third generation it’s pretty hard to distinguish between this and the 2nd gen
alot of people actually confused this because Apple actually kept the second
generation they kept the second generation for sale
at the same time the 3rd gen came out but the only difference was the third
generation had the 32 gigabyte hard drive on it so that is actually what we have
here again has speakers it has the plastic wifi window 30 pin dock
connector power button on the top it had a six hundred megahertz processor when
it was released in 2009 as well as 256 megabytes of RAM so we actually see a
double here in the RAM from the last generation and this iPod can run up to
iOS 5 again it’s fairly fast for everyday usage as you can see here it
lags a little bit but that’s to be expected with you know seven-year-old
technology but you can do the odd websearch here and there and overall
its a nice device now were gonna take a look at the fourth generation
which we have right in front of you now this iPod Touch came out in 2010 and
this was the actual second iPod touch that I owned personally I used the first generation
up until the fourth generation came out this iPod has the A4 processor in it so
it was very similar spec to the iPhone 4. Now the big addition to this iPod was the addition of front- and rear-facing cameras as you
can see now they were very low spec I don’t know the exact megapixel but i
wanna say under 1 megapixel now it did have an 800 megahertz processor 256 megabytes
of RAM so it was pretty close to the third generation in terms of RAM but the
processor was a two hundred megahertz bump so this thing performed pretty well and
it also had the addition of the retina display which was very important because
obviously it’s much better to look at to watch videos and things like that which
is where you gonna be doing with it alright so now we’re gonna move on to
the fifth generation which was essentially the iPhone 5 with out the
cellular technology now we did see a major upgrade to the camera 5 megapixel
along with that came a flash. Still have the plastic wifi window of course and the other big addition to this iPod which was kinda stupid was the
loop button as you can see on the back that silver button that we just saw you pop
it out and attach a lanyard to it we have a front-facing camera there, home
button. We also saw the addition of a five-inch screen so that was very nice this iPod is still very much usable this
can run up to iOS 9 it has has the A5 which is an 800 megahertz
dual-core processor so you get about double the processing power of the fourth
generation it has double the RAM of the fourth generation with 512 megapixels
and it can record 720p video so this iPod was a very big upgrade probably one
of the biggest in the whole iPod Touch lineup and this came out in 2012 so
there was a pretty big gap between the fifth generation and the
sixth generation which you can see here this just came out in 2015 as you can
see here and this iPod while it keeps the same design as the 5th generation has
major upgraded internals and camera and also the disappearance of the loop button on
the back. Now looking at the camera you can see that we have eight megapixels very
nice We still have that 4.0 inch screen so they didn’t go with
the larger size I guess to put more of a disparity between the iPods and the
iPhone they didn’t want people walking around with the same size screen so
overall this iPod is a pretty big jump we have the A8 and M8 motion
co-processor in this device so you can track physical activity with this which
is really nice if you wanna take it on a run it will be able to track your steps. It has
a 1.1 gigahertz dual-core processor so it’s packing a lot of power in there
as well as one gigabyte of RAM so double the iPod Touch 5th generation and it
does have that 8 megapixel camera which allows you to record in 1080p as well as
take slow motion video so you can do a lot of stuff with this iPod it’s a very
nice media device if you’re gonna be using it for maybe controlling your Apple TV or
you just want it for music and to be able to track your fitness. So yeah guys that’s about
it for this video thank you for watching if you enjoyed
the video please leave a like below and subscribe to the channel for future
videos thanks for watching!

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