iPod touch 7th Gen 2019 Unboxing & First Impressions

iPod touch 7th Gen 2019 Unboxing & First Impressions

welcome everyone I’m Ricky fan TechTalk
and today we’ll be taking a look at a new Apple product so we haven’t had too
many Apple products on the channel and I am a fan of Apple but I like to vary
everything that we see here on a channel so today we’re going to be taking a look
at the brand new iPod touch and this is their seventh generation so I can’t
believe they’ve actually been seven generations of this device I’ve gone
back and had a look through the nearest one I’ve got is actually the sixth
generation one here I’ll be doing a bit of a comparison a little bit later on so
the last iPod Touch actually came out in 2015 so four years ago so let’s see
what’s new with the iPod Touch seventh generation 2019 so on the front here
we’ve just got our display here showing you at all the apps there and she’s in
iOS 12 but obviously you will get the push to iOS 13 and I think that’s why
they release this model because they needed a more powerful model to actually
run iOS 13 cuz like I said the iPod Touch 6th generation is actually running
iOS 11 I’ve just bumped it up to iOS 12 and that one won’t be able to run iOS 13
but this model will do its raffle saying this is fun at full speed and they’ve
updated the processes inside which we’ll talk about
like I said on the front here you get to see a home screen on the side you’ve
just got a pod touch and you can see I’ve got the gold color here they do
have six different options in color being Space Gray blue pink red silver
and gold I chose to go for the gold design as I like their new latest gold
color that they are using so on the top you do have your Apple logo and you do
have a bright green sort of indicator here how to just release a bit of tape
that’s holding it securely so once that’s come off it will fold over so
tucked underneath that is another bit of tape then that pulls off this picture
here and reveals your iPod so slightly pull this further back and that will
release the iPod so designed by Apple in California that’s underneath so take off
the top tray so underneath that you’re gonna find all of your extras so first
of all you’re gonna get some iPod touch guides yes let’s have a look at these so
in your packaging you’ve got your iPod touch fingertip guide here just showing
you uses the Lightning connection your dedicated home button your volume
controls and also your power button and on the back
you just have a bit more information it comes in another language which is a
little bit odd to see and we don’t get that you’ve got ipod touch user guides
and then again in a different language yeah and then finally we’ve got some
Apple stickers and realize it’s still added the Apple stickers into an iPod so
underneath here we have our USB a 2 Lightning connection to sync and charge
our iPod through our MacBook or PC so I actually chose the base model for this
one was 32 gigabytes the previous generation was 16 gigabyte so you have a
lot more storage here to add music apps games TV shows movies books whatever you
want on to this so using that cable you can sync over from your iTunes on PC or
Mac or you can download from the App Store or iTunes Store you also get Apple
headphones and these ones actually come with the 3.5 connection here that’s
because these models of iPod touch actually still have the headphone jack
down here at the bottom it’s a 3.5 milk a phone jack which is really good to see
so what we’re going to do is power on our iPod here and we’re going to go
through the setup stage so taking a look at our iPod here it is a quite small
screen compared to what we’re used to it is a 4-inch Retina display which is
really helpful so at the top there is a little power button here which we’re
going to power on turn around to the back you can see this gold color I do
like this effect from Apple it’s a little bit a less sort of in-your-face
compared to the other Gold options that they have you do have a single camera on
the back there with a flash you have the Apple logo and iPod and also you do have
a little bit here for the Wi-Fi signal to come through coming around we should
be all booted up now which we are we can go through the setup stage so we’re
going to fly through this a little bit quickly so one thing to point out here
that I always find frustrating is the Apple doesn’t add any accessibility
options right at the beginning this is really frustrating I don’t understand
why they’re the only major company that’s out there at the moment that
doesn’t provide that and that’s really disappointing to see so we’re going to
choose English here select your country or region and at the top here it’s given
as United Kingdom yep that’s correct so you can use the QuickStart here which
we’re actually going to use and I’m going to bring in my iPad and
it’s going to do a quick start and send all of my information over or you can
choose to actually set up manually so then you’re gonna get this little bubble
here that you’ll need to use the camera to search with the finds so with my iPad
here we’re just going to find that bubble it’s a bit like the Apple watch
there but it’s gonna send all of my information over it asked me for a
passcode from my iPad just so transfer of the information can happen and make
sure it was done correctly so this will transfer over information it will need
me to fill out a couple of extra bits but it saves going through manually and
importing everything manually so danger policy yet that’s all okay so what’s new
with this iPod Touch so this has the a10 fusion chip which was first used in the
iPhone 7 and 7 plus so a few generations back but it does have an improvement on
the original a8 chip that was in the previous generation of the iPod Touch
6th generation the a10 fusion chip that brings up to twice the performance and
three times better graphics to the new iPod Touch while still delivering great
battery life it powers augment reality games and and it makes everything you do
feel faster and more fluid so now it’s saying about our apps and data we can
restore from an iCloud backup restore from an iTunes backup set up as a new
iPod Touch or live data from Android we can set up as a new iPod touch it’s
still gonna bring over the information I need though so like I said this is gonna
be up to two times faster performance compared to the previous model agree to
location we’re gonna use Siri as well welcome to your iPod so there we go
we’re all set up and we’re ready to go now and one thing I like is they match
the background to the actual iPod color which is really nice thing to have here
so we’ve got white and gold and then you’ve got the nice gold on the back
here as well which really nice it ties in really well so like I said up to two
times faster performance up to three times faster graphics impaired to the
previous generation so let’s just bring in that previous generation here on the
left is the brand new iPod touch and on the right is my older generation which
is six generation as you can see there’s actually not much differences at all
come around to the back there’s a little bit of difference here in the color
options that we’ve had and also that flash looks alike now it
looks exactly the same here so putting them color by color and side by side
looks a little bit thinner maybe we’ll have to have a look we’ll delve in a
little bit more by fusing lightning connections on the bottom and both have
that headphone jack as well which is really handy to see it’s nicer it’s
keeping that headphone jack for you don’t have to have a dongle all the time
buy an adapter the choice is yours but we’ll delve into that one a little bit
later so it has the ability to play a our games which is really good so a our
augmented reality games is where you can sort of see furniture in a certain
location with stuff you can see stuff on your desk a are games where it sort of
brings into your world and you can enjoy in your world when they see in your
background but there’s something over the top of it which is really fun so it
has a 4-inch Retina display so it’s quite small compared to what we’re used
to now with other Apple products as you can see here we’re running iOS 12 and
it’s been updated and we can update it to the latest firmware as well for slide
up here a little bit more different sort of gesture control system because
obviously when you pull down you get this you can’t pull down from this sides
these Hankow so you have to swipe up that will tap that home button and
you’ll see your open applications so we haven’t got any anymore that’s
disappeared nicely its installed with all the Apple applications so with 32
gigabytes you might need to install some of these applications here as they will
take up storage so let’s jump into settings let’s jump into general jump
into a bounce so with the capacity of 32 gigabytes the actual available storage
to use is 21 point four nine so it’s quite a lot less and that’s because some
of these applications are taking up a lot of stories and the OS takes up a lot
of storage so please bear that in mind when you’re making your decision so with
this iPod Touch 7th generation you can go all the way up to 256 gigabytes so it
does give you room to maneuver in space if you so want to this is the only iPod
touch now that will be updated to iOS 13 and all its great features which I will
bring shortly on the channel got a new thing to show you very soon so I’m
really pleased Apple has updated this so a lot of people still use the iPod Touch
so a couple of the key specs for you comes in 3220
or 256 gigabytes storage option there’s no external SD card you can use
cloud-based storage if you want to like an iCloud Google Drive or Dropbox or
whatever you want to use which is really good
it weighs 88 grams so it’s quite sort of lightweight here it’s good to use on the
go I think if you need to like I said it’s a 4 inch Retina display with a
multi-touch IPS technology built into it it has a resolution of 11 36 by 640 and
a pixel density of 326 as an 800 to 1 contrast ratio and a 500 CBM to max
brightness here so let’s just bring see I’m so used to my iphone here turn that
all the way up it’s quite bright still so used to actually using my iPhone and
my gesture control on my iPhone so it offers a finger resistant coating as
well on the display which helps from smudges and marks but if I already close
it and have a look and that’s quite good actually it’s quite well so press here
and then we’re gonna get our co2 unlock which is cool so talking about the rear
camera single rear camera 8 megapixels in size and at 2.45 element lens
autofocus and loads more features which we’ll delve into and have a look at as
well and we’ll see how well it perform video recording is available at 1080p at
30 frames per second and three times then coming around to the front you do
have a FaceTime camera built in net so that rather large sort of forehead a top
of chin which seems really big now compared to when we look at other
devices but the FaceTime HD camera offers 1.2 megapixel photos really not
that good which is f 2.2 and 720p HD video recording not impressed you have a
backside illumination sensor which is the whole screen will flash for you to
get brightness so it offers Bluetooth 4.1 and will work with air pods it’s a
series on this device and it’s very handy so let’s check out Siri to press
and hold what’s the weather today it’s a quick responsive and very fluid and
that’s thanks to the new processor in there it’s not new but it’s new compared
to the previous model so it has a headphone jack which i think is really
good a lightning connection we should have some of them cables still lying
around for our iPhones even though the
my pad has moved to USBC we’re still frustrated and tied down with a
lightning cable music playback time is up to 40 hours and video playback time
is up to 8 hours and we’ll test that out and see how well that does so bringing
in the old iPod here on the left-hand side this had the a8 chip with a 64-bit
architecture the display was a 4-inch Retina display the resolution is the
same pixel density is the same CVM and the contrast ratio is the same
so it stays exactly the same as the new-generation
obviously a new chip is helpful as well so that means we’re going to get more
power more performance you’re gonna get iOS 13 the FaceTime camera on the old
generation sixth generation was 1.2 megapixel photos 720p HD video recording
and then on the back they called it an iSight camera which is 8 megapixels and
looking through the specs was exactly the same video recording 1080p so it
just seems the processor inside has had that boost here which is a good thing
that adds to our performance with iOS 13 and also gives us AR games and then also
apple arcade is usable on this device and all the features come in in iOS 13
which will show you very soon if you have any questions or any queries please
let me know so here in the UK the starting cost for the iPod Touch 32
gigabyte model in all variant of colors six of them like I said is 199 pounds so
it’s quite expensive as you are getting an a-10 chip which first come out into
2017 or with the iPhone 7 and 7 plus it’s OK for an iPod is going to be ok
you can be noticing a lot more speed power performance throughout iOS 12 and
into iOS 13 thanks always for watching from me Ricky and the brand new iPod
Touch 2019 7th generation I will see you in my next video bye for now

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