iPod Touch Screen Protector Install Directions | DirectFix

iPod Touch Screen Protector Install Directions | DirectFix

direct fixed stock on presents Apple iPod Touch Screen Protector
installation directions morning this cutting is intended to be
used for informational and entertainment purposes only you
using these video directions and its content at your own risk X Mac solution
Inc makes no representations warranties or conditions of any kind express or
implied following these directions on this video will void your warranty
you’re performing this repair your own risk please be sure to visit us on the web at
direct fix dot com at checkout use coupon code YouTube 7
for 7 percent off your first order using a claw remove any dust in debris and fingerprints from
the screen lies screen protector remove one other
shields exposing the sticky surface you apply to the
screen don’t remove it all the way you’re going
to peel it as you apply it mine up the home button and the home
button on the screen protector and start application to make it easy to
apply and also key bubbles out use a credit
card as you apply it and peel away the other adhesive during
the process with the screen protector applied use
the credit card to get out any bubbles around the edges and corners the last part the process is to remove
the protective cover justly ministry protector on the screen please be sure to visit our website
direct fix dot com just click the link below tit for all your parts accessory needs

28 thoughts on “iPod Touch Screen Protector Install Directions | DirectFix

  1. How is applying a screen protector void your warranty?

  2. @Regza600 You are 100% correct it does not void the warranty. We put that statement in every video because our lawyer wants us to.

  3. ty

  4. This method works and gives you the most prosition and yo can peel off the screen protector a little if you are not happy with the placement. Thumbs up and 5 stars.

  5. Thanks ;D

  6. Sounds so… scripted and mechanical

  7. Awesome thanx 😀

  8. Thanks. Before looking up how to properly put one on, I kept getting bubbles everywhere.

  9. @points2shopPROOF Yes we carry the screen protectors at DirectFix com.

  10. A screen protector increases the chance of your iPod NOT being cracked if you drop it, right?

  11. @mzrocroyalmb1 um no.

  12. Were can I get a scream protector and want is the cheap one cost thank u.

  13. Great 😀 I always got bubbles on my ipod >.<

  14. @TheConcha4 We carry them at DirectFix com.

  15. @RukiryoProductions It does not void your warranty. The video got posted before we could remove that warning.

  16. The credit card thing really worked because I kept getting bubbles everywhere !! Thanks !

  17. Worked like a charm! Perfect & without a bubble the first shot.

  18. can airbubbles hurt ur ipod screen?

  19. @salvadoreanbeaver101 No

  20. @justintvinhd We did not specifically say that. We messed up and included our standard intro which has info about the warranty being voided which is for our take apart videos. So NO A SCREEN PROTECTOR WILL NOT VOID YOUR WARRANTY…

  21. To take away the bubbles that appear on the screen, I used me I.D. card from school. XD

  22. thanks this helped alot its alot easier this way XD

  23. Thank u so much.. Without this vid I wouldn't know how to put it on lol.. Once again thank you

  24. Thanks For Showing The Tutorial 😀

  25. yes you can.

  26. Does it work if I got a debit but not credit card?

  27. Yes it does.

  28. Wonderful, I was sitting here thinking to myself, … what do I… do…. OH I KNOW YOUTUBE!!!

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