*Muffled* Hey kid guess what? You were adopted What did my dad just say to me? I was listening to my iPod, so I couldn’t hear him

29 thoughts on “iPod

  1. 1.

  2. Relatable

  3. I think he said "Hey kid you're a croissant"

  4. He said “your adopted!”

  5. I think he's leaving to get baguette.

  6. Kids this days… xD

  7. Ignorant children

  8. These kiddos listening to there gadgets and gizmos

  9. Allanah won't Read this

  10. I couldn't hear him either

  11. Honestly, that’s probably me. O o f

  12. Could you speak up? I’m not wearing my glasses

  13. Hey kid, guess what, you're a dog tit is what he said

  14. Dang son

  15. Hi😁

  16. ok then

  17. Adapted?

  18. This is the high quality content I sub for.

  19. Random * Random = RRRaRnRdRoRmaRaaanadaoamnRnannndnonmoRoaonodooommRmamnmdmomm

  20. hah, you have an ipod.

    But do you have the ipod 5.5 videooooooo?????? (It's the one with the best sound imo)

  21. Good job Allanah!

  22. Blah blah blah, baguette magic mumbo jumbo, blah blah, something about Fred

  23. What has this channel become?

  24. Hey kid guess what? You are adopted.


  26. He said "hey kid guess what, your adopted."

  27. Is this supposed to be funny?

  28. Oh God on no he has AirPods in!

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