IRON MAIDEN – The Pilgrim – Drum Cover #75

IRON MAIDEN – The Pilgrim – Drum Cover #75

IRON MAIDEN – The Pilgrim – Drum Cover

10 thoughts on “IRON MAIDEN – The Pilgrim – Drum Cover #75

  1. I love this album beautiful work my friend great cover

  2. Sweet cover Miki!!m/!! Sounds great and awesomely played too!

  3. Dear Miki Maiden,
    Thank you for the best birthday present ever. Jan

  4. Good job 💪🏼👍🏼 bravo

  5. Gengis khan cover please! You are great man, cheers from madrid, spain.

  6. excellent as always my friend !! Up the Irons!!

  7. How expensive is your kit (in American Dollars)?

  8. "O mago da bateria" o cara👏

  9. Can you please take a video of 20 levels of iron Maiden druming for beginners and pros

  10. hello miki, nice video! I would like to ask you, I have a problem with my pedal, I have one from Yamaha. Now, Nicko in many grooves uses the kick making a single shot and immediately after a double hit (Rime of the ancient mariner, Sign of the cross are just some examples of songs in which he uses this technique). I tried to adjust the pedal in every way, but I can't perform this technique correctly, the double hit comes out too fast or too slow compared to the single one. Do you have any advice for me?

  11. Nicko Mcbrain eres tu exelente cocer

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