Is the iPod touch 6th Generation Worth It?

Is the iPod touch 6th Generation Worth It?

Hey guys this is Austin. After three years
Apple has finally released a new iPod touch but is it worth it? Pick up the iPod and the
first thing you’ll notice is just how slim it is. Coming in at a millimeter thinner than
the already sleek iPhone 6 the iPod touch looks just as good as ever. Design wise it’s
basically unchanged which means it looks a lot like a smaller iPhone 6 from the protruding
camera lens to the port layout. Apple dropped the dubiously useful iPod touch Loop and added
a few new colors including Space Gray and Gold but otherwise it’s very similar. We’ve
still got a solid four inch Retina Display like the iPhone 5 and 5s and a standard home
button instead of Touch ID which is a bit of a shame. The real change though is inside.
The iPod is now rocking the Apple A8 processor from the iPhone 6 which means it should be
way faster than the last generation. Run Geekbench and you’ll see it’s basically on par with
the iPhone 5s and a full five times faster than the last iPod. For gaming performance
in 3DMark again there’s a big advantage over last generation and it even narrowly
outperforms the 5s. In real use the iPod is absolutely snappy. Apps and multitasking fly
and with it running iOS 8.4 out of the box you’ve got a couple new additions like Health
to track your fitness. Gaming is rock solid as well with demos like Epic Zen Garden really
showing off the power that’s lurking under the hood. Demanding titles like Vainglory
are no problem for the iPod as are lighter fun games like Leo’s Fortune. It might not
be a dedicated game console but the new iPod touch handles games as well if not better
than the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. There’s also a new eight megapixel camera and this is another
big step forward. Apple tends to put good cameras in the iPhone and the iPod touch is
no exception, things are really nicely detailed even with the relatively low megapixel count.
Even without turning on HDR the iPod does a good job of capturing a lot of dynamic range
and it renders color nicely with the tiniest amount of depth of field for things like portraits.
Video comes out at 1080p and it’s good, it lacks the smooth autofocus of the iPhone
6 but it has the same impressive stabilization. It also has 120 frames per second slow motion
just like the 5s which looks good for 720p video. We’ve also got an updated 1.2 megapixel
front facing camera for that selfie action. The new iPod touch is also rocking Apple Music
right out of the box. Just like basically all iPhone apps it runs fine on the iPod but
while the screen is nice the speaker falls short of an iPhone. At $200 for the 16 gigabyte model the new
iPod touch is a much needed update. It might not work as a phone but it’s a big step
forward in design and performance compared to anything else in this price range. If you
want 90 percent of the iPhone experience for a third of the price it’s hard to argue
with the new iPod touch. And it just so happens that my buddy Jon from tld and I are going
to be giving away a pair of these! So this is going to be a Twitter exclusive giveaway
so be sure to follow us both on Twitter, we’ll be announcing how to enter soon. Anyway guys
thank you so much for watching and I will catch you in the next one!

100 thoughts on “Is the iPod touch 6th Generation Worth It?

  1. Ipod is finished apple have stop ✋ making ipod ?

  2. Watching this on an iPod 6

  3. Could these not be used to make calls over the internet, such as through SKYPE or Facebook Messenger?

  4. My phone is from Samsung but I use ipod touch for music and other time killing stuffs

  5. iPod was the first and great hit from Apple and Steve Jobs before iPhone. iPods haven't been updated as iPhone, 'cause iPod is good and reliable as is. it needs upgrades yes: camera, processor, speakers but its design is fantastic, thin, pretty, small, .

  6. Never put your hair like that ever again?

  7. Maybe the Ipod touch is for kids

  8. Hey guys, this is exhausting

  9. Im watching in 2017 on an ipod touch 6

  10. lol I'm watching this video on the iPod touch 6

  11. ipod touch wifi signal is better than iphone

  12. Who else is watching on their iPod Touch 6? ? Ugh i want a phone!! ??

  13. This video was made on my birthday can I get a like

  14. Its just an ipad nano

  15. I have iPod touch 6G gold???????

  16. Watching from my IPod 6

  17. It’s 2017 now and the 32 GB model is now $199!

  18. The newest iPhones are better than the iPod 6G

  19. When people are like "why do you have an ipod?? Get an iphone." Like why!? An ipod is cheaper and you dont have to pay monthly for phone service or be in a contract. You can also get a cheaper smart phone thats just as good and have an ipod with it. Or just get a cheap phone if you dont call anyone much. Like its common sense. I feel like it makes sense in general too. An ipod is basically an iphone. Just get a flip phone for calls and you'll be good.

    But all things aside, it'd be nice if they updated the ipod and made it bigger like the standard 6 size . But im sure they'll make it 400$ if they do

  20. I’m watching this video on the iPod touch 6th Generation Gold

  21. Thats more like a phone than a ipod

  22. I pood thouch?

  23. Hey austin, this is guys

    Gets gang banged

  24. For some reason, the iPhone 7 kind of reminds me of the iPod

  25. You like Eminem?,you devil worshiper


  27. (jk it was like 2 years ago.)

  28. Yes it is I have a iPod

  29. I wanted the 6 but i got the 5

  30. Considering they don’t sell the iPod in 2017 I’d say it’s not worth it

  31. I have one and it's my baby. Love it.
    My fix for being out of wifi zones since it's necessary for this device, is to hotspot it from my phone. or laptop. Works great.

  32. It handles games SUPER well, and it has a big HD and honestly this little thing is insanely good. I downloaded around 35 apps and then my entire spotify playlist S multiple.
    I hate the battery life. But its only bad when gaming on it or watching vids.
    Its essentially the orginal ipod in the way that it can go for days on music.

  33. I’m using the iPod 6 I can’t have a phone till I’m 14.. so soon though

  34. I would say it’s good for young kids I had one when I was like 9 and now I have a phone and an iPhone

  35. I wish I had one

  36. I wish I had one

  37. I wish I had one

  38. I wish I had one


  40. I dont see the point of an ipod when you can get an iphone that does the exact same thing and does the functions of a phone for a little bit more

  41. I have the new iPAD touch 6 so…

  42. The iphone has data so it can call anywear and iPod needs WiFi plus the iPhone comes with the phone app BUT you can download apps to call on the iPod. Also, the iPod can’t text anything but Apple products, but with the iPhone and do it. BUT again, you can download Talkatone, Textplus, Nextplus, to call and next out of Apple products.

  43. I have the 5th gen with no camera

  44. Please made a video for khow the prices of new iPod 6th ganarashon

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  47. i subscribed and liked and terndon postndkashns

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  51. I have it. Why? It was given to me in my birthday. Honestly it's good.

  52. the next ipod will not have a headphone jack

  53. Comment if u know a ipod has a phone number

  54. IPod touch is the Apple gaming device

  55. is the give away still happening in 2018?

  56. i had one of these and these suck

  57. For a child yes

  58. the day u posted that was my bday and i got the ipod that same day

  59. Worth it in 2018 ? And wish it had a wrist strap thingy.

  60. I HAVE ONE

  61. Is the person next to you and the person you recorded your girl?

  62. I have a iPod touch 6th generation and its gold to

  63. Watching from my iPod 6

  64. It works as a phone

  65. iPods are so stupid though. There's already the iPhone so there's no need for the iPod.

  66. I I

  67. He’s not called Austin, is he? It’s Duncan.

  68. What if you already have an iPhone??

  69. iPods die to quickly while taking pictures.

  70. Yes
    I am watching on an iPod Touch 6

  71. Will it run fortnite

  72. Wait, this video is already two years old? :

  73. should i buy and ipad or and ipod

  74. Iphon 6

  75. Hey ipod this is guys, is austin worth it

  76. THis cost my dad Dh800 for my one

  77. Why can’t they just call the iPod Touch iPhone Mini

  78. Hey I’m from the future and you will have the worst phone very (⁰ ◕〜◕ ⁰)wich it’s the iPhone X don’t buy it

  79. Hey Austin, this is guys

  80. how much???

  81. can you send me ipod tuoch

  82. I have iPod 6 blue

  83. I see the Marshall Mathers LP with my favourite song, I like

  84. In late 2018, it still holds up today especially running iOS 12, its fast. I still use it despite the small screen and lack of Touch ID, the trade offs is still worth it.

    Apple still sells it today as one of the thinnest iOS Devices today.

    Typed on the iPod touch 6th Generation.

  85. Who’s NOT watching from an iPod? ?

    Watching from my gold iPhone 8 Plus…

  86. If Apple makes an iPod WITHOUT a headphone jack, that will be a dumb move.

  87. Murder the 32gb verson and under of any apple product

  88. 2018 anyone?

  89. I still don't get what is the difference between and iPhone and iPod

  90. There are rumours that there’ll be a 7th Generation. 6th Generation’s cheapest price: $199. My prediction: $500.
    My prediction: $500, NO HEADPHONE JACK

  91. I have a 5…

  92. Who is the girl?

  93. Looks at title


  94. Still have my ipod

  95. I prefer my iPhone SE.

  96. I’m watching in 2019 when they JUST released an iPod 7!!!

  97. Ipod 7th gen guys?

  98. Do the review and unboxing of the iPod touch 7th generation, Apple just released it.

  99. Space grey was available on the iPod touch 5th gen and was released in 2013 it came with iOS 7

  100. I have an iPod touch
    It said on apple website it was 7 th gen but it looked EXACTLY like this one,
    So are you wrong or apple?

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