Is the iPod Touch 7th Generation Worth It In 2019? | Tech Review | NowThis

Is the iPod Touch 7th Generation Worth It In 2019? | Tech Review | NowThis

Yep. They’re still being made in 2019 and just like me, you’re
probably wondering Why not just buy an iPhone, right? Well, I’ll tell you why. If you’re just gonna give it to your child then why not spend the least
amount of money possible I’m Alejandro Alba and today I’m going to
review the new iPod Touch to figure out if it fits your needs and if it’s worth buying. (upbeat music) This iPod was given to us
by Apple for review purposes but you can find the exact same product online or at the store. All right, let’s unbox this and while I do so, I’m gonna give a little SparkNotes version of the iPod’s history. The first one came out in 2001. Since then, there’s been different models. The iPod Touch alone has
had seven generations. Now, as you can see, nothing much has changed
from the version in 2015 or the on in 2012 Now, upon first look, you’re gonna notice I personally like having a headphone jack instead of having to
carry a dongle with me. Now if you don’t like wires, you could also So you’ll be fine regardless. Now as irrelevant as this
iPod Touch might seem you can’t deny that Apple’s
excellence in design still shines through with this new device. Now when it comes to software, That means you can message
your friends via iMessage, call family on FaceTime, or even use social network apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, watch Netflix, listen to Spotify, et cetera, et cetera. except you can’t make cellular calls. So if it looks like an iPhone and it acts like an iPhone, why just not get an iPhone? Again, for parents whose kids keep
breaking their new iPhone every time they want to play Fruit Ninja or watch PJ Masks. The cheapest iPhone Apple sells right now on its website, is a 32GB iPhone 7 which costs $449. You do the math. However, that price might go up depending on the memory space you pick. For example, this model, a 256GB, will cost you $399. So if you’re looking a
phone to give your child but don’t necessarily want to get them a monthly mobile plan, Anyone with an iPod Touch can just connect to a WiFi signal and use any communication
app to send messages or even place calls. And I know some of them
might not be that safe but connecting to a public WiFi signal is easier now ever. This device is also a great option for people who can’t afford or don’t necessarily
want to pay $80 a month for a mobile plan, plus spend an additional
$1,000 on the new iPhone which just keeps getting
more and more expensive. Then again, flip phones
and basic Android phones are still an option. But if you’re looking for
Apple’s most entry-level product because you want to enjoy
everything that iOS has to offer, then the iPod Touch 7th-generation is the one for you. As for me, if this keeps
getting more and more expensive then I might just have
to opt-in for an iPod. (upbeat music)

19 thoughts on “Is the iPod Touch 7th Generation Worth It In 2019? | Tech Review | NowThis

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  3. Great video. Keep the content rolling out. 👍

  4. This seems like a fantastic alternative to a cellphone. I’ll definitely get this when I have kids.

  5. everyone i know who has one of these hates them ..always breaking down..the screens are always full of cracks….waste of money

  6. Very smart of Apple to keep selling them as it makes the new generations of people invested in their ecosystem

  7. I still have a iPod touch 8 gb

  8. Way underrated

  9. What about android

  10. $80 for mobile plan?….. my coworker pays $50

  11. I still have the ipod touch 4gb and it still working fast with no.lag

  12. iPod touch are for the children’s.

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  14. I enjoyed the video pal! Looking forward to seeing more vids! If your looking to promo your videos go and check zmsocial(.)com, it’s the fastest way to rank your videos!!

  15. Who else is watching on an iPod 7?

  16. I am a day one adopter of iPod. I would have expected the 7th gen to boast at least 1TB of storage. Because to me,what makes the iPod most relevant even in 2019 is its ability to carry your whole music / video library in your pocket. I don't like to depend on cellular or wifi availability/reliabiity/speed to enjoy my music. Especially during travel.

  17. Lol my 6th generation iPod broke. Time for an upgrade and since when was there 256 Gb for an iPod!?

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    Kudos, keep up the good content

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