It Has Double The Battery of iPhone X

It Has Double The Battery of iPhone X

100 thoughts on “It Has Double The Battery of iPhone X

  1. soon…

  2. Inspector Gadget

  3. Lew is inspector gadget

  4. it's N and it's inspector gadget

  5. GoGo Gadget

  6. Lew you should check out the Umidigi S2 Pro

  7. Inspector gadget.

  8. chinaman says 6000mAh means 3000mAh

  9. One of my phones has 8000mAh

  10. My phone was 180 and has way better double camera

  11. undertale

  12. Oukital weapon?

  13. Ulefone Power 3 or Oukitel Mix 2?

  14. …it would be nice to compare 6000 vs 3000 battery in RL?

  15. actually it's duh

    no nuh

  16. pollution thin wood tender deeply participation very fuel half carbohydrate frequent.

  17. Music???

  18. jaaaaaaack

  19. So it has 10 seconds of battery life?


  21. inspector gadget… classic.. 🙂

  22. Double the battery life of an iphone x? So… 2 x 0 = 0….

  23. Well said my friend, remember no one's perfect. Keep me updated as usual, thanks.

  24. inspector gadget

  25. Inspector gadget mah g

  26. bought one, amazing phone. My friends are cringing when they see the specs of their iphones and this phone

  27. Work with at&t??

  28. what about the 3s

  29. I was going to buy this, then BOOM, no headphone jack.

    Fuck that shit.

  30. Inspector gadget

  31. Is the 2nd camera fake like most Chinese “dual” cameras?

  32. Would this phone work with T-Mobile LTE in the US?

  33. Unbox Therapy, can you buy me an iphone X
    My address is San Antonio Texas, 78207, 1704 Wacker Way Plz

  34. Donkey pagal angry ghu kha la

  35. Nice review. Though there is not much about the battery and how long it lasts. Anyway, bought it yesterday, and finaly, it feels like good mid-range class phone. No powerhungry processor anymore, good LCD, usable camera, speedy, good sound to it, fast and precise GPS, WOW! That´s how china phone is supposed to work.

  36. Who else has this phone!

  37. Fon is really good…… We need 3d camera & display for the next…

  38. I know that piece

    Bach Double Violin Concerto

  39. Saw McGregor figure, heard Stewie Griffin voice.
    Edit: i dont even think the second cam does anything for blur mode. Maybe they just used the regular circle blur thingy that you can find in any editing app.

  40. Intro song is from INSPECTOR GADGET!!!

  41. how about the power 3s ….

  42. Look up the power 5 even more battery life!

  43. is that an inspector gadget reference I see hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  44. Doogee BL12000

  45. One name "Louis Rossmann"

  46. NO 3.5 mm jack. Such Disgrace. All phones with professional grade or quality audio output always has 3.5 mm Jack.
    Any phone not having 3.5 mm Jack is an indication of average audio output, No effort made on the audio processing, no DAC.

  47. Inspector Gadget!

  48. How is the quality over ear/headphones? Is very important for me

  49. Happy 11M to you lew 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  50. Respect ulefone.

  51. How did you use all of the phone ypur buying or the limited editon phones?

  52. boring

  53. inspector gadget

  54. Should review the Ulefone Power 5!

  55. why do the people in a film set always look bored!!!??? even in bd101 and idpd, when you're surrounded by beautiful boys

  56. It was like a weapon…..😂😂😂😂😂😂

  57. Moto g6

  58. Still using pixel xl?

  59. What was capacity of that battery👍

  60. Lot of bigger battery

  61. Chinese phone ?

  62. Other regions get 6350 mAh battery…
    Edit: But 6 GB RAM instead of 4, DAMN!

  63. why not tripple,,

  64. Awesome video

  65. Blur mode😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  66. Inspector Gadget.. Telling your age 🙊

  67. Love you

  68. Please do the ULEFONE POWER 5. it has a 13000mAh battery!!

  69. Na na na na na inspector gadget na na na na na, na na!

  70. Very well done!

  71. Watching this on my Lenovo P2 which has a 5100 mAh battery

  72. Watching and recording videos on my ulefone power 3s the younger brother of the power 3 🙂

  73. ulefone has the same font as that of the old lenovo dollar!

  74. The song is “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by kevin macleod

  75. Try vernee x

  76. hey.. i am interested in it… tell me. do i get a jack in it for headphones

  77. Remember the S7?

  78. Intro needs work brah

  79. Some say Jack possesses Lew with his Avant-Garde style… this coming after his reveal.

  80. I HAVE THE POWER 3S!!!!

  81. Please pick me for the real me giveaways please

  82. Notice me please

  83. I really want it please

  84. Please

  85. Are you talking about zero point module (ZPM) battery ?

  86. Please Bro promotion YouTube me
    I'm pay game rules of survival.
    Sorry.thank brother.

  87. This guy sometimes irritates me..

  88. what about the power 3s

  89. Inspector gadget uncle lew favorite cartoon in the old days…

  90. second cameras are NOT FAKE and working as advertize… Try blure mode to max and cover secondary camera and will see notification "remove camera cover" as blure wont work any more..Front and back tested , and they are all working well..

  91. Please Do The Power 3L

  92. Any phone had double the battery of an iPhone……….

  93. I've had mine for more than two years now and it never exploded, I don't even remember it heating. My mom's Ulefone Armor X tho, it heats a lot.

  94. I guess this phone could be a good budget upgrade from the LG V20, which I currently use. Definitely seems more powerful and reasonable, considering the price being very similar to the LG V20 (Got this for $150 used). But, all in all, I've been loving what you can do with the V20. Like, being able to replace the battery to a longer lasting battery, and changing the theme of your home screen, settings display, etc to kinda express yourself more.

  95. Inspector Gadget, but it sounds like it's based on In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg.

  96. I have a Lenovo P2 and it has double the amount of this

  97. Anyone watching on ulefone power 3s?

  98. What is the song you were humming

  99. 0:00 what music is playing?

  100. Faz um vídeo comparando as baterias de duração, de iPhone 11 vs elefone Power 3S

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