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Hi everyone! Welcome to
“Original Video Reviews” I’m the OVR guy And as you can see
we have here a new package As always
we’re going to find out TOGETHER What’s inside
and how to use this thing So let’s not waste any time Let me grab the Swiss knife Here is the Swiss knife… And we’re going to
Un-package it! Well boys and girls Especially the girls What we have here is a protective case
for iPad Mini by COCE The case is designed to fit iPad mini
generations 1 to 3 Which offers a screen size of 7.9” According to the seller it’s not supposed to fit
the 4th generation of the iPad Mini And if you’re not sure
if this case will fit you’re device I recommend you to contact the seller
and ask him directly As you can see
I got myself this cover in two different colors Gray and raspberry red But please note you can get the case
in other colors Which you can see in the link
that appears in the description to this video And… I invite you to let me know
which color is you’re favorite! The case is made from a combination
of several materials Including microfiber lining at the front And TPU which you can see
at the transparent back of the case Both materials feels really good
while holding the case And seem to be attached well
to each other The TPU is a bit elastic
yet firm And offers all the cavities in the right places
for the speakers, volume buttons, Lightning Port, camera lens
and etc. It’s very easy to place the iPad Mini
inside the case let me show you how it looks like
when it’s dressed… Like a glove… You will be able to remove the case
and place it back again and again easily Without worrying something
will break or scratch The front part of the case
can be folded to the back And you can shape it as a triangle So the case becomes a stand
for your iPad Mini I should note that it’s a bit hard
to fold the front of the case into a triangle It’s not a smooth movement But I believe after a while
it should become looser And what matters is that
it wont crack during time From folding it again and again And again… And again… And again… The front of the case
has a magnetic closure So when you close it
the iPad mini turns off And when you open it
the iPad mini turns on As for the magnetic closure Let’s test together how strong it is
while I turn the iPad Mini upside down The case is supposed to protect
your iPad Mini from falls Scratches Sweat and stains And it seems to me that it can cope well
with all those potential disasters Without causing it to external damages The case comes inside a nice paper box With all the relevant details about it
in English Now let’s talk about
the bottom line: This case contains
all the important ingredients In what makes a protective case
a valuable accessory… It looks good Feels good And protects your iPad Mini well It’s price tag is more than reasonable
compared to similar official cases sold by apple And if it will prove to be durable over time And when I say durable I mean reasonable daily use
over a period of one year Then it is definitely worth the money Well boys and girls Especially the girls This was my video review
about this iPad Mini case by COCE For further information
about this item Please check the description
to the video And if you still have
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