It’s Getting Harder to Spot a Deep Fake Video

It’s Getting Harder to Spot a Deep Fake Video

“We’re entering an era in which our enemies
can make anyone say anything at any point in time.” Jordan Peele created this fake video of President
Obama to demonstrate how easy it was to put words in someone else’s mouth- moving forward we need to be more vigilant
with what we trust from the internet. not everyone bought it, but the technology
behind it is rapidly improving, even as worries increase about its potential for harm. This is your Bloomberg QuickTake on Fake Videos. Deep fakes, or realistic-looking fake videos
and audio, gained popularity as a means of adding famous actresses into porn scenes. Despite bans on major websites, they remain
easy to make and find. They’re named for the deep-learning AI algorithms
that make them possible. Input real audio or video of a specific person-
the more, the better- and the software tries to recognize patterns in speech and movement. Introduce a new element like someone else’s
face or voice, and a deep fake is born. Jeremy Kahn: It’s actually extremely easy
to make one of these things… there was just some breakthroughs from academic researchers
who work with this particular kind of machine learning in the past few weeks, which would
drastically reduce the amount of video you need actually to create one of these. Programs like FakeApp, the most popular one
for making deep fakes, need dozens of hours of human assistance to create a video that
looks like this rather than this, but that’s changing. In September researchers at Carnegie-Mellon
revealed unsupervised software that accurately reproduced not just facial features, but changing
weather patterns and flowers in bloom as well. But with increasing capability comes increasing
concern. You know, this is kind of fake news on steroids
potentially. We do not know of a case yet where someone
has tried to use this to perpetrate a kind of fraud or an information warfare campaign,
or for that matter, to really damage someone’s reputation// but it’s the danger that everyone
is really afraid of. In a world where fakes are easy to create-
authenticity also becomes easier to deny. People caught doing genuinely objectionable
things could claim evidence against them is bogus. Fake videos are also difficult to detect,
though researchers and the US Department of Defense, in particular, have said they’re
working on ways to counter them. Deep Fakes do however have some positive potential-
take CereProc, who creates digital voices for people who lose theirs from disease… There are also applications that could be
considered more value-neutral, like the many, many deep fakes that exist solely to turn
as many movies as possible into Nicolas Cage movies.

100 thoughts on “It’s Getting Harder to Spot a Deep Fake Video

  1. The government should make deepfakes illegal

  2. harder? they all fake , ur welcome

  3. So where are these celebrity porn videos?

  4. We need more Nick Cage.

  5. . I saw a porn movie of Priyanka Chopra. It was not look alike but Priyanka herself I tried to justify by making myself feel it was look alike but now all makes sense to me.

  6. This is very scary. Prepared for the disinformation campaign in 2020? Nope! Trump will be saying this, Biden will be saying that, Sanders will chime in here and there, and it will all be deepfake audio to ruin one campaign or another!

    EDIT: and let’s be honest the news are filled with dumbass journalists who will rush to promote deepfake as real because “muh scoop!”

  7. This is about setting a narrative of videos of powerful people in videos doin horrible things to people and kids cause now the "experts" are saying that innocent people will get in trouble cause deep fake videos are so real… Just funny how this is starting to be a big thing since FBI raided Epsteins properties and he has videos of powerful people doing stuff on video to use as blackmail if he needs to… So when the videos come out which they will the narrative will be set that they are just deepfake videos put out by right wing conspiracy theorists who want to take down the powerful people who are in the videos… No matter how they try to change the narrative nothing will stop what is coming tho they won't be able to walk down the street when the truth comes out

  8. How much deep fake is used on MSM

  9. Time to become mysterio

  10. Hi, can I please use this as an insert on one of my TV shows and credit Bloomberg?

  11. It has already become impossible to decide when the MSM is telling the truth or lying to us.

  12. Not available to the public? It's available to the public even in Africa. Literally

  13. The US mafia has put people on it, stay calm folks! ????

  14. well that explains why i hated Obama voice right off the bat

  15. Someone can start a war with this lol

  16. Sandy Hook?

  17. This may be the downfall of our particular civilization.

  18. Why can't you guy just leave all this technology shtt alone

  19. Deepfake porn incoming

  20. Nasa been doing this for years!! But its really scary to think of the evil that could play out!

  21. Obama not only does he sound funny, but his bottom of his cheek is swollen like he's dipping Skoal. Therefore not Obama.

  22. Sweet headset mic

  23. Deep fake videos will be the excuse the satanic pedos use for what’s on Anthony Weiner’s laptop and Epstein’s computers….

  24. Most examples in this video aren't deepfakes, they're just people overlaying their face (which is a completely different process).

  25. luckily the digital data can show the fake. otherwise the man might put you away for a crime you never committed. Welcome to the age of deception 2.0.

  26. Don’t listen to this, people!! YouTube is attempting to devert your memory of CLONING! We had the video of Putin in his cage at trial and his wife sitting aside. He was condemned. Killed, she moved to Sweden and the newer, nicer Putin was cloned and Russian problems WENT AWAY! Remember!
    Remember the video of Billy Shears in an old interview saying “I’m just a young guy impersonating the big guy! I’m just a clone. “ He wasn’t a clone but that’s how long we have been cloning people!
    What they do on video is just fakery. What they do to people to get rid of them is REALLY FRIGHTENING.

  27. I'm sorry but when i look at Obama And Potato Peel i see almost exactly the same man. So much for deepfake technology

  28. and they say we're not living in a simulation乁( •_• )ㄏ

  29. Who created this idea?
    Ans: The devil
    Christian told me. lol

  30. Im doing the cheech and chong

  31. If I weren't paying close attention it could fake me out.

  32. Easy to see its fake

  33. Fuck it if you play attention you see unnatural movement…soo why all this fear…

  34. At some point in time, CCTV footage will be useless.

  35. This technology has been used on me by the governments/elite since 1978!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Why are we allowing this technology to progress ? Why arent governments doing something to ban this ?

  37. I am sure CNN will be the pioneers in using Deep Fake for news.

  38. Brilliant

  39. Я так и не поняла, как работает эта технология?

  40. I still don't understand how this technology works?

  41. Nick Cage in ALL the movies!

  42. I’m not a psychic but I have a feeling the mainstream media is pushing this narrative for a reason. The reason being a lot of extremely terrifying videos of politicians doing and saying treasonous things is going to be released soon and they want a scapegoat. Mark my words.

  43. Yo I’m ngl I’m so high that I actually though it was Obama’s talkin ?

  44. I seriously believe they're using this technology for all of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's interviews and that she's actually been dead for years.

  45. As much as it's funny to see comical Deepfake videos, it's very scary and extremely dangerous. This technology needs to be destroyed.

  46. Time for some google search into my private browsing..

  47. Can you deep fake a traffic light video?

  48. we can tell its fake because of the "uncanny valley". But once quantum pc start making deep fakes we are fuqed

  49. you know what else the gov. has? It has dream manipulation/injections. I've had them test a virtual reality headset on me, in my dream, and they asked me if i felt vertigo after taking it off, and even admitted to having actors the whole time. That is probably what 5G network is used for.

  50. Now imagine all the false evidence against crimes that could be created with this type of technology, or in another case, confuse reality with videos like these, since when they catch Bill Clinton or any of that circle with true evidence of their acts of Pedophilia, they will have the excuse of saying that it was a "deep fake".

  51. So what is it called?

  52. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the news already uses this so we’re fucked

  53. Back to the future 2 and The Running Man were right.

  54. With this tech they could make Terminator movies with the original Arnold…but they'll screw it up and James Cameron will moan about something .

  55. This looks like another way for the Dem to rig the 2020 elections like they tried to do in 2016.
    and for all of you who don't understand how things work, Trump can't declare war on anybody unless they attack the US
    otherwise Congress has to decide if we get involved in any conflicts.

  56. 2:14 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Waste that taxpayer dollar, Uncle! Chase those horribly immoral people who are harming SO MANY!

  57. Knowing human nature through history and the Internet this will be abused and used against the innocent to gain power and or clout, I bet the general public doesn't even know what a deepfake is

  58. Damn you, Nicholas Adams!

  59. You'd think after Terminator 2: Judgement Day introduced everyone to photorealistic computer graphics, that people would be skeptical of what they see or hear in a video.

  60. Say goodbye to truth in this world after this!
    The Zios would use this the most! Guaranteed!

  61. Now all I can think about is a extremely edited and almost perfected video of a politician saying they want to start war or something.

  62. Well at least it ends on a high note with Nicholas cage.

  63. Now if we make a deepfake for voice…

  64. This is surly gonna suck, fun and game is fun but just give a sec and think about what this can do.. who ever came up with this should go F urself

  65. Mystique of our world

  66. Blackmirror it in mofucka

  67. I think pretty soon we'll probably see videos of 2pac or xxxtentacion and other dead celebrities saying theyre actually alive. Least this lets me know to not be fooled

  68. NASA been faking space for the last 60 years this doesn't even surprise me

  69. The muscles of their face looks really weird… as if they had plastic surgery

  70. This just gave MSNBC and CNN buckets of ammo against Trump.

  71. Why Nicolas Cage?

  72. its so easy for Ai

  73. You can't fake Tommy Wiseau.

  74. In the past only with cartoons did we have this much creativity. Now reality can be bent and twisted at a whim to create a Frankenfake. Totally creepy

  75. The Antichrist is fast at our heels…..

  76. I never saw a CC that damn big

  77. Deep fake in a fake Taxi

  78. i use deepfake to prank my friends.. way funnierer than just making regular memes.

  79. 0:57 I thought that was a deepfake at first

  80. And this Software is Created to say… HEY Guys WE GOT TO BANNED the internet.¡¡¡¡ hahahaha.. Real.?????????

  81. As if nicolas cage movies out there is not enough

  82. This is revolutionary for the porn industry ?

  83. Does this mean you guys can make Putin into a porn video?

  84. such a bad endening..

  85. This vid makes me loved with deepfake

  86. is this how "FAKE NEWS" started?!

  87. Everyone is fake. Computers are real.

  88. This could be trippy in like…broadcasting our dreams.

  89. Hypergan and such are such beautiful inventions, why does this need to happen?

  90. lmfao there's really no need at all for this technology when ABC News is already willing to air footage from a fucking gun ranch in Kentucky and title it "slaughter in Syria". No hoax editing necessary, just fake news.

  91. How many trump videos exists like that ?

  92. Isn’t it odd that they pushed this. And now today all these clips are coming out

  93. As long as DeepFake memes that are obviously fake are allowed and harmful ones don't do any actual harm, I'm happy.

  94. Porn is always on top of their game in all the coolest technology. They do deep fakes. They make sexbots. Isn't porn amazing?

  95. I need to learn to make some deepfakes, but then again, I'm Le Tired, I think I'll take a nap first.

  96. 1:37 this is fake news on steroids XDDDDDD

  97. The year is 2164 and people are wondering how did Nicolas Cage made all the movies ever.

  98. Imagine a movie with thousands of Nicholas Cage!!

  99. law should create to punish ppls who put out fake news, jail for 10 years

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