Jell-O vs. Lifeproof Nuud Case for the iPad mini

K its and the hope and today we’re gonna
do the water test for the lifeproof nude for the iPad Mini and got involved
gel Real Usage. Real Reviews. Mobile Reviews – a .ca so in the flurry making all that
water test videos and all the other bodies that we did we actually lost the
stationary footage I’m from whatever cameras and so we are
gonna do a seventeen second condensed version over the remaining footage and where to
put it to the backdrop it’s really awful dance music just to let you guys know
that we’ve done the water test with the water tissue that lifeproof nuud iPhone case has told us to do it with well putting this thing in a bucket and grody I garbage can water now well we test the
water test but we thought we’d take it up a notch and will use jello so we are going to make a batch Joe 3
boxes worth we’re gonna put into the bucket gonna put in this print reader ever
gonna see how well the iPad Mini in the lifeproof nuud case fares so let’s get started by this three packages 2 cups and work really pour the batter go in we gotta go find some ice cubes I don’t
actually think we have arrested good thing it’s snowing outside quicker
drying stir stick pretty awesome so nice look us they’re all there’s a
cigarette but now that the scholastic I can we go we’ve got the slurry ago cigarette butts and with her man and a bit more water I left my sisters two coats I’m
soul-stirring it with their mono pod those who have not so gross Yahoo we’ve got her iPad Mini make sure all
the latches are closed plugs are in and we are going to record a video that’s the slurry bucket there’s a get a
film in everything hands we’re gonna quarter in up ends to put it in this cool good so there’s the entire so a brief
guide orange jello with some snow and let it
sit for about half an hour or come back we’re gonna see a how all
the waterproofing work good so spent about half an hour run to crack it open and we’re gonna see
and ridiculousness we’ve put her iPad’s in you so it has not solidified at all well kinda has its kind in Kiwi for definitely is going to carry that is like rolling around kinda group as you can tell the iPad stop recording is on so that is a lifeproof nuud iPad case with an iPad
Mini installed in it that’s been sitting in the fridge in the
Batcave slurry Joe so I would say that this lifeproof nuud iPad mini case is a waterproof iPad case it is really cold so this is
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seeing and well keep your phone to write and Joe safe
with life personal for the iPhone or for the iPad Mini thanks for watching up

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