Jennifer Aniston One-Ups Reese Witherspoon with an Extraordinary Giveaway

Jennifer Aniston One-Ups Reese Witherspoon with an Extraordinary Giveaway

It’s called The Morning
Show and it’s on Apple, and it’s so good. And that Portia and I have
been raving to you about how, number one, the series is great. I think this is the best I’ve
ever seen you in anything, and you’ve done
some amazing things. You’re so good in this. Thank you. Every time you send me
a love letter about it, it’s the sweetest thing. But you are, you’re
so good in it. Tell everybody what it’s
about and who’s in it because it’s a great cast. It’s an incredible cast. It basically takes place in
the world of the morning talk shows, behind the scenes
of the morning show and all of the
behavior that goes on. We deal with sexism,
ageism, gender equality, and obviously there’s
the Me Too of it all. And it’s just an
exquisitely-written show by Kerry Ehrin and an
incredible group of writers. And our cast, Reese Witherspoon,
Mark Duplass, Billy Crudup, Steve Carell. Steve Carell, Bel
Powley, Karen Pittman. It’s so good. It’s a big cast. And you expect a lot
when you hear that cast, and it delivers beyond delivers. It’s so good and it
gets better and better. I’ve only been given five so
far, so I’ve seen all five. And it just keeps
amping up and amping up. And you sing in it and
you’re an amazing singer. Wow! She sings. Who knew? [APPLAUSE] [SINGING MUSICAL NOTES] Yeah. Reese was here a few weeks ago
and she gave away Apple TVs for people so that they could– I know. Yeah. I know. Yeah. I know. And I’m telling
you, there’s no way I’m going to let
Reese show me up. You know what I mean? And so, I’ve talked to Eddy
Cue and Tim Cook, my friends at Apple. We text each other now. And here’s the deal. If you have an existing
iPhone or an iPad, you automatically
have the Apple TV app. And if you want to watch my
show or other original Apple TV shows, Apple TV Plus
is only $4.99 a month. Yeah, but that’s great. That’s great, Jen. But what if they– [LAUGHTER] What if they don’t
have an Apple device? Well, there’s an answer
for that, too, Ellen. If you don’t have
an Apple device, if you buy a new device,
like, say, the iPhone 11, you automatically get a
free one year subscription to Apple TV Plus. Yeah, that’s– wait, wait, wait. [APPLAUSE] You can’t do that right
now because your neck is screwed up. No, I can’t. I can’t. But I can tell you this. You’re acting like, oh, if
you have the iPhone 11– but not everyone
has an iPhone 11. And this is unbelievable,
because everyone in the audience is getting
a brand new iPhone 11. [CHEERING] All of you. Yay. Not just some, all of
you get the iPhone 11. I have one, she has one. You have one, you have
one, you have one. The Morning Show premiers
November 1 on Apple TV Plus. We’ll be back.

100 thoughts on “Jennifer Aniston One-Ups Reese Witherspoon with an Extraordinary Giveaway

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  12. I’m just now seeing how I can get my life together I am now and not only one ☝️ I love ? this is a big one ☝️ I am a great ?? I am not sure ? will ever make my heart hurt so much and that you are not my face I am so sorry to hear you say I am so glad I am in the same way of love and prayers for your team I will give it another day to see you and your team and your family and I will appreciate your support I know you’re busy but

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  15. Jen with the Oprah reference at the end lol

  16. what about us behind the screen? 🙁 lucky people!!

  17. Gosh I wish I was in that audience. Being a stay at home caregiver to my grandmother & a single mom to my 2 sons, not being able to work, it’s difficult to have for yourself. ?? Hooray To the audience & a Big God Bless You To Ellen, Jennifer Aniston & everyone they’re linked to

  18. BRUH..

  19. To those who watched, liked and subscribed this video get's an iPhone 11 too lol.

  20. What if you already have an iPhone? ? That's unfair. I just bought my phone a few months ago.

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  22. Who immediately scrolled for comments ?

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  25. Apple ads

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    Ellen & Jen: You gt iphone11, you gt iphone11 ??

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    Mark my words…
    Future Time Traveller.

  34. "It's so good."

    A minute later: "It's so good."

    30 seconds later: "It's just so good."

    This woman speaks like an 8th grader who only just began to learn English. She has no vocabulary at all. And her job is to speak on TV. It figures.

  35. I wish I was there ????

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  53. Plot Twist: They're all bricked

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  55. Love

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  91. Commenting on every video I see part 314

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  98. Kristiansand

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