Kensington International Travel Charger For iPhone&iPod

Kensington International Travel Charger For iPhone&iPod

You know, when you are an
international man of leisure, like myself,
you need accessories that go along with your
international lifestyle. Right?
You understand. You’re all obviously
“puddle hopping” all the time. That’s what we call it, The international men of leisure,
we call it “puddle hopping,” when we go over to Europe,
over the Atlantic Ocean. That’s what we do. But you need
this stuff to help get you through, and a lot of us are carrying around
iPods and iPhones now. And, for those of you who are
international, puddle hopping rookies, this plug that you find commonly in the
United States is not going to work overseas. I am sorry to inform you, but this is
proprietary to the United States. So, when you go over to the U.K.,
or maybe you’re going to Australia, or just somewhere in Europe.
You’re going to find very strange, alien looking plugs,
like this one. Like what in the world is that? Looks like a miniature dryer plug. And then there’s this,
What? Have you ever seen anything like that before?
Probably not. And there is also that.
So, here’s the thing. You’re not going to be able to use
your American iPod overseas unless you have an adapter
like one of these. And this makes it very very easy. You get all of them in one
inexpensive package from Kensington. It’s the Kensington International
Travel Charger for the iPod and iPhone. It’s gong to work anywhere in Europe,
also in the U.K., which is in Europe but that’s
singled out specifically, in the U.S.,
and in Australia. It will work with the iPod Nano,
the iPod, the iPod Touch, and the iPhone, because it just provides you
with a little USB thing there. So, it will convert any one of these
international standards to a USB charger and it also includes a very handy
USB to iPod cable. So, all in one package. If you’re like myself,
constantly jetting around on your G5 to various countries
throughout the world you need something
very much like this. It’s the Kensington International
Travel Charger for the iPod and iPhone. Go get yourself one, because otherwise you’re not going to be
able to call your chauffeur when you land because your phone’s going to be dead. To get more info on the Kensington
International Travel Charger for the iPod and iPhone, go to any of these retailers and type in K05-6020 For Computer TV,
I’m Bauer. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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16 thoughts on “Kensington International Travel Charger For iPhone&iPod

  1. FIRST!

  2. Kensington??????? WTF?! Kingston maybe…

  3. did'nt cadie (owned by google) just kill u??

  4. zHAHAHAHAHHA alien PLUG!!! yeahh they are strang plugss whyy?

  5. or a usb port

  6. The people who comment first and second etc are usually the ones with no life stalking out youtube waiting for vids to be uploaded.

  7. Strange plugs to one are normal to another.

  8. mine is the last one! 220V biatches!

  9. yes in the netherlands we get 230V

  10. the uk one looks like someone getting a dick shoved in there mouth

  11. woot he showed australia's first

  12. tigerdirect lets see some gtx 275/4890 reviews !

  13. UK and Ireland have different plugs thats why they are alienated

  14. when he said jetting around on your G5 i thought he meant the gaming mouse by logitech

  15. They hardly do any hardware reviews anymore.

  16. Fuck U mate don't bag out Australia

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