Kindle Oasis Review: The Bookworm’s Best Bud

Kindle Oasis Review: The Bookworm’s Best Bud

100 thoughts on “Kindle Oasis Review: The Bookworm’s Best Bud

  1. Why you not use you iPad as Kindle too ?!?!

  2. 3:31 Boston! Thanks for the review!

  3. I like to buy an oasis. But for my budget only basic kindle is good. Even paperwhite don't have enough value for money over basic one

  4. After buying the Paperwhite 2018 this one seems pointless ??

  5. Are all kindles only black and white?

  6. Yo Mr. M! This or the 4th gen paperwhite??

  7. 25 seconds in and I already know that you're not a reader.

  8. I like Voyage better.

  9. Thank you for your time on this. Definitely not worth the $ for me right now. You'll have to enjoy that lux for us peasants!

  10. I never thought I would ever give up reading a "real book" until the power went out for several days and I had finished my current library read. I got a "book' to read until the power came back on and my WiFi was up and running again. Did not like having to hold a book again. When I was reading "Grant", the weight of my PW never changed, and I didn't have to hold a two pound book and keep the pages open. Strange after reading books for 70 years.

  11. so awsome !!!!

  12. Big difference between an iPad and an ereader. A tablet is backlit and and projects blue light. It also is VERY difficult to read in direct sunlight. ereaders do not suffer from glare. Also they are front lit and do not have blue light. I have an Oasis and love it. Make sure you have the wifi off if not using it. If something ever happens to it, I will get a Papetwhite. The Paperwhite is still superior to a backlit device which is useless in sunlight. Also if you are prone to marathon reading, ereaders are often lighter than tablets. If you are an active bibliophile get an ereader.

  13. Nice review. You mention landscape mode was hard to find and left it at that. Where is it?

  14. Just realized I ran into you in an airport. Asked about your backpack (I have the small version). Thanks for the review! 7ish months later, that micro-usb port is a killer (as is the lack of redshift in the backlight) If it had those, sounds like a winner.

  15. The video with Rollse Royce was taken at Nesky Prospect in St.Petersburg, Russia 🙂

  16. can i watch neflex on this with wifi i have a nook to read on

  17. So how does the free wireless work?

  18. Funnily, the people who read A LOT are those who’d opt for the cheaper ones, while those tech savvy who are not as into intensive reading are the ones who are more likely to own the fancier versions. The cheapest and super plain kindle, the 7th gen, works just fine if all you wanted to do is read loads, which is what books are for anyway.

  19. Tabs or phone is fine for short reading like magazine in PDF, but for long hours reading Kindle is the best

  20. For a medical student, do you recommend an ipad or this?

  21. I love my oasis!

  22. The new paperwhite is much better than this poor ereader

  23. I have been using my current kindle paperwhite since 2013.  While it has been reliable up until now,  in recent weeks the battery charge has not been lasting and sometimes does not fully charge.  The screen is also flickering.  I have restarted the kindle several times and been able to fully charge the battery.  However after listening to your review I am seriously considering buying the 2018 model.  It looks like there are very few changes which is good in some respects as I don't have to learn all the new features.  For some reason we are unable to buy kindle batteries in NZ.  They have to be ordered from overseas and can take 2-4 weeks for delivery.  There is also the issue of it being a lithium battery that the NZ postal service does not allow to be delivered in our country.  I hear what you are saying about buying a refurbished model but again how long will it last.

  24. Sell your iPad and get an Oasis. Oasis 2 is the best thing I've bought!

  25. Is there anyone who thinks a single app is good enough and will replace lots of money investment on book reader like Kindle.

  26. I do hate that when you turn the page it turns black then white and I hate that flash because I have sensitive eyes

  27. This makes me want to get into reading

  28. reading on an Ipad is so bad

  29. Have an Oasis and love it. Ereaders are always better than any backlit device. Phones and tablets have an annoying glare in direct light. If you use a tablet at night, the blue light will interfere with your sleep. No problem with this with eink devices. Also, ereaders possess a longer battery life.

  30. Felt like more of a general Kindle review than an Oasis-specific one, but it still had some good points. I love my Voyage, though…too bad they discontinued it.

  31. If you have a large kindle library you don't have to stay on Kindle. Simply convert the files to ePub. Why would you want all your books to be locked to a single service or device. It is not illegal to convert the files as long as you are not selling them or making copies to give away for free. If you are simply using them for your own personal use it is perfectly legal.

  32. Yup, looks like I'm sticking with my 3 rd Gen Paperwhite 🙂

  33. I read at work in between clients. Do to our current political atmosphere I can read the Communist Manifesto, 12 Rules for Life, or Thomas Sowell without offending my coworkers.

  34. Great review..

  35. Question: If I have mobi-format books on my computer, can I just upload them to this device or do I have to buy books from Amazon?

  36. You missed on dark-mode! That's one of the biggest reasons to go for the Oasis, isn't it…

  37. 2019 version of paper white entry level is now water resistant.

  38. Well, I finally decided to get one of these and, honestly, I'm a bit disappointed.

    The aluminum feels cold, hard, and slippery. The asymmetrical design helps, but the edge kinda digs into my palm. I can't help but wish it were some type of rubber or something.

    I was surprised that the battery life is just bad for an e-reader. My first e-reader was the Nook Simple Touch, followed by a Kobo Aura One, a Kindle Paperwhite 3, and finally a Kindle Oasis 2. Right away I noticed how fast the battery drains in comparison to my other devices.

    What I do really like is the buttons. They're in the perfect spot and have just the right amount of click. They're fantastic!

    If the device were a bit cheaper I wouldn't mind, but at this price it should at least have great battery life. I know that the feel is subjective and many people seem to like it.

    I think I'm going to stick with the KA1 as my main reader and PW3 as my pocket reader. Maybe I'll try the Kobo Forma.

  39. When will Oasis 3 release?

  40. Onyx or kindle?? I liked the stylus with the onyx

  41. Now the paperwhite is waterproof imma get a paperwhite

  42. I love my Oasis but the battery sucks. I charge it 3x a week

  43. The Kindle paperwhite is my new favorite, no matter what.

  44. Nice vid. Yeah, it's a bit pricey. I made a mistake about 5 or 6 years ago when I bought a Nook. Not that it's been that bad, but I want something with a backlight so I can read in bed at night while my wife sleeps, and I've noticed AMZN offers a ton of books free that aren't available on Nook. In short, in the time since I bought the Nook, AMZN continues its march towards world domination, while Barnes and Noble sort of flounders, at least digitally. I'm more in the price range of under $150, or even $125. Any suggestions for someone like me who wants a Kindle with gentle-on-the-eyes page (my Nook provides that, too) backlighting, and a decent amount of storage?

  45. reading on a kindle, any kindle, even the entry level ones, is far superior to using the kindle app on an ipad or other tablet.

    the screen is designed for reading whereas an ipad screen is designed mainly for video. it makes a BIG difference.

  46. The first few moments, the guy made me think of Tony Stark somehow..

  47. It used to be the only water resistant…. now we have paper white being water proof

  48. You should always turn airplane mode except when you're actually downloading stuff.


  50. Does Kindle only comes with black and white display, nit color?

  51. I was about to buy Oasis, but I bought Paperwhite, very confortable and was a good choise ?

  52. 3:15 In my opinion, Likebook and BOOX handle PDFs better than Kindle, plus, they can still read content from services like Kindle and OverDrive through their respective tablet apps!
    3:45 That problem only exists on the iOS version, not the Android version.

  53. Do you expect a new Oasis this year? I just ordered my for $125 with trade in.

  54. Thank you for your review it helped me a lot.

  55. I'm fine… I have anybooks!!!

  56. Do you have a video on Barnes and Noble Nook?

  57. many books have color pictures…so…

  58. For the price should be colored and faster processor.

  59. Can you also turn pages by screen touch? I don't like the physical they would wear out over time

  60. That connection you made between "overseas and water resistance" is another example of you being a very good writer.

  61. Wait there's no audio?

  62. This is like listening to Patrick Bateman review an ereader

  63. Still without the option of Immersion Reading

  64. You forgot to mention if it is good to pick up women. The girl probably thinks I am smart if she sees me with one. It is easier than actually being smart, what is unreachable for me.

  65. Good news! Amazon just introduced an IPX8 rated PaperWhite. Pretty much settles that…except the PW won't do sepia. So late night reading might not be as relaxing.

  66. is it reads Epub?

  67. Lol bookworm's best bud! And I thought I couldn't love u even more!

  68. Great review, thanks!

  69. great review man, love the style

  70. Just wish the wikipedia pages on the kindle would navigate like the book pages. Looking up concepts with a single click is one of the biggest pros for kindle over normal books, just wish it could have a better interface…

  71. I think I will buy the paperwhite instead. I used a normal kindle in college and loved it….read so many books on it.

  72. How can i put that comic on kindle, i guess its calvin and harold. What would be its extension ? thank you

  73. Decent coverage. The new Oasis solves the color temperature question but at a massive premium. The new Paperwhite solves the waterproof. Ugh, choices

  74. Is it a good device for students? Can I get my college text books on it?

  75. I decided not to buy but boy was he a great reviewer and content creator. Have a nice day man

  76. Amazon has added a warm light on the 2019 version. Hope you review it Mr. Mobile.

  77. I wish there was an ereader with this design and quality but which can read epub files

  78. Could you please review Onyx Boox Nova Pro pr Note Pro? pleaseeee that's better for reading pdf

  79. Hi. Kindly let me know a good tab for reading medical textbooks which is soothing to eyes, and gives good reading experience

  80. Text to Speech???

  81. the notion of a digital prison is an oxymoron too. stay away from kindle. do your research.

  82. you can find nook simple touch and glowlight for well under 50£ on ebay

  83. I got an iPad pro 10.5… Got all the ebooks on it? This oasis looks interesting.. Does anyone recommends to shift on this or not? Ipad or any other android device gives much more facilities? Worth spending? Apart from the distractions in the other tablets…

  84. The Oasis now sports a warm front-light

  85. Paperwhite also has waterproofing, 2018/2019 version

  86. Many thanks. The Kindle default Home Screen was seriously annoying. All good now!

  87. I still don’t understand the Oasis, it has marginally more features than the paperwhite at 2x the price. For what? A bigger display and LTE? Pass

  88. I have watched this review 5 times (maybe more). I bought the PPW months ago, after 3rd-watch. I just like this guy's voice.

  89. Still rocking my kindle fire and I use the free calibre program to manage my 60,000+ ebooks so I don't have a big issue with storage space on my kindle or books disappearing from my amazon account for any weird reason. Don't know that the pros overweigh the price on this iteration to motivate me to upgrade when my kindle fire still works just fine. Maybe when my kindle fire dies but not before.

  90. Wow….that's a price.

  91. I own a Kindle Paperwhite 2 (because Paperwhite 1 doesn't have a backlight) and this thing is completely pointless.
    My battery is still 3-5 weeks
    I can read any book that this Kindle can read
    When will they stop? There hasn't been a significant breakthrough, no point in releasing new stuff…

  92. This review is surprisingly good and helpful. Never thought I'd be impressed by a review. Keep up the good work

  93. I have a paperwhite and I love it. If I ever switch, it would be to something like an Oasis. Not gonna lie, I especially love the inverted colors, it makes it even easier on the eyes. I do wish it would have a nightmode, though.

  94. Is that the popular idea? That seams retarded to me. I always thought that you use an e-reader because of it's display and that would rule out any Ipad!

  95. Excellent video man. One question. Can I sideload ebooks on this device?

  96. i honestly am not a fan of the look of the oasis its too odd-shaped and bulky

  97. Is there a way I can transfer a book from my phone to the oasis ?

  98. I am surprised that Amazon took out the ever so important paper texture that used to exist over the screen and nobody seemed to care! It didn't change the appearance but the fact that you felt you were touching paper when switching pages, wow. That was sweet!

  99. If I could sell full-price all those books I never read, I could buy 2 kindle oasis

  100. Needs a 2019 version update

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