Lil Wayne in Solitary over iPod

Lil Wayne in Solitary over iPod

rapper little way uh… is in jail for of possessing a weapon najib semi-automatic got on his bus back in
two thousand seven so he got a at eight month sentence and he jess recently got caught with uh… dear to listen to music no headphones and
ipod and the gel considers that contraband and so since he had that they decided okay
for his last month in jail we are going to put him in solitary confinement and uh… in solitary confinement he spent
twenty three hours below taken you one hour to go out and shower and walk around and in fact that she cannot
interact with other inmates anyway right there with you to go outside yourself and now in normal until you for your call but once a day right solitary confinement one call uwi you’re not allowed to have visitors other
than your lawyer you’re not allowed to watch television you’re literally cooped up in your
jail cell twenty three hours a day with no contact from outside world other than a guard
who do seafood i think they would drive me crazy no ok thank
you in i’m not and not some crazy little wayne
love their you know whatever but might lead to he had to hear to listen to music the rapper
dot byrd and had utilises initiative and an apparent
softening confinement from live that if that wasn’t enough for you where the
real estate it turns that get that’s the from the commissary anyway right it’s just that
this was slightly better equipment that was unauthorized that’s your punishment for we look better understand as well first
of all by people cut walk in with guns to a political rally and that’s ok right this guy’s got somebody
had a gun on his boss he goes into your sentence for a year is gonna serb in once one month in solitary dino it depends on the jurisdiction because
of the vienna likes i get all that right but at the same time is an appropriate punishment hi i don’t one side is a look at the big have
all the guys that will be there right brother right before europe jail for eight months
when lindsay lohan and looked like bob cocaine accomplished like it is one of that starting
at you think that’s right she was in jail for a thirty seconds red so
i don’t in then he has the wrong kind of headset for his music
rights salt n forum one no and looked at easy i hate the idea of solitary confinement
i’m convinced that it causes psychological damage okay that this could be a punishment for something
so small n my deaths than just guessing here is that the instead they probably didn’t like he probably robbed though nor the guard survivors supervising in the
wrong way is that such a thing they consistently on the throne and garbage
than a half ago by from a concert or they can do this insanely park punishment is that they use that discretion in this way if they
like him in the first place the syrup sent so billy wright man in there and i mean i’m outside
a local street cred but work that you know that this wasn’t there
but that they ended up with the voters free credit
she’s until below when you look up weapons transmissible

100 thoughts on “Lil Wayne in Solitary over iPod

  1. My quess is that he was also found guilty of being black with some money.

  2. good…. i hope hes there forever so he doesnt make crappy music anymore. and just think of it this way… he went ther for carrying a gun not for the ipod shit!

  3. @kif868 you just said it yourself. If it was someone else, like a murderer, of course you wouldn't care if he goes to solitary. But put yourself in his shoes. You have to spend a month in solitary every day and every night for 23 hours of the 24 you have. That's borderline cruel and unusual punishment and should only be given to muderers, rapists, child molesters, and kidnappers. Not people who don't have the right permits.

  4. yay for li wayne being in jail

  5. America is going to fucking hell

  6. Funny how it's the rappers who never get a slap on the wrist when they fuck up, but all the other celebrities usually end up walking free. And I agree, the solitary confinement for not using the same equipment doesn't make sense. Then again, I had no idea prisoners were even allowed to listen to music. So what do I know?

  7. Dude Ana this is old news this happened almost 2 months ago. My god you people are becoming inefficient..

  8. @responseteam shut up idiot

  9. Solitary ain't that bad! I actually preferred it.

  10. Shit, if he wasn't rich and famous he would have gotten like 5 years instead of 8 months. But a month in solitary isn't shit. He can handle it, hes too pampered anyway.

  11. @Xcory14X we tah did

  12. If i was going to prison, I'd rather be in solitary the whole time.

  13. Is he going to jail for making SHIT music?

  14. Ana, there is a reason they have stuff considered contraband in prison. Those ear phones could have been used to strangle somebody. He broke the rules, he gets punished.

  15. @CodeofVideos I'm sure there are some conservatives commenting, but I think it's more of the fact they don't like his music. It's not really the point, they don't really care to have a point.

  16. He had a semi automatic rifle.. And he wasn't using it to hold at political rally's im guessing.

    Fuck, hey you better be ready to spend a month of solitary confinement, let alone 8 months in jail if you carry that shit.

  17. I'm not trying to troll but honestly while reading over these comments it amazes me how many tyt fans are apparently morons. I say this as a fan myself.

  18. @XxMzt4RVLCNRYxX fuck you

  19. What some retards don't understand is that USAs way of dealing with crime is really really bad. Sure you want to punish people, but do you really want to damage them even more psycologically so that when they get released from jail they'll be even more crazy and kill someone. Americans haven't even heard criminal rehabilitation.

  20. @Xcory14X At least it's not abstinent hell.

  21. His music sucks, but I don't think he deserves solitary confinement for having the wrong equipment; 8 months in a mental institution would have been more fitting.

  22. @nilbud yes but we also have "for profit prisons" or private prisons. That make a profit off of the labor. making a incentive to keep people incarcerated. They have them make things like Boxes and sheets. You would think the money would go to the state but often times the "contract" goes to a private company. Even the state run prisons try to profitize off of their prisoners in some states. They worry more about the labor then the rehabilitation which makes them just come back to jail

  23. Our criminal Justice system is criminal without the justice. It is big business that rewards those players who can afford to play the game. There is no doubt we have more than our fair share of violent and callous offenders, but our system from the top down is not organized to effectively deal and reduce their number, but instead relies on minor and moderate drug convictions to sustain itself. If we wanted to end drugs, we could. If we wanted to reduce crime, we'd use treatment and rehab.

  24. @KOMC4444

    we all have our own different tastes. Some people like Brittany Spears and some don't…

  25. Totally agree with TYT.

  26. Stupid gun control idiots!

  27. If his lawyer knew any fucking shit at all he would know this is a direct violetion of the 8th amendment that goes direct qoet "Excessive bail shall not be required,nor excessive fines imposed,NOR CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENTS INFLICTED.. It does not say this is not applicable to immates and for the rational of a month in solitary for illigal head phones is without any doubt unconstitutional.

  28. guys this is a good thing….he will come out a lyrical monster after he spends that time alone

  29. @chenalos "talented doesn't apply nowadays"

  30. Its a prison Ana. You follow the rules or you get in shit.

  31. Lil Wayne has probably been raped in prison already

  32. Its just because hes black and the guards are not a lil weezy fan,Were all sick of your autotune brah

  33. hey rules are rules, also at least he isnt getting the lindsay lohan treatment

  34. He's black. Racists are gonna hate.

  35. If I ever go to prison, sign me up for solitary confinement!

  36. jail isnt supposed to be fun, there really shouldnt be tv, music, games, etc.

  37. I don't even like Lil' Wayne, and I think this punishment is fucking insane!

    I would go insane after only one day of Solitary Confinement. I can't handle being alone.

  38. @LegendaryAsshole I agree, but gun control movements often go too far when they have no Idea what they're talking about.

  39. I would rather be in Solitary than in the yard, prison is fucked up and being alone is safer.

  40. @CodeofVideos On the internet…OF COOOOOOOOOURSE

  41. WTF…? dude that is insane…

  42. Something tells me he got that month because of the attitude he may have given the guards over the issue. Which I'm sure any one of us would have, it's only an ipod. He just may have taken it farther than most would have. Some people don't know when to shut up. Solitary is probably not a bad place for ones like that.

  43. this country is so fucked up…

  44. Its prison. Its not supost to be a vacation. If seems like a harsh place to be then thats good. Plus the really shouldnt have music or tv in prison exept for prisoners that are being good.

  45. you guys are so naive, this is like how they got al capone on tax evasive. to think that lil wayne hasnt committed any crimes deserving of prison is laughable. im not a huge weezy fan but the amount of fame he was experiencing was self destructive.

  46. Don't break the rules when you're already in jail.

  47. i dont like lil wayne, but this is insane. there are so many threatening people that deserve harsh punishments.. and authorities are preoccupied with little stupid stuff like this. in-fucking-sane.

  48. @Arachapooch Sarcasm exists in a tone of voice, not written text.

  49. @Relyt22

    Dude had a machine gun, these "celebrities" you talk about I assume you mean the ones who just smoke some shit…lol

  50. Chris Rock is right. The government hates rap.

  51. @Heatherbtime That's why before we release prisoners, we should review if they should be released. But yes, solitary sucks, but that's the point. You're not supposed to commit crime, so if you did, you better be wiling to serve the consequences. I have no sympathy for these criminals except the ones who are falsely convicted but that's another problem altogether.

  52. @rossettjuven What? Yes, jail becomes more comfortable if you're allowed entertainment, and I don't feel comfortable paying taxes so that people who killed my neighbors, raped my children, robbed my stores can listen to music while millions of innocent people work hard every day just to be able to barely survive.

  53. @ViolentRiC First of all, my brother is not a moron that has a mission to have sex with every woman in the world. He isn't a cunt that shot himself when he was a kid. He likes rap but knows when he needs to be a man and take care of his family. Therefore, if Wayne was my brother, I would let him rot in prison until he was really changed. If he comes out and doesn't change, why should I even bother helping him? Oh yeah, don't try to come after me with that language argument because you won't win.

  54. Smuggling contraband into prison should go unpunished? Wrong.

  55. solitary confinement FTW

  56. @DigitalDistribution I never said he didn't do anything wrong to be sentenced in the first place. I was simply stating that the reasoning behind him getting solitary confinement seemed a tad ridiculous.

    And no, I mean like a certain junkie-teen pop star going on a psychotic kidnapping rampage and barely getting any jail time.

  57. I think the month is kinda wrong, but maybe like 10 days because he had a smuggled music player in jail, you don't have something smuggled into jail and not expect punishment

  58. @rossettjuven Hmm, I think we have a fundamental disagreement on what the function of prison is. To me, it's a punishment. If they really want to be "adjusted" to be socially fit, they can go to community colleges and learn stuff. But they chose to commit crime. Just my perspective. I agree that jail is still not pleasant, but it's a slippery slope if we go down this road of letting them buy amenities. Why don't they buy bigger beds and couches and 50" LCD TVs then? Some of them are rich.

  59. Why do jails have a commissary? Why do prisoners have money? WTF TYT?

  60. @Vortex1988 Sarcasm

  61. @rossettjuven In my opinion, nobody can really be MADE to have a behavioral change. The way I see it, just released the good ones, but prisons should still be for prisoners. In California convicts work as well, but when they're not working, apparently, they're listening to music. At least you guys are studying.

  62. @MrDustock

    If it could be used as a weapon, the prison wouldn't sell MP3 players to begin with. The basic components of an MP3 player do not differ.

  63. @Zander73
    I never argued that their making weapons anyways, I was arguing that there are better weapons to make with much cheaper supplies. An MP3 player in prison is an extreme luxury, one that someone wouldn't ruin.

  64. @turkishxboi

    What do you mean "they clal it out on everything"? Who's they?

    The problem I have is that if a story breaks, and a few people say they think it's racist, then this goes down in many people's books as "they're saying it's racist", even though many others think it isn't.

    But we're talking about this case right now. I ask myself that same simple question – would the same have occured were he not black. The answer is possible, but the question is how likely is it. While we can't…

  65. …be certain of any conclusion, I find it *more* difficult to imagine this happening to a white celebrity with an equal amount of fame. We know it wouldn't happen to Hilton or Lohan, but they're both female (and the former is far, far richer). Who would be his non-black male equivalent? Justin Timberlake?

    I personally find it harder to imagine this happening to Justin. Therefore I think there's a strong possibility that race was a factor here.

    On to the more general issue: again, you talk…

  66. …about "calling everything that involves a colored person getting screwed over by a white person racist".

    Well who's doing that? Is the same black individual doing that for every case? Or is that individual saying it about some cases and not others, while at the same time another black individual is saying that case was racist, but others weren't?

    If you take *any* claims that a situation was racist as "it being called racist", then yes, it WILL seem like every case is dubbed racist..

  67. …because there will always be at least a few people of that opinion, just as there will always be a few who are *not* of that opinon.

    The issue is not whether a lot of things are being called racist, but whether the specific case at hand can be labelled so. I refuse to sweep the issue under the rug because some people think it's mentioned too often.

  68. you shouldnt be allowed music in jail but solitary is harsh for that. to me putting someone in solitary for a dumb reason like that only makes them mad at society and creates a resentful potentially more dangerous criminal

  69. @kif868

    No, we're not sticking up for him because of who he is. Don't make such assumptions. I have nothing but disdain for the man on a public level (as someone in the recording business), but I'm defending him here because this is human cruelty and nothing less.

    You cannot tell me that the correct solution in this situation was solitary confinement. That was purely a sadistic punishment. Noone's saying he should be allowed to keep the ipod, or go unpunished, merely that this is WAY too much.

  70. @soccerdude601

    What is it Lil Wayne's done that makes him deserving of solitary confinement, in your eyes?

    And about the language argument: Oh but I will win Oh, but I will! A nozzscrap anytime, my brother. Anytime. Try me, I'm beggin' ya!!!

    Here in England, we actually say "I couldn't care less". It's catchy, convenient, and MAKES SENSE. "I could care less" just sounds stupid because it means the complete opposite of the intended statement.

  71. @LMcLean33

    That doesn't justify that which is being debated, which is him being placed in solitary confinement for possessing a piece of audio equipment he didn't have clearance to won.

    Let's try your logic:

    Somebody has been banned from a shopping centre for petty theft. Said person decides to go in there anyway. While there, he's brutally beaten and robbed by a gang.

    Your conclusion – so what? He wasn't supposed to be there.

    It doesn't change that something FAR MORE WRONG has occured.

  72. I can understand policies on outside items in a jail cell, BUT OH NO VICTIMS OF POPULAR CULTURE HAVE TO GO TO SOLITARY LOL. I'd like to say wheezy deserves this for his shitty music, but it IS wrong.

  73. @ViolentRiC

    It was never my aim to comment on the varying degrees of wrong surrounding the incident.

    But while we're here:

    If I banned someone from my store and they came in anyway, I believe it is my right to tune them up as a reminder. However, I'm not sure that analogy is entirely accurate.

    Part of the reason why prison is a bad place to be is because the rules don't exist to necessarily make sense. Things that are "FAR MORE WRONG" occur routinely, and that's why I avoid going to prison.

  74. @LMcLean33

    Ah that's why I said beaten and robbed by a gang, not by anybody linked with the shopping centre (not a shop, but what Americans call a mall) itself. I'm sure the analogy's flawed in some way though, because they nearly always are.

    We can all agree that it's not a good idea to get yourself in prison to begin with. That doesn't mean you can't complain about what's done to you, unless what you've done is worse, which it wasn't in this case.

  75. Jacobs Trouble !
    The Beast is after the womans off spring who spawned the seed of Christ !
    Some of the Yahudim have awakened and know who they are.

    Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh
    Ahayah Asher Ahayah

  76. welcome to prison

  77. @ViolentRiC The headphones could have been used to choke another inmate. I can see the reasons behind it although he is a bitch and can't hurt anyone without a bodyguard (seen it first hand). Oh, I didn't know you were from "England". Nice shit hole for shit people (cause you do use shit as an adjective right?). The only good thing about it is BPL. You are across the pond and care more about a loser in this country than some rappers in the England? How pathetic are you? Get a life.

  78. @tastingo88 you an idiot

  79. @PhlamingLlama
    so if someone was a violent offender they should get a harsher punishment for bringing in contraband than lil wayne even though they did the same thing? These rules are there so that inmates cannot communicate with the outside world. There is a good reason for that: so they can't 'order a hit' or conduct illegal activities. I'm sure if a mob boss did the same thing (getting an ipod with wifi) he'd get the same punishment. I have no problems with this rule what so ever.

  80. @soccerdude601

    Hey what happened, I thought you were going to school me on the finer points of language? Weird, that.

    I get that headphones can be dangerous. I'm not arguing against confiscating them or punishing him, I'm arguing against giving him a month of solitary because it's absurdly disproportionate to the misdemeanor. Also, they're allowed different models of iPod, so your argument was dead from the start.

    Why did you put 'England' in quotation marks? Are you questioning…

  81. …its existence? Do you even try to make sense?

    BPL? Blood pressure level? Black pudding lovers? Bitches per lad?

    "You are across the pond and care more about a loser in this country than some rappers in the England?"

    I'm gonna go ahead and give up on our little English language battle right now. But seriously, what are you trying to say? I don't care about contemparory rappers anywhere, I care about humanity.

    Finally, you can't say "get a life" on YT. We're in this together, old boy.

  82. @tastingo88

    Hey. Would you fancy engaging in a battle of wits with me?

    I assume you're of the opinion that you're more intelligent than blacks. Care to put your theory to the test?

  83. @cousinbecky

    Your message was pretty hard to understand. Are you saying that having a version of the iPod which is disallowed warrants a month of solitary confinement?

  84. these two juss fucking bore me fuck tyt

  85. @ViolentRiC So you've been in a US prison? Do you live here or in England?

    I wrote "England" like this because you intend to make yourself appear to be superior because of your British background. You know that language is living and changes with time. For example, most of the new words in the dictionary were from the US (i.e. text is used as a verb now although I disagree with it). I would say that we (I) have more clout when it comes to writing how we feel.

  86. @soccerdude601

    Obviously I haven't been to a U.S. prison. Have you? Have most of the commenters? Do I need to in order to be qualified to give my thoughts? What's the relevance?

    How in the blue hell did I try to make myself seem superior for being British? *Nobody* here says "I COULD care less", whereas *many* people in the U.S. do. Therefore it was relevant to point out the geographical difference. I don't subscribe to that nationalistic garbage, so don't try that one on me.

    Yes, language…

  87. ..changes over time, but that has nothing to do with the phrase that kicked off this argument.

    Yes, the word 'text' is now used as a verb (though why you think that's an American invention is beyond me), and that's a perfect example of language adapting to new trends.

    The difference between saying "I couldn't care less about this" and "I could care less about this" has nothing to do with such trends, it's merely a widespread error.

    And I still don't get why you put 'England' in quotes.

  88. @tastingo88

    Come on, you didn't even add your own twist to any of that. You're supposed to make it your own, so when people hear that kind of racism they can say "Hey, that sounds like tastingo". Anybody can just regurgitate the same tired slurs we've heard for decades – you're just going through the motions, man. Where's the passion? Where's the charisma?

    When I hear you, I don't hear 'YouTube's top racist', all I hear is entry level drivel. Show me some effort, and we'll talk.

  89. They probably have a general rule that ANY contraband=solitary, not to punish the individual, but to send a message to other prisoners that bringing in contra of any kind is a no-no.

  90. And, in theory, you could make a shank out of a set of headphones, which is why they have certain pre-apporved headphones available to inmates.

  91. why is it that rockers never go to jail,ROCKERS NEVER GO they have drugs., weapons,all kinds of poisons.but KKKopz never ever stops their busses, never stop their busses,never take them to jail ,never take them to jail , never take take them to jail,never take them to jail, Charlie Sheen,shot a women,beat up a hooker, druged a youth,recked hotels,rockers do all kinds of stuff,ONLY THE BLACKS GO TO JAIL,ONLY THE BLACKS GO TO JAIL, ONLY THE BLACKS GO TO JAIL.AN U WONDER Y WE [email protected]#%%^)*&^%$#&^@

  92. An Ipod can be used to sneak things in and it's case can be used to make a weapon. He knew it was illegal so he's the dumbass and deserves what he got. Making an example out of him might prevent others from making the same mistake. You people calling it racism are the same idiots that end up in jail just like him. You blame everyone but the person making the wrong decision. Typical.

  93. @MrBurnz001 That's true but it obviously wasn't to sneak things in or used as a weapon. He wouldn't even need a weapon I doubt he could be attacked in jail being a celebrity. He knew it was illegal but why would he care it's just music and he got caught but he's in a winwin situation. He can use music to kill time,use as inspiration,and make songs in jail which he made millions off. This just gave him more alone time to think of ideas to get him money. Not a lil wayne fan but he wasn't losing.

  94. There is a reason certain contraband isn't allowed in jail. Comparing this case
    to any other is apples and oranges. Weapons get passed around long after the person that brought it in is gone. Not to mention the danger it presents to the guards. So for once look at
    things logically or atleast with common sense. I don't doubt he wanted to listen to music but the prison doesn't know that. The rules apply to everyone the same. Whether his time served inspires another hit record or not.

  95. comparing this to lindsay lohan really and people who have gun licences for hunting and what not. He had pistol unlicenced that he shouldn't have period so he got the approprite time that is it he had an ipod he shouldn't have had period unfortunately you have to follow rules in jail that's why it is called punishment. i don't think they should be allowed anything in jail but books imo. how do you know what happenened with the guards and buying an ipod to little wayne nothing.

  96. It is true he should have had some sort of punishment but you have to admit solitary confinement for one MONTH is O D and frankly i hate little wayne but I have to admit that is not right

  97. I like the young Turks, I just hate how they are to to the left hand. I'd watch them more if they where in the middle and fair.

  98. young mula baby!!

  99. That solitary confinement really fucked him up

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