Logtiech Keys to Go Review. Best keyboard for the iPad Pro?

Logtiech Keys to Go Review. Best keyboard for the iPad Pro?

Hey guys today I’m here with a review of
the Logitech keys to go keyboard and why I think it’s the best keyboard for the
iPad pro in 2019. So being an apple guy and when the iPad pro got announced last
year I was so quick to go to the store and buy it and I always want to buy the
official accessories that go with it so I picked up the Apple pencil 2 and the
the smart Keyboard folio, the official one by Apple.
I really like the folio keyboard and yes it’s a little bit weird to type on but
I’ve had both the original iPad pro is from before the first time second
generation and so I’ve got very used to how these feel that I’ll feel of them
and however the old ones you could paper-mache the keyboard out of the way
and use it as a stand whereas you can’t do that with this version of the
keyboard and I found that really annoying what I wanted to move the
keyboard out of the way to sketch or what I like sitting and watching YouTube
videos or Netflix at night I don’t like having the keyboard there it’s just a
personal thing and so I really wanted to find a way of what you could move the
keyboard out the way also I tend to use my iPad more as for sketching and
workflows and more drawing photo editing filming that kind of thing where I don’t
actually use the keyboard that often but I like to have a keyboard with me for
the small times when I do have to when I’m designing posters magazines etc so
quick fix that I had for that was actually I bought a really cheap
magnetic keyboard from Amazon and that’s very very similar it’s basically an
identical copy of the official one which is the exact same as this except doesn’t
have the keyboard on it and I really really like it and it’s really thin it’s
way cleaner than this because it does kind of built-in keyboard the smart
connector and and then I’m tended to use that but magnetically take off and then
add the folio keyboard on what I wanted to do a typing thing is that actually
this in the bag is my okie and when it’s not taxed the
iPad and it’s a lot bulkier than we think so that’s where I decided to look
for a different keyboard and that’s where the keys to go keyboard came in
not only a quarter of an inch thick it’s actually way thinner than the Apple
keyboard when put together now even with the keyboard itself the it’s still not
much bit thicker which is super and processing as this actually has a
built-in battery and because this doesn’t connect to the iPad and smart
connector on the back and instead it uses a micro USB connector to charge and
but I’ve had this now for a couple of months and I’ve not needed to charge it
once and Logitech on their official website actually state that it should
last three months without charging but in my use I think it’s going to last
much longer than up because when I press the green battery icon it’s still say
it’s still flashing green which means that it’s still got pretty decent charge
left on it now as long as you don’t get the connector wet it’s also waterproof
and splash proof just like the original the official Apple keyboard which is
great and it doesn’t have a key keys but neither does the official Apple keyboard
definitely has a learning curve when typing on this keyboard as the keys are
super mushy and and because it’s it’s flat on the top is not actually much
differentiation between each of the keys so it does take some getting used to
because it’s not a full sized keyboard so the spacing is different than a
regular keyboard because it is mushy it’s actually very quiet in fact you
probably ought to hear that cause there’s no clicking Keys which is quite
good if you’re working in a library or out in the park or you know in a coffee
area and you don’t want to be be heard but also a lot of an avid timers
actually like to have some static type of noise feedback or clicky feedback
which this definitely doesn’t have so if you are a someone who uses the iPad
mainly for typing if your emails or writing or a blogger I don’t think I’d
recommend this keyboard now where this beats the official iPad pro keyboard
hands down is with the addition of this function keys on the top now with using
iPad iOS this is perfect because if you’re using a mouse as well
these allow you to basically use a lot of the touch gestures and features that
otherwise you have the toxin screen to use so it has the home and open up all
the apps you couldn’t got open it has search has the keyboard switcher for
switching to the emoji keyboard or any additional third-party keyboards that
you’ve them that you’ve downloaded also has the on-screen keyboard if you wanted
to have that for any reason now the camera one doesn’t actually work anymore
as it states on here because the camera actually changed with the eye of prayer
where when you press the B button now it’s a different type of buttons for
layout the new iPad but a way around this is actually you press the camera
button and the volume up button does then take a screenshot a back play and
forward still work and the mute volume downward Bluetooth works and the battery
icon allows you to see how much batteries on it so their top function
kids all still work with the iPad OS and making it a really super handy and I
would use these more than I would have ever used them before under the previous
iOS s for the iPad now what I especially love about this keyboard compared to any
other keyboards on the market such as the bridge or the bigger Logitech slim
folio case is the fact that this is just so thin and light and it’s so close to
being like the official iPad keyboard except for the fact that it’s detachable
so I can actually put the iPad at a higher unlawful login to so that my
postures a lot better for one time I gain you’re sitting at a desk using this
and I guess I also it means that if I’m not actually using this it’s so easy to
just put into my bag and keep out the way it doesn’t weigh anything so it’s
really I wouldn’t even know if it was in or in my bag or not really now
additionally in the box it also comes with a little white stand which you can
clip to the top of the keyboard and I think it’s meant for the iPhone and not
for your iooks it definitely will and recommend using it for the iPad makes it
iPad a little top-heavy but it’s a nice addition in the box and
if you’re gonna use it with your iPhone and then great and and talking to using
it with other devices other than the iPad you can also connect this to the
Apple TV and so this means that you could use it for searching for movies on
Netflix or for typing in on the App Store or anything like that and the
problem is this happened because it’s so thin I think it’s easy to get this last
down the back of your sofa and so I wouldn’t really recommend it especially
seeing as actually you can just use your iPhone and step to search if you’re in
the Apple ecosystem when you go into search menu it’ll pop up on the
notification on your iPhone you can just click that and type so I think that’s a
lot more convenient than having an additional keyboard but each their own
maybe some people like to have a media system or something self-awareness could
actually be a very viable option for them so just to keep that in mind that
does also work for the Apple TV so like I said at the start this video I think
this is a great device and I do think it’s the best keyboard on the market for
the iPad at them England especially for the price I mean you can get this not
for around 40 pounds an office or at the top end when it’s not on offer it’s
about 55 pound so it’s like a quarter of the price of most of the keyboards on
the market so you can’t really complain it flexibility offers it’s such a good
price so what are the downsides this keyboard well there are a couple as with
any product there’s always gonna be some downsides I would say the learning curve
of the keys the fact that they are quite flat so it’s hard to see if you’re not
used to the keyboard and the mushy keys are a bit of a an issue for me but not a
deal-breaker and the use of micro USB instead of USB see is a little bit
disappointing but this is a four year old keyboard so I can understand why
they were abused and I’m hoping that in future we might see an update of this
keyboard with the USBC connector and but like I said I’ve had this now for a
couple of months and it’s the battery’s absolutely amazing so it’s not as if you
really need to carry a micro USB cable with you and if you didn’t want to so I
hope you enjoyed this little short video on the review of the Logitech keyboard
keys to go keyboard like I said definitely a choice that I would
recommend and so if you enjoyed this video please
like to subscribe this is a very new channel so I’m hoping to get more and
more of these videos out there for everyone and and if you have any
thoughts on what you think noobest keyboard is for the ipad or keyboard in
general let us know in the comments below and let’s start building this
community thank you very much and see you in the next one

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  1. Hope you enjoyed the review. Let me know what your favourite keyboard for the iPad Pro is and whether you're thinking of making the switch to an iPad over a laptop 🙂

  2. Thanks for the vídeo, i’m considering buying one

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