Love Mei Rugged Case – Hands On Video – MyTrendyPhone

Love Mei Rugged Case – Hands On Video – MyTrendyPhone

Hello from MyTrendyPhone! Today we’ll take a look at the rugged Love Mei case. If you’re looking for the ultimate protection from impact, scratches and dust this is the case for you. Love Mei has combined tough metal shock-absorbing silicon and shatter-proof Gorilla Glass to create a case that will help you keep your phone in pristine condition. The case comes in a package with some info about the product itself, that you can see right here. Open the package and you’ll find a small screwdriver that you can use to open the case. Everything else you need, will be inside the case itself. The case has six screws that you will need to remove. Inside the case you will find a few handy accessories including spare screws, a hand strap, wet wipe and a microfiber cloth that you can use to clean the screen. There’s also one more screw driver that’s a bit easier to use. Now, as I mentioned before, the inner layer of the case is made of silicon that absorbs the impact, while the outer layer is made of metal that comes in different colors. You can install the silicone case by pressing the edges, position the back metal part, and use the anti dust plug to lock it in. Position the front metal part and screw it back on. As you can see, the touch screen is very responsive so you actually won’t feel the difference but your display will be protected. The gorilla glass is shatter-proof, it does leave some fingerprints but you can easily clean it with the included cloth. Despite it’s size, Love Mei offers access to important ports and has molded side buttons. The headphone jack is covered, but easy to access once you lift the anti dust plug. Have in mind that for Xperia cases it won’t be possible to use a magnetic charger while your phone is in the case. The included hand strap gives some additional security. It’s easy to install, and lets you carry the case around your wrist. You’ll still be able to answer calls as usual, the only thing you need to pay attention to is to position the case well. We’ve been testing this case for a few days now and it gives so much security and a peace of mind. We didn’t mind it being a bit heavy other than getting used to the weight of the case, there’s really no other downsides. This is a great choice if you spend a lot of time outdoors or have a tendency of dropping your phone. Please have in mind that these cases are not waterproof but they are water-resistant. Love Mei cases are available for purchase online at MyTrendyPhone

4 thoughts on “Love Mei Rugged Case – Hands On Video – MyTrendyPhone

  1. Its like doing Lego 🙂 Fun and useful.

  2. Best cover, i love Love Mei! Very good review 🙂

  3. bullshit – the back rubber piece bubbles and phone over heats

  4. Does the case affect the signals recieve by the phone as well as the signal it release? Example gps.

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