MacBook Pro 16 inch Review – 3 Months Later

MacBook Pro 16 inch Review – 3 Months Later

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
the 2019 16 inch macbook pro is about three months old and i actually never
did a review on it because well there were a bunch of them out there but now
i’ve had some time to use it and i’ve used it as my editing machine on and off
while I’m traveling or just on the go or having issues with other computers for
example when I got the Mac Pro the expensive Mac Pro it wasn’t working
properly when I first set it up and so I moved the footage onto this MacBook Pro
and edited a multicam clip with no problem whatsoever and so it performed
exactly how I wanted it to and it’s been a very reliable computer ever since and
so I wanted to talk about my experience with it over the past three months using
it not only as an editing machine but is just a normal laptop and browsing and
things like that so this laptop is very familiar it’s the same design we’ve had
for a few years now just a little bit bigger because we have a 16 inch display
and that display is really nice it’s what we expect from Apple as far as
retina displays if you’ve used a Retina display before you’ll be happy with this
one so no complaints there and then of
course the number one change that people saw with this was the switch back to
scissor keyboards and the keyboard is great it’s fine it still has the touch
bar I never use the touch bar other than turning brightness up or turning volume
up I never use it so it’s not something I find valuable it’s not something that
I use regularly it’s just there and if Apple reverted back to the regular keys
I’d have no problem with that either of course we have our Escape key back which
everyone really is pretty happy with and touch ID is nice as well so keep touch
ID get rid of the touch bar keep the touch bar either way is fine with me
but I don’t really use it but the keyboard is nice and if I type something
like hi how are you today you’ll see I don’t type normally I use basically
these fingers and thumbs and I can type on it fine but one thing I did not
expect when using it is it’s actually harder to type on it requires more
pressure to push your fingers down so that took a little bit of adjustment
it’s not a big deal but it is something I noticed since the butterfly keyboard
takes so little pressure and for touch typist this is a big problem but for me
I actually liked it because the keys were bigger so I personally never had an
issue with the butterfly keyboards I never had
one fail my 2016 13 inch is still working fine but this is an icer
keyboard for sure with the newer arrow keys or going back to what they should
have been all along so no issues I like it and I have no problems with it now
the main thing I got this for is editing on the go and so what I’m using it it’s
super fast this is the core i9 variant with 32 gigabytes of RAM and the
upgraded graphics card so I really see this after using it for three months I
see this as a Mac Pro on the go or an iMac Pro on the go no it’s not as fast
as the Mac Pro but in most situations it’s the same or better when I’m
exporting it super fast except for what I’m doing things maybe like motion
tracking if a motion tracking my hand here on a video and I’m sticking text to
it and want it to track around this computer will be a little bit slower but
when I’m exporting video it’s fast enough that most people won’t notice and
when I’m editing it’s just seamless so I have no issues and Final Cut it runs
fine it’s super smooth and fast and no issues whatsoever when it comes to that
and so as a super fast powerful machine it’s great for exactly what I bought it
for I use Pixelmator Pro and Final Cut Pro 10 with no issues and that’s what I
use it for but when we’re talking about battery life that’s where it takes a big
hit now when you’re using this just to browse the internet using Safari
you’ll probably get about seven hours or so depending on what you’re doing if
you’re watching a lot of video the time can vary but about seven hours is what I
say 7:00 to 8:00 if you’re editing video maybe two so that’s pretty typical when
you’re pushing the processor at full speed and the GPU at full speed you’re
going to get about that same sort of time frame so really don’t expect
amazing battery life a couple hours but if you’re editing video I would highly
suggest you plug it in and just use it like that if you’re on the go you’re
gonna get a couple hours and that’s really what I find as far as the
speakers the speakers are incredible they work really really well and of
course the microphone as well is amazing so if you haven’t heard these speakers
when it comes to a laptop I think they’re pretty much the best out there
when it comes to the actual recording of my voice through the
speakers on here well let me show you what that sounds like or let you listen
to what that sounds like so now I’ll record with the MacBook Pro
microphone I’ll put it right in front of me and record right where it is now I
have a microphone right above me that’s recording audio right now let me switch
to the MacBook Pro and this is unedited audio straight out of the MacBook Pro
that you’re hearing my voice from and I’ve put no modifiers on it or anything
like that it’s just increased as far as the volume is concerned to match what
the volume of the rest of the video is so nothing is different that’s all it is
and the microphone sounds pretty fantastic you could definitely use it in
a video if you were in a pinch and you didn’t have a professional microphone
around to use now with this MacBook Pro I finally feel like Apple is listening
to creators listening to people that use their MacBook Pro as professional
machines and they’re finally doing things like we need making it a little
bit thicker putting in a bigger battery allowing the thermals to really go to
the max and and cool it properly and so I’m really happy to see Apple doing that
and I was very close to thinking about building my own computer and switching
to DaVinci Resolve but after years of using Windows and being in the IT field
I just greatly prefer Mac OS since I’ve supported that for over 20 years I
really prefer Mac OS after fixing a lot of issues and things for years and so
I’m not using this for gaming if I was I’ll switch to my home built windows
compete see and I could show that in another video if you want to see that
but I really think of this as an iMac pro on the go and so it really
accomplishes everything I want if there were two negatives the first one is
price this is over four thousand dollars as configured about 40 to 50 after-tax
maybe a little bit more than that with Apple care and all of those things so
it’s a really expensive computer and then the other thing is which this
doesn’t bother me so much but it may bother some people is fan noise to cool
this they really spin those fans up so it’s definitely noticeable so if you’re
editing would say earpods Pro that noise cancels you won’t hear it at all but if
you’re in a room people are definitely going to hear you when you’re exporting
video or something like that these fans do spin
up loud and I’m okay with that as long as it’s pushing through the footage and
not thermal throttling so they’ve fixed all those issues I really appreciate it
in I liked this MacBook Pro it’s one of my favorites I’ve ever had and I know
some other people such as my friend Quinn over a snazzy Labs he’s had issues
with Mac OS Catalina in particular I’ve had zero issues on the MacBook Pro I’ve
had some other issues on the Mac Pro so thankfully mine’s working great I have
zero complaints with it whatsoever it’s the best Mac since my 2013 MacBook Pro
in my opinion but let me know what you think about it in the comments below I
know some people have just picked one up and I’d like to hear what you have to
say about it as well and if you haven’t subscribed already
please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always
thanks for watching I’ll see you next time

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  3. The new 16-inch MacBook Pro has been out for three months now and after using it for that time as an editing and photo machine I share my thoughts on it. Do you have a MacBook and if so which one? Thanks for watching!

  4. I am getting by editing all my YouTube vids on my 2017 iPad Pro with Lumafusion, but if my channel workflow can justify it later this year I will be looking at one of these, or maybe the newest model if available.

  5. Am I the only one who noticed that the size is exactly the same design as the 2012 redesign? Everyone always says it's just the "previous model but bigger" but no one ever says "it's exactly the same case as the redesign that came out before the last one". They pretty much took the old mould out of storage, changed the ports and some other stuff and just went back to the old design. How am I the only one that noticed this? Probably because I upgraded from a 15" 2013 MBP to the 16" and put them next to each other. It's the same case. Same design. But 0.5lb lighter.

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  8. A Pro machine for Pros! I've had the pleasure to use my brothers 2017 MacBook for nearly three weeks while he was away & it was interesting transition. Although Macs are good but I'm pretty happy with my Lenovo ThinkPad X1.

  9. Webcam – 720p? I just dont understand why Apple did this.

    We were setting up to "Work from Home" and that webcam absolutely broke this thing. It was so sad to return such a perfect computer but Apple just cheaped out on the wrong part.

  10. The 16" MBP is one of the Best apple products in 10 years in my opinion

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  13. Great video, and yes I would love to see your windows gaming pc… as u mentioned

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