Magic Mouse 2 for iPad Pro 2018 – how well does it work with iPadOS?

Magic Mouse 2 for iPad Pro 2018 – how well does it work with iPadOS?

hey guys, Chris here and I just thought
I’d do a very very quick review on the Magic Mouse to for use with the iPad pro
so stay tuned so off the bat the Magic Mouse 2 does not work the same as it
does on the MacBook Pros obviously with the MacBook Pros have the awesome use of
the magic mask 2 with gestures side swiping all the touch features etc which
they’ve accumulated over the last couple of years well obviously this is the
second generation so even the magic must war on hand most of those gestures as
well with this one just having the yeah the Lightning charging at the bottom now
the original Magic Mouse actually compared with the with the iPad a lot
easier and it’s in the bluetooth settings but weirdly the Magic Mouse 2
and the Magic Trackpad 2 can’t because they have a simpler
connection when you connect this to a macbook it just finds it and instantly
connects so it’s a bit more fiddly to actually connect it with them with the
ipad so at the moment I definitely wouldn’t recommend buying the Magic
Mouse 2 for use with the iPad but if you own one if you own an iMac or you own a
MacBook and you already got one of these then it does work and I’ll show you how
to do that at the end of the video but if you’re in the market for a new mouse
that you want to get working with you iPad ready for school I definitely
wouldn’t recommend the Magic Mouse 2 because as it stands at the moment yeah
you can only use it you can use any of the gestures at all you can only click
and drag and you can use two buttons still but it’s not the funnest
experience on the iPad so what I would suggest actually buying the Microsoft
arc Mouse instead and I’ll put a link in the description below and because
looking at the description in the actual iPad settings it actually states that
these aren’t supported so I think that’s what’s going to happen when the official
launch of the iPad or what happens in later this month but hope you enjoyed
the video this is just a really really quick video because I did talk about
this magic mouse in a separate video about my back-to-school edition for the
iPad so I just wanted to do a quick review just show it telling you what my
thoughts are the Magic Mouse is and whether you should buy it or not and
yeah I definitely don’t recommend it at the moment especially not the black one
almost 100 pounds in the UK so yeah please like and subscribe and then stay
tuned for the next one Cheers okay so first things first you want to go into
the accessibility tab in the settings and now usually for to get a mouse to
work you go into touch here and assistive touch and turn that on and
then in the devices section where the points devices are is where you select
your bluetooth mouse from sadly for some reason and I’ll even show you this you
go into devices it even says here magic now is a Magic Trackpad are not
supported over Bluetooth what seems strange because you can actually connect
them so the way to do that is you go into switch control here
don’t turn on switch control but instead go to switches and Bluetooth devices and
that’s why you blew two devices will pop up now what you need to do is you need
to turn off your Magic Mouse and leave it off for around 10 seconds because if
it’s paired to something like a laptop they are close by then it won’t connect
to the iPad now when you turn on the Magic Mouse you need to not touch any of
the buttons and just leave it then should be impairing me do that now as
you can see there you go as Chris Clayton’s Mouse which is my magic master
it’s going to click that and it should pair with the mouse which it’s done now
still the point – haven’t come up and that’s because I haven’t turned on the
touch features yet so now I need to go back into touch sister touch and toggle
that on and as you can see and I have Mouse support now a lot of people I’ve
seen responses online is why how do I get rid of this horrible thing on the
side and that’s quite simple all you need to do is go down to always show
menu here and toggle it off and there you go just here then you can change
your tracks being everything else like you can do on a bluetooth mouse and you
can also change the different buttons everything in here so another annoying
thing is is that that’s great but when you turn your mouse off if you don’t to
use the mouse anymore for do that now it’ll put that horrible button on the
side that you don’t want when you’re using the iPad again there’s not a
there’s not a laptop feature when you’re watching that first thing you know the
horrible bug there so what I’ve done is I actually created some quick taps over
here using the Siri shortcuts hat where you
can quickly toggle the mouse off like so and then when you click mouse on it
turns it on and these are really simple so if I go to here and show you how it’s
doing so what I’ve done here is is in order to
toggle mouse on begins the settings all you need to do is settings turn
assistive touch on it’s not if you get done and then turn it off
what I do is it’s the same thing except for I turn mr. tough oh and that’s it
it’s as simple as that and then using the widgets go into widgets and add the
shortcuts tab there as I’ve done and that’s the way in which you get these
here it’s a mouse on turn master on I hope that helps you but like I said this
really is an accessibility feature and it’s not the perfect solution but now
they’ve made the mouse pointer smaller and things it is very useful and it does
work in InDesign apps and things so I and things like luma fusion so yeah I
hope that helped and then please like subscribe and hopefully I’ll see you in
the next one thank you

2 thoughts on “Magic Mouse 2 for iPad Pro 2018 – how well does it work with iPadOS?

  1. Have any of you guys decided to buy a Magic Mouse 2 for the iPad? Got any good recommendations for any other mice? Let us know!

  2. Sort of disappointed cause I own the Magic Mouse 2 and was really hoping to be able to have a smooth experience with it In iPadOS

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