Magicka iOS iPad Gameplay Review –

Magicka iOS iPad Gameplay Review –

If you haven’t had a chance to play one of
the incredible Magicka titles from Paradox Interactive, this is a special kind of treat.
It would have been too much to expect the game to have been brought over without any
changes – it was a game very much reliant on its keyboard and mouse control setup – and
so with the help of Ludosity, Magicka has been reborn as a 2D side-scrolling brawler. “SACRILIGE!” I hear you cry out, but your
cries are in vain – the game you know has been kept in tact, albeit in a more touch-device
friendly style. For those unfamiliar with the core gameplay, the combat in Magicka revolves
around combining different elements to generate different kinds of spells and effects. These
range from long-range beams, to large exploding chunks of rock, to creating mines and shields
to protect you. The complexity of these interactions are greatly
reduced from the PC version, thanks in part to only being able to combine 4 types of elements,
but the basics remain: Earth allows you to create long-range explosives; Life will create
large beams of magic; and Shield can create defensive barriers. Similarly, ice and water
will still freeze enemies; water and electricity are still hazardous to your health; and fire
and water will create steam… most often when putting yourself out from being set on
fire. Aside from that the game feels much the same
as always, albeit on a 2D plane. Dots on the edge of the screen indicate incoming enemies,
giving you a chance to fire first or set up your defenses, and once you’ve learned them,
specific combinations of elements will generate special effects (from speed boosts, to giant
blizzards). It’s just a shame the wit of the original
titles has been somewhat diluted. By being forced down a set path there’s little room
for the sorts of Easter Eggs and special rewards that came with such self-guided exploration.
Side-missions do help you to earn more spells, but it’s just not the same. If there’s any compensation it’s that you
can share the experience with friends in a multiplayer game, complete with its own set
of special achievements. Magicka for the iPad may not be as deep an
experience as the original, but it’s no less fun for this reduction and still a wonderful
pick up for those who enjoy action titles that require more brains than bashing one
or two buttons.

32 thoughts on “Magicka iOS iPad Gameplay Review –

  1. Hi Andrew, just wanted to suggest if you could put the rating for the game in the title?

  2. To get smacked with my fucking Ipad.

  3. Been looking forward to this. Dispite being sad losing the 3d isometric look I really want to see how well this works in multiplayer. Happy Easter Andrew and the rest of the App Spies.

  4. Seventh!

  5. Awesome video Andrew. I'm not a huge fan of the tap to walk/tap to attack side scrollers, but I may have to check this one out anyway 🙂

  6. Liking the combat and LOVING the spoken language that's used in the game. Of course, I can't make out all of it sans subtitles, but it just puts a smile on my face to listen to it. Too bad that it keeps crashing on my first gen iPad whenever the screen gets somewhat filled.. :-/ even a reboot doesn't remedy this.

  7. Congratulations! Here's a list of prizes for being first and also second:

  8. This is an insult to the PC game Magicka. I don't know if they're made by the same company.. but while Magicka on PC is a very cool 3D adventure game, this is a shitty cartoony sidescroller…. Shame on whoever made this and called it "Magicka"…

  9. I love how people will bash a game and all it shitty when they haven't even play it. This looks good to me. I will definitely be trying it out.

  10. why would I play this when I have Dragon Age Ultimate…lmao

  11. Is it out for iPhone? Cus in the description it says iPhone gameplay review?

  12. @bigsteamfan You'd sound a lot less ignorant if you took 2 seconds to Google the developers (Paradox Interactive). Obviously it's made by the same people or they'd get sued. Also the PC version was rife with idiot friends murdering each other accidentally in the campaign mode, this looks like an interesting alternative.

  13. Hmmm strange why i cant find this game in the store?

  14. Do a review on the newest game nimble quest

  15. @MrYutoKable I assume Nimble Quest review is up next. Hope it doesnt end up like the Clash of Clans no review debacle!

  16. Involker

  17. Got this game LOVE IT

  18. love it but WHERE IS MY ARCANE! no need becuase life-fire beam doesnt heal but still ARCANE WAS BEAST! and atleast robes dont cost real money

  19. Love this game, todaly worth buying it!

  20. Not In the AppStore??? I searched for Magicka and nothing showed up wtf?!

  21. Fuck it's on iPad ONLY wow gay


  23. For android its only on tablet. thank god I have a tablet

  24. How do you cast supernova?

  25. Could not reach game server.

  26. How do you cast the summon magic? please answer!!!

  27. is much better the computer version .the ios version is like… *THREW UP WHILE SAYING FAHK*

  28. Where did Arcane/Death go?

  29. I can't find it anymore

  30. i cant install it on ios fak

  31. It’s sad they deleted the game

  32. I used to play this game with my brother and cousin. Most of the time, my cousin and I would wait for my brother to finish something so we could all play together, so whenever a stranger player joins our game, we'd kick them out and laugh our butts off. Good times, good times.

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