Make a film with iPad Air 2 – Everything changes with iPad (Oscars 2015 TV Commercial)

Make a film with iPad Air 2 – Everything changes with iPad (Oscars 2015 TV Commercial)

You can’t do your work
according to other people’s values. I’m not talking about
also following your dream either. I… I never liked the
inspirational value of that phrase. Dreaming is a way of
trivializing the process of the obsession that carries
you through the failure as well as the successes, which
could be harder to get through. If you’re dreaming,
you’re sleeping, and that’s important
and imperative to always be awake to
your feelings, your possibilities,
your ambitions… Cut. I like that. But you also know this — for your work,
for your passion… everyday is a rededication. Girl: Oh! So great! Painters. Dancers. Actors.
Writers. Filmmakers. It’s the same for all of you,
and all of us. Every step is a first step. Every brush stroke is a test. Every scene is a lesson. Every shot is a school. So… let the learning continue.

14 thoughts on “Make a film with iPad Air 2 – Everything changes with iPad (Oscars 2015 TV Commercial)

  1. poop

  2. ok – so you have a few hundred euros or dollars and you want to take pictures and do movies… OF CAUSE YOU GO WITH a ipad… that makes total sense… well ya!

  3. Wow the voice of Martin Scorsese, now if I want to get it.

  4. LIKE

  5. It really annoys me! The iPad is not a camera replacement! You will never get the quality of professional cameras on a tablet or phone!

  6. Steve Jobs voice?

  7. @deejbaudin

  8. This iPad commercial was not made with an iPad. Tsk.

  9. My first video commercial contest I won, I used an iPhone to record and edit everything. I competed against people with 4K cameras, Motion Graphics in AE experience, but didn´t manage to have creativity of storytelling to impress the judges.
    In conclusion: Storytelling > Equipment 

  10. i used to have an iPad. and then iPhone 6 plus came out and I don't anymore. The end.  i can't see justification for the iPad anymore. and I don't think I will find it.

  11. Ipad air 2 is amazing but yea this was probably shot on a dslr or a red cenima camera lol

  12. 广告里的这些场景在真实生活中并不太会发生,比如第一个小孩坐在二楼把iPad就那样放在扶手栏上,试问按照那样的高度来说iPad掉下去还能有救吗?还有,谁会用iPad去做专业的视频拍摄,更不用说为它配备一个肩扛稳定设备?还有彩绘的那个,难道真的为了iPad拍摄就把颜料往iPad上溅吗?带个套会影响拍摄效果还是怎么的?

  13. ipad very very cool!!!!!!
    Apple 👑👑👑

  14. They used an iPad for the add

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