Making an iPad Display Stand from 150 Year Old Barn Wood

Making an iPad Display Stand from 150 Year Old Barn Wood

welcome to make something with me David Picciuto and today we’re gonna make this tablet stand out of reclaimed barnwood And it has a business card holder because I’m going to use this for my upcoming craft show and have my videos playing on loop. Stick around and see how it’s done. Somewhere in this huge, messy pile here is enough wood to make a stand. A lot of this is just useless crap: it’s plywood cut-off and small pieces. But I think we can find something, enough wood here to cobble something together and make a stand for the iPad. So let’s dig through here. Some old barn wood. I really like this, but I’m, um, I’m not sure… we’ll set that aside. So I have these pieces of old barn wood, at first I didn’t think I wanted to use it. But now I do. I think… this, uh, this could be the base here. We could have a little *click* *click* thing coming up to hold the iPad. This is white oak, and I don’t have any other white oak, but I do have some red oak that I think would be OK to have uh, use it as a brace here. So, I think we’re gonna work with this. and I think I’m just going to go through this pile here to see if there’s any pieces of white oak or good pieces of red oak that we could possibly use, so… We’re on our way! *grunt* Oh, shit, man: we got plenty! I don’t have a design for this yet, I’m just kinda gathering up what I have, and I don’t want to use too much of the barn wood so I might use just this little piece as the base and then have something where this, this kinda comes up right here Uh…I have some red oak that’s 1/2″ that you can use for the back. I don’t have a design, so we’re just going to browse Pinterest, and see if I can come up with something on the fly. I don’t want to do anything like this: I want a base ’cause this might hold my business cards as well. See, hmm…, see I’m thinking something like this. I mean that’s too much, it’s not going to be a floor stand. I think it’s going to stand up on a desk. But, I kind of like the idea of like a pedestal Looking through Pinterest, I see that a couple of them have a little swivel top. So, I think I’m going to take this microphone holder, chop it off, and whatever stand that we can build, we can, we can then adjust the angle here. Maybe mortise that out, and have this come up here Some kind of, uh, platform for the iPad to stand on. Maybe a little thing for some business cards down here. So let’s just start cutting things up and see where we go. Let’s work without any plans today. Let’s get crazy and have some fun. Can we just have some fun today?!? What if this doesn’t work?? Oh my God! What if this doesn’t work?? All the thumbs down… Imagine all the thumbs down we’ll get if this doesn’t work… Our first problem here is that this barn wood is… I don’t know what that thing is called. So, from the base, there’s going to be this, this thing that comes up, and I want a nice, thick, wood… The neck, let’s call it the neck Eric: Shaft!! The shaft… So, I’m going to cut up two pieces and glue it together so we have a nice, big…shaft… to work…with… Let’s….do, that… Coo’ Alright, so going to glue these little side pieces in here first. And then we’ll glue this guy in, we’ll cut it to length, and then glue it in there. I’m just going to use some super glue and some wood glue. CA glue for quickness, wood glue for strength. So, we’ve got this guy drying. The iPad is going to slip in here from the top. This will be the front. So I need to remove this material here. I drew my lines where the bezel is, and I don’t have a scroll saw to remove this, so what I’m going to do is I’m just going to cut this in half remove this material, glue it back together, and then glue it on here. “Run what you brung, use what you have.” I want to have a slightly rounded corner: I’m just gonna drill… holes in the corner here. That was violent… and, uh, then on the band saw, we’ll cut through here and, uh, it’ll look pretty. It is too tall, so I need to come down a little bit. I’m just going to do that over here on the table saw. That’ll do it. Alright, so our shaft is dry so what we’re going to do is we’re going to clean this up, square it up, then we’re going to just mortise a little hole in there. Ugh, are you kidding me?? Are you kidding me? Look at that! LOOKATTHAT!! YEAH! I’m selling my power tools. So now we are ready to glue the front onto the back. But before I do so, I want to align the front here with some… Microphone clip “Yo, microphone check, one, two, what is this?” that I would just want to drill down deep enough to get this in there and glue it in place. and, then, uh, *click* we’ll have a uh, uh, *click* Ah, perfect: we’ve got a nice snug fit. Before we glue that in, though, I’m gonna chop off this top part off here Alright so, now we’ll clean up these edges. I’ll sand this down sand that down, and then we’ll take this over to the table saw and we’ll cut a nice clean edge right there. So, the next thing we need to do is figure out how to attach it to this guy. That is glued on there with epoxy. That’s a pretty strong bond, but this is going to be holding an expensive tablet, so I’m going to reinforce this with a bolt. I’m just going to drill through here. I don’t have an actual counter-sink bit anymore, I don’t know what happened to the one I have but… So, we’re going to brand the bottom of this with my sticker. So now we’re going to glue this piece right on here I just have this scrap piece here to give it something to rest against. Let that dry. Alright, so the plan is to glue these little pieces on here then we can put our business cards on here just like that. So what do you think? Fresh. Dougie Fresh. “Excuse me, but are you fresh?”
“Yes!” Alright, now is the time in the video when we talk about me. Who do I like to talk about most? Me. Anyway…ha ha ha… anyways If you want to support Make Something, you can do so by visiting Patreon members get all kinds of perks. We do giveaways all the time, what else do we got? We got one-on-one Skype calls We’ve got some plans, plans just for our Patreon members. So, you can visit to find out more. I would like to thank my top Patreon supporters. We’ve got: Derrick Jacobson, Jonathan J. Katz Moses, David Flores, and Nathan Bird. If you would like to find out how you can get your name mentioned on the show with links to your websites visit Many of you are asking about my new book, the cutting board book. It is at the printer right now. I should have copies by the end of the month, and they should be for sale, on my website, signed copies, by December 1st. That is NOT a guarantee. I guarantee NOTHING. I will let everyone know when it’s coming out, plus we’ve got new T-shirts coming out very, very soon. Let’s get back to the project and finish this up. Time to put this guy together. Aww! [falsetto] perfect! Change the angle. Do it up! Here’s a fun little trick: my business cards? Actually stickers. And then my information is on the back. So, yeah, that’s how you do it. That’s a two-for-one right there. I am very happy with the way it came out. I have my craft show coming-up this Saturday I’m going to make a loop of my videos and just have them playing in the background. I have my business cards here which are actually stickers. Aaand, um, this middle part here is just for branding. This is out of reclaimed barn wood. All of this here is from like 150 year old barn wood that I got recently, so it’s really cool, I’m just going to leave that all nice and uh, nice and raw. I like it raw. As I’m getting set-up for the craft show, I plan on shooting a video on setting-up and some tips and tricks of how I set-up, what I like to display. I think we’re going to go over pricing, and that’s going to be on Make Something 2. And then after the craft-show, I’m going to do a follow-up and say “Hey, this is how I did.” Hopefully, it is a positive video, and I did well. But we’re going to talk about some prices, things I could have done better, things I liked about it. And we’re just going to, uh, shoot. We might even introduce some other people at the craft show and get their take on it. So, my wife is doing it. She makes baskets, and she’ll be selling baskets there. So I think we can talk her into getting into some videos. So, very happy with it. Uh… Yep. So, a lot of you are gonna ask “How do you get it out of there?” You kinda have to… You have to work at it to get it out of there. I don’t want it to be really easy to get out so somebody doesn’t walk off with it. I’m thinking about maybe putting a latch on here and then bolting it down to the table. I don’t know… If I’m going to be there the whole time, I’ll be there to watch it so… I, uh.. you know what? I don’t think I’m going to do any of that box stuff. So, come to Maker’s Mark this Saturday and steal my iPad! *laughs* Uh, yeah, it’s cool, ’cause I can tilt it just right, and you know you’re at these places, you never know which way the glare’s going to come from. So, very happy with it. Uh, like I always say, new videos every… [Eric]: Usually Tuesday, generally Thursday Thank you: *chuckle* that is true. Usually Tuesday, generally Thursday. Depends on what’s going on in my life. But I try to do two videos and then I want to do a video every Wednesday on my other channel, but that is not working out right now because life is in the way. Alright, so, once again you can visit to find out how you can support me you can visit for all kinds of plans and stuff. We’ve got T-shirts coming up real soon. We’ve got a new cutting-board book coming out real soon. And you’ll be able to buy the old book, the band saw book, I’ll have signed copies on the website real soon. So. Thank you very much. I’m talking really fast., As always: be safe, have fun, stay passionate and make something.

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