Making iOS 13 Memoji’s with Ro!

Making iOS 13 Memoji’s with Ro!

J: Hey guys, it’s Justine and I’m here with Ro and today I have a surprise for her. You’re techie but like.. R: ehhhhh R: Justine teaches me how to use everything she just taught me how to do stuff on my phone just now before we started. J: I showed her the control center how you can add your screen recording to it. R: I was like you can do what? That is gonna be very important because today I brought with me two phones -and they have the beta version of IOS 13, so a lot of you guys watching you may be wondering -oh, is iOS 13 out? Can I get it? You can if you have a developer’s account, so this is currently running Well IOS 13 is super exciting because it has some new Memoji features. R: I’ve never made a Memoji -before ever. J: You’ve never made one? R: Trust me, I don’t even know what I’m doing. J: Something new in iOS 13 that I’m gonna show you. This is dark mode and this is normal light mode So this is what your phone normally looks like and now they have this So this is what you phone normally looks like and now they have this -dark mode R: Ooooh! J: Do you think it’s cool or do you not think it’s cool? R: I think it’s cool ’cause during the daytime I do like it on light and in the evening sometimes I’ll even change my wallpaper to be darker. J: Yeah, so this is perfect. R: Not just turn my light down, I’ll turn my whole wallpaper. Now you can do that. J: So I can’t believe that you’re going to make you first Memoji. Are you ready? R: Okay, which phone do I get? J: I’m gonna give you this one. R: Oooh! J: The coral ’cause I thought maybe like- R: I love coral! J: We should make Memoji’s of each other. So this is showing you like a little demo of like, the little characters that you can create It’s really, really, cool. R: Look at all these little faces! J: Okay, so here we go! R: Okay, I’m gonna do this. Do you freckles? No, not really you don’t have any freckles. J: Do you have freckles? R: I do but I hide them. J: Okay, they’re hidden. R: Skin tone, that’s too olive. That’s too tan. Okay, what else for that? Do you have any distinctive moles? I don’t. J: So if you notice this is picking up- R: You have a beauty mark? J: I do but they don’t have the beauty mark where I have one. Do you have one? R: No. J: If you notice this is picking up your voice and face. R: It’s following me! Huhh! AAHH! J: Stick your tongue out! R: Let me get that blonde going. What color are your eyebrows? J: Not the same color as my hair. R: You do a slight side part. I do a middle part. Yeah. Okay. They have a strong middle part. J: They do. Look at me seriously R: Eyebrows, big, caterpillars. Oh my gosh, look you look like Daenerys. J: Oh my gosh, I love it! You have pretty big eyes, I would say like, oh, yeah, definitely. R: What if I do this? J: Okay, yeah, they’re big. R: My eye color is brown. They’re a little bit red in the sun. They get really honey colored in the sun. They’re kind of creepy like that. Yeah. Yeah, your eyes are green. Depending on what you’re wearing, they’ll look more blue. Yeah, I just don’t know. Today, green. That’s me. J: You’re still on that, you know, it’s coming along nicely. R: I need a big forehead. Do they have one with a big forehead? J: They don’t. I mean, they got some new customizations, but they don’t have I think- R: They don’t have the big forehead feature. How rude leaving me out. Justine, do you have a big forehead? No, you have a small forehead. Very small. Very nice. Okay, that’s not, I have a huge forehead. J: I got this.. R: Yeah, but you’re like a foot taller than me. I’m like four foot nothing. Four foot ten. I mean you’ve got a small nose. J: I’ll give you a small nose. I do have a small nose. You want a nose piercing? You can add piercings. Ooh, yes. R: Can I have a nose piercing? J: What would you like? I’d like it like- I’m giving you a nice little diamond nose ring. I think that looks good. R: I don’t know what shape your head is and I can’t tell the difference. These are square -that’s not you. J: Like not really pointy like- It’s got a little definition. But it’s, it’s, there R: I have a very, I have a masculine chin don’t I? J: It wouldn’t be something that I would define your chin as. Is it? Hello. So I think maybe my face shape may be a little weird for you. Let me change it. R: Lips look like? Um, your’s are more round. Not as pointy as mine. But still a little pointy in the middle a little bit. Do you have braces, fangs, gold teeth, you don’t, you have nice, just great teeth. You have little ears. J: Oh, you have earrings. I’m gonna make them diamond to match your nose piercing. Does Ro want some facial hair? R: It’s hard to do your lips right? Now. How do you think this looks? Okay, gosh. I look great with a beard. I know This is what it would look like if I had a moustache and I look like little Papa pizza. J: You look good. R: I am his daughter, father’s daughter. Ears, you can’t even see them. Who, who, cares. You have little ears J: So you’re not wearing glasses today. R: Oh my gosh, we could put iPods on you. J: Air pods? R: Air pods. Yeah, we could put air pods on you. J: Don’t get me wrong. I would definitely wear iPods on my ears R: Justine, we have to give you glasses. Do you really wear hats? J: I don’t. R: You don’t, but I am making you the cutest hat. Oh my gosh, I can give you a little headpiece, a turban I could give you- You could give me anything. I could give you a top hat. You’re an adventurer. J: I love it. R: Okay. Now I’m hitting done. J: So now, you know how like you send emojis? R: Yes? J: Well, this automatically makes emojis. Look, so these ones are your’s. R: Of you?! J: Yes, so instead of sending like a normal emoji, you can send like the heart eyes with your emoji. R: Are you kidding? R: I love this. J: On my phone these aren’t delivered because this is just like a beta phone. So nothing is actually linked up R: Oh my gosh, look at those like facepalming. Now we look so cute. J: I can’t believe you’ve ever used Memoji’s before. R: No, I’ve never used this. J: I am in shock. R: It’s me! Oh! Wow, I really, okay, I’m not sure about the nose piercing but, I do like the tongue. AAHHH! J: You can send them. It’s so great because it’ll just send that little video. R: It’s so cute. I going to make like a million videos. I’m gonna make one and send it to everybody. J: I’m gonna send one to you now. R: Facetime me a video, send me a video. J: Look at this little wink! I, oh my gosh, mine’s really cute. R: Your’s is adorable and I picked pink because it would match like your gaming controllers and stuff. I love this face. J: Wait, that looks just like me. R: It does! R: Oh my god, that looks like you and you’re pouty. That’s pouty Justine. I’m a little octopus! Hello, everybody! I hope you’re having a gr8- Get it? Eight? ‘Cause I have eight tenticles? A gr8, eight, day! Ahahahaha! Okay, bye! J: And then you just send it. Oh my gosh, this is so good. Hi, so I’ve got a hat, I’ve got glasses on. Look at me. R: That looks like you. That is you as a cartoon. J: I know. This is our new cartoon show. R: You look so cute. J: So do you! R: You look like Legally Blonde and I, I’m a vampire like, I’m kind of like preppy punk. I love my vampire things and my piercings and I’m like preppy punk and you’re like Legally Blonde. Okay, I feel so silly. J: We’re all in trouble. R: I did not know. J: We’re all in trouble ’cause now Ro is only going to speak in Memoji’s. R: Oh, I can’t wait. J: So you’ll be able to get that in September when the new iPhone comes out. Or when the latest IOS update comes out, which is usually a week before the new iPhone, and the new iPhones are usually in September. That’s the new iPhone 6s. R: Whoa. J: Yeah. R: I mean, you know the seasons, like fashion shows, you know the seasons of i technology. J: Seasons of i. R: Yeah. J: Well, this was so much fun. Thank you so much! R: I love this! J: This is great. If you guys enjoyed this and if you would like to see maybe like a Memoji cartoon with us? Let us know because that would be so fun. Oh my gosh. I love it. I have so many ideas right now. This would be so cool. R: I would love to be a guest star in something, I’m so ready. J: This is- I love it. J: Should we host a Memoji talk show? R: Yes, I would love that as well. Also, Justine, I’m like, -I’m tripping because I just learned something new. You just, you like taught me like, like at school like, I didn’t know any of this. My mind is blown. J: Oh my gosh, this was so fun. R: I’m late to the party, but I’m gonna join this party. J: Well, make sure you guys go check out Ro’s channel. We have done so many amazing videos together. I’ll actually put a playlist all of the videos that we’ve done together some on mine, some one her’s. We also did a video on her channel that is up now. So make sure you guys go check that out. I’ll put a link in description. Go subscribe, go say “Hi.”. Hit all of our bells. R: All the bells. J: All the bells. R: Please ring our bells. J: Ding ding! R: Ding ding. R: There’s a new algorithm. It’s new and it’s doing its thing so it knows us. J: It’s doing its thing, we love you, and this was so fun. J: Send us your Memoji’s.R: Yes! J: Tweet us one and say “Hi.” in your Memoji voice. R: I love all these like different combos and creations. I want to see what you make. J: I love it. R: You could be really creative in here. J: You can. Well, I’ll see you guys later. J: Bye! R: Bye!

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