Making money on Google Play

Making money on Google Play

53 thoughts on “Making money on Google Play

  1. Please stop reading ….. if you're going to read , doing it discreat please . But it was a good video !

  2. Do something against all those false app suspensions. I cannot recommend android development as long as this is such a huge problem..

    Edit: great video!

  3. so, why is Estonia and Latvia and Lithuania shown on map and referred to as part of Russia?

  4. Great video

  5. This would be great if google rolled out to other countries faster. Here in South Africa we have no way of selling apps and nobody at google can offer any timeline or roadmap to when it would likely be available. This slow roll out is a major issue holding developers back

  6. good video knowledge base may be this tips work I think


  7. Excellent concise advice. Thanks a lot. Best regards, -mark

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  13. No merchant account for Morocco………

  14. How Android In-game Purchase work?

    For Example Clash of clan Make 5 million Dollar per Day. My Question Is Ho w the In Game Purchase Work. In COC when some one purchase gems , How the company receives the money from the buyer , the amount of money which is deducted from his credit/debit card. Is the money Directly add to company ac of first Store in google play store then when you want to with draw your money first you have to request to google play store for with drawing money ? can you plz make a video.

    ." about in-game purchase how money transfer"

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  16. #asthra11.0 Thank u a lot I am making my first app asthra11.0 an android game and I will upload my app in google play in 2017 December, It will change your game experience plz support me

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  18. What are the payment options to upload android app to Google playstore? Other than credit card, what are the ways to pay the 25 dollars to Google playstore? Please reply

  19. How do i start with making apps that are paid

  20. Am indian plz mam some doller send me my gmail id [email protected]

  21. How to make an app and to published in Google

  22. Google is a scam

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  25. So you get pay for making game to the play store do you? ??!??….

  26. Do I have to pay to put it on the PlayStore

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  28. Why are African developers not allowed to sell their apps or add in app purchases?

  29. what name should i gave on google play developer console and how….
    please help!

  30. Nice video! We used its recommendations in Now we are waiting for result.

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  32. Can u make Google opinion rewards available in nepal too

  33. What happened when the sale ends and u install it. It will take a charge or not

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  36. hi guys, am a newbie and i know nothing about google play accounts,if am located in a country that supports developer account but not merchant registration,so can i get paid for an app that i make???best wishes for all

  37. What are the odds of a cat breathing within 4days of getting out of a cool freezer because said she had died but was really truely in a coma…

  38. Are you robot ?

  39. Hello sir, I have published my android app on google play store but when anyone installs it from google play store two instances of the app installed on their mobile what should be the problem ? and how to resolve it.
    this is the link of my app on play store –
    name of app – Central Library REC Ambedkar Nagar
    please provide me solution for this

  40. Thanks for telling
    pls tell that how much time does it takes to come minimum money to me

  41. give editors choice my app #wonplayer

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  43. "Industry-leading developers like yourselves"
    The only thing I am leading is my garbage cart, lady.

  44. if i publish my app in google play store and anyone download my app and uses my app…then where my earning locate and how my earning transfer to my bank account!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Lol

  46. Can we get google play credits by being beta tester.

  47. Digital addiction, Screen addiction. How will Google deal with the mounting future criticism on the systematic addiction optimizing of digital content by app/game developers and its effect on health and well-being of android egosystem users?

  48. Spectacular scooping on the business development fundamentals for up and coming Google Play designers and developers.

  49. Publishing free offline apps can still make you money? Or only apps that's has in-app purchase system?

  50. Please give me money!!

  51. Why did Google play randomly give me a dollar? Like, I'm grateful, but… why?

  52. How much profit from a single application when a user loads it and enters to advertise it؟

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