Making music on iPad with LK

Making music on iPad with LK

Hello, this is Lucas Palmeira from Imaginando and I’m here to give you a tutorial on LK. Today I’m gonna show you how to use the matrix module of LK For that I have a Behringer Model D here, a TR-08 by Roland, and we’re also gonna use our own DRC. so to start What I’m going to do is connect, make sure I have the Roland connected here to our MATRIX I have an Arturia Minilab on my right, that’s gonna be our input so I’m gonna use the Arturia,
choose our MIDI interface, and If I’m right we have the Model D on our channel one [I’m] Gonna arm it Right, and our TR-08 on channel two Okay, perfect so now what I’m going to do is create a clip like this and then I’m gonna choose it, and I’m gonna choose the size I want for it and I’m gonna choose four bars Like this, and now I’m going to sequence them… So on C1 [note] we got the kick Like this Right now the loop is too big, I want to first just sequence the first two bars like this Okay Gonna increase the tempo a little bit: 125 Like this I can choose all the notes that I played, we remember that to choose wisely the range so then afterwards you can just copy/duplicate what you have like this and then I can extend my clip to four bars and make some changes Okay, so now what I’m going to do Sorry, this is what I want Okay. So now what I’m going to do is create another track and I create it like this, and now I’m gonna choose the Model D On the other track I’m gonna record this and I’m gonna turn on the overdub so that when the loop goes over it doesn’t overwrite my other notes Okay, so now I stop, I just played over one I didn’t… Basically Didn’t make the clip I was recording on a null clip. [there was no clip selected to record into] Now what I’m going to do is duplicate both these clips so I have another Section Like this And I’m gonna do a little change on the drums on these drums What I’m going to do is put some high hats here Okay Okay on top This is it and now I can basically choose this and duplicate it to the rest of the clip now I’m gonna just give it a bit of variation Like this and change this one for this one, okay, let’s listen Here we have the zoom view you can see it all So now we have this clip [row/scene] with no hats and a bass Right, no hats and here we have the hats Okay, and now what I’m going to do is create another track Now we’re gonna use DRC so for that we’re going to open this nice little app (AUM) Which allows us to? Open our own plug-in audio unit extension Now let’s choose DRC And next thing we got to do is tell them where to go LK and now we filter all the channels and choose the channel that we want it to send to so we can now go back to the LK and here connect the Arturia Minilab now, I choose LK and Here we have our DRC And now let’s edit DRC, okay I’m gonna choose a pad sound, so we give it a little bit of… Let’s see, let’s see for example I like these strings. Let’s use these strings. Okay, so now the strings, okay Perfect let’s now go back to the here Put it on play I’m gonna record Oops again after I have to keep doing this so I have to create the clip. Sorry and basically Create the same amount of time again Let’s go back now, I put it on play And here we have it And this was it. As you can see you have loads and loads of possibilities to explore with matrix You can do any kind of composition with this basically and combine any kind of hardware and software And use it all on as many tracks as you want There are still loads of features on the MATRIX module for us to discover and there are loads more Features on other modules of the LK as well, but we have to leave that to another session This was a pleasure to be with you guys, and I hope to see you again next week. So goodbye

6 thoughts on “Making music on iPad with LK

  1. Nice! I didn't realize until now you could use LK without Ableton. How do you connect the gear to the ipad? Do you have a midi hub to usb? Or just a usb hub?

  2. Next level.

  3. Wait… what??? You’re doing this without Live?!

  4. I can use this as a stand alone sequencer without LIVE? Nice app guys!!

  5. cool! can i import midi files?

  6. Great stuff nice to have a clip launcher setup on a iPad hope you keep adding to this.

    Thanks for the sales aswell hope they help promote and further development.

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