Meanwhile… Corona Hard Seltzer Launches At The Worst Possible Time

Meanwhile… Corona Hard Seltzer Launches At The Worst Possible Time

100 thoughts on “Meanwhile… Corona Hard Seltzer Launches At The Worst Possible Time

  1. Corona beer going viral


  3. Well I know my succulent is real, because I nearly killed it by not giving it enough sunlight

  4. 2012 movie
    Haha this is hilarious, this should be put in the comedy section.
    Coronavirus: I’m about to end this mans career

  5. 0% naked men.
    10% Corona Virus.
    0% Slugs.
    0% Microsoft.
    0% Yugioh Cards.

    100% talent. 👌🏼

  6. 4:17 your welcome

  7. Stop acting and sounding like Mcconaughy you turd 💩.

  8. this is ridiculous !!!!, we need the information for an administrative review of the whole thing. how can he just make things up?

  9. That woman who had been watering a fake plant for two years. How did she not notice?

  10. Coming soon the new soda “Ebola Fresh” in stores near you

  11. You are not funny old white man!

  12. The guy’s a Genius! 😂

  13. Those pants make you looks like a walking…ya know XD. Talk about "subtly".

  14. Once again talking about things that go up your butt…liberals.

  15. Fun fact, Corona means "crown" in Spanish.
    Another fun fact, most Americans think it means virus…..

  16. that CNN story about beer was debunked, not like this clown cares.

  17. Id rather be infected with carona virus than drink one drop of corona

  18. How do you actually watch this garbage??? Seriously?

  19. 3:15 now I know, and knowing is definitely half the battle!

  20. Man I miss Letterman.

  21. 1:45 Billie Eillish Be like

  22. i want a compilation of the meanwhile-introductions

  23. A reminder for anyone starting a company. Your name is everything, so chose wisely.

  24. 🔥🔥🔥
    definitely deserves this place in trending
    1:06 💟💘

  25. Literally the beer stores around me have it on sale, Hey it's working in my favor.🤷‍♂️👍😎

  26. That fashion designer is about a decade or more behind Spongebob Squarepants.

  27. They're just rubbing it in. In plain sight.

  28. Corona should consider a promotional 19-pack.

  29. (REPENTANCE is required to be hidden from the Lords anger/JUDGMENT DAY!):

    Seek ye the LORD,
    all ye meek of the earth,
    who have upheld his justice;
    seek righteousness,
    seek meekness:
    it may be ye
    shall be hid
    in the day of the LORD'S anger.

    (Zephaniah 2:3).

    ***(Seek The Lord): This is the language of true

    (REPENTANCE), renewal, and regeneration.

    ***(You will be hidden): Zephaniah used a play on words with meaning of his own name, "Hidden in the Lord." Even in the midst of the most calamitous judgment scenes, the mercy and grace of the Lord is still available to a (REPENTANT) people.

    ***(Luke 13:3)<—Jesus)<—I tell you, Nay: but, except ye (REPENT), ye shall all likewise perish.

    ***(Luke 5:32)<—(Jesus)<—I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to (REPENTANCE).

    ***(2 Peter 3:9)<—The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to (REPENTANCE).

    ***(Romans 2:4)<—Or do you disregard the riches of His kindness, tolerance, and patience, not realizing that God's kindness leads you to (REPENTANCE?)

    (Greek. Metanoia); Strong's #3341; This Greek word is a compound word derived from meta, meaning "after" and suggesting some type of change, and nous, meaning "mind."
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    Both John the Baptist and Jesus began their ministries with a call to repentance. (See Matthew 3:2, 4:17)—A call that many of the social outcasts and "sinners" of that day answered, (See Luke 19:1-10),
    but that the religious people rejected. (Luke 11:39-44; 18:9-14).

  30. They are trying to cover Prince Andrew pedo history. Disgusting.

  31. What idiots. Everyone knows it's yams.

  32. Corona Beer presents : Ebola Cola

  33. what the ehh is this boomer shhh?

  34. .مبمقمكق

  35. Donald Trump is your superior. Donald Trump wouldn't say that but I will.

  36. Shoving potatoes up your butt will give you hemorrhoids.

  37. A bunch of fire fighters, on a food break, told me a story of having to respond to a call for a guy who had gotten a vibrator, in the on position, stuck in his butt. They said it was a challenge not to drop him because it was still on and vibrating and they could not stop laughing. BTW this was not in Florida.

  38. You couldn't drive in those goofy pants! How could you walk up stairs? So dumb!


  40. Starts at 0:42

  41. Ohhh Brother,Cant you see since Trump took away funding from sanctuary cities they need a new form of Federal Money….So of course they are going to push this to the extreme for no other reason than to get emergency funds….this Flu season has infected 29 million,hospitalized 260,000 killed 16,0000 105 where children and thats just here in the USA…..if and when this latest money grab gets to those levels then you can consider calling it a true emergency.
    STOP PUSHING the propaganda every election cycle we get gas lighted AVIAN 2008,SWINE 20010,MERS 2012, EBOLA 2014,ZIKA 2016,EBOLA 2018,CORONA 2020 ….case

  42. Did it tho? They launched it right before Spring Break…

  43. Ha ha. Americans are funny are they?


  45. That fashion is a phallic symbol. They're walking penises.
    You got the balls at the bottom the torso is the shaft so that makes the dude's head the head. Basically anybody who would wear those are "dickheads" 😂

  46. Lol, I'm not sure if you can accuse others of being misinformed when you still refuse to call COVID-19 by its name…

  47. Meanwhile, bottleshops are running out of corona beer in Australia and there is panic buying of toilet paper….coincidence?

  48. Colbert doesn't get the love he should.. by far the best wordsmith in late night

  49. living in Corona, California is a trip i’ll tell u

  50. this is the most stale intro in tv history

  51. That woman sucks at her succulent game.

  52. See this as I'm drinking a corona

  53. I remember when Aids was in the news all the time. There was a weight loss product called AIDS that had been around for many years and their selling point was " Lose weight the aids way". Despite calls to change the products name I remember an executive defiantly saying that the company won't change the products name.

  54. Brilliant marketing strategy for Corona beer:
    1) Ask a few hundred people if they would buy Corona beer
    2) Post on social media that the percentage of people who wouldn't by Corona said it was because of coronavirus
    3) People buy more Corona beer–and post about it on social media–to show how "smart" and "cool" they are, unlike the "scared snowflakes"

    Well done, Grupo Modelo.


  56. Only idiots use the dangerous alcohol drug.

  57. Its corona time!

  58. the intros alone for Meanwhile is why I listen. brilliant

  59. This is the dude who made Alladin’s pants lmao

  60. thought it said corona had sanitizer lol

  61. How dare you!

  62. so lame and not funny

  63. People are getting so picky and feminine

  64. The models look like D#@%$

  65. Corona hard seltzer did not launch at the worst time. It launch at the best time you get to get drunk before you die

  66. Beer thing at 4:00

  67. Nice to (for once) see a segment from this man that doesn’t constantly bash Trump. Colbert used to be funny back on the daily show, not any longer though.

  68. Inflatable pants? Who was the designer?, Patrick Star?

  69. There are alreary videos about COVID 19 being a conspiracy to sell Corona beer by name recognition. We deserves this, the crappy beer and the virus.

  70. Говори по-русски очкастик

  71. Stephen Colbert, irrelevant.

  72. Wow he didn't take a shot of Corona.

  73. 🏅🥇🏅💰🏅🥇🏅🥇🏅🏅🏅🥇🥇🏅🥇🏅🥇

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  75. Prince Andrew always been a playboy. Went out with soft porn actress Koo Stark. Think he dumped her when she changed career from soft porn to tennis player.

  76. Ok but the corona story is based on a study that had nothing to do with the actual virus.

  77. Word on the street is that a new pandemic is in the making, caused by a new strain of the Dos Equis virus.


  79. Sub for beats and weekly uploads 💜💜💜

  80. WTF those pants??

  81. These Meanwhile intro monologues are fascinating.

  82. That corona joke is like 100% Norm Macdonald Weekend Update

  83. Ließ ruhig weiter die Kommentare ich DESINFIZIERE nur kurz den Chat 💭 🧼

  84. How is this even still on TV, I didn’t even chuckle. And how is making fun of a virus that’s killed 100’s of kids, adults, medical professionals funny ? It’s like one of those 90’s movies taking place in the future where they show someone getting a hole blown in them and then making a corny joke after. “I’ll buy that for a dollar! “

  85. 38% of Americans are morons

  86. The Pacificovirus is a much more quality infection than the Tecatevirus.

  87. Can we all just agree that if somebody dies from putting a potato up their butt, they probably weren't going to accomplish much in life anyway? I mean seriously, there's dumb, then there's "makes me seriously doubt both evolution and God" dumb.

  88. Anyone else get annoyed from that goddamn fake laugh shit Jon does?

  89. Are people that stupid that they don't know the difference between a brand and a virus?

  90. This has been the greatest free noost for CORONA beer ! World wide

  91. 👏👏👏

  92. If there's a warning someone did it…
    probably someone in the trump family.

  93. Do you know what goes good with Corona virus? Lyme disease :).

  94. Meanwhile

  95. 4:23 there's another 2% who won't drink it because it tastes like skunk piss, Corona beer that is.

  96. who cares ?… I remember giving a girl I didn't even know a gram of weed…
    guys do stupid things for ummm…

  97. so price andrew is charlie harper…

  98. Always remember Colberts long face on election night 😂 😂 😂 😂

  99. anyone else deadly tired of the monotony of this segment


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