MediaBox HD Download ✅ How To Get MediaBox HD on iOS + Android APK

MediaBox HD Download ✅ How To Get MediaBox HD on iOS + Android APK

MediaBox HD Download ✅ How To Get MediaBox HD on iOS + Android APK there goes today I’m gonna show you how
to get mediabox HD on iOS or Android completely for free guys so all you got
to do is follow my instructions if you’re on iphone go into settings
general background app refresh I make sure this is on Wi-Fi and mobile
table adjusts it up so I don’t you’ve done that open your web browser go to
sideload CC just like that and press go might be taken to lista pops just like
this so how you go to do is type in to the search type your own thing sorry
yeah there is media box HD just like so will not press start injection and I’m
just going to wait for it to be downloaded from side loop servers so
this shouldn’t take too long guys or just have to be patient it just depends
on your Wi-Fi speed almost done so now you’ll be taken to
this screen all you got to do here is download to free apps from the list and
run them for 30 seconds you just have to use the bypass code-signing guys so the
app gets verified pretty much because obviously I’ll only live for a fried
apps on your phone so this just gets around that we’re just going to wait for
these apps to be downloaded you might not have the same ones as me but just
follow this instructions with whatever apps you chose this one’s done so just
open this and then cut the end of 30 in your head maybe 35 just to BCF and then
do the same with app number 2 and I didn’t wait the full 30 there but
because I’ve already got it obviously so now outnumber here you just open this
for 30 seconds Cmdr guys once you done that you will
have media box HD on your phone so thanks for watching guys hope you
enjoyed this video if you did leave a like comment and subscribe I will see
you later

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