Memoji in iOS 12!

Memoji in iOS 12!

100 thoughts on “Memoji in iOS 12!

  1. I’m a iPhone 6 Plus user and I want that soo bad😭

  2. Bander muhi g

  3. This is on a ad


  5. Pink Paradise

  6. It is like a cartoon character

  7. i whish i had a phone like that but it is to expensive

  8. OMG . 0.15 Justine and the emoji are making the same face.

  9. Who cares abt iphone!!
    I thought she is might be danny!!!

  10. I don't have iphone. But i wanna get this app how do i go it

  11. Justice Your face Memoji 👩‍🦳👩‍🦳👩‍🦳👩‍🦳👩‍🦳

  12. Penis burger salad

  13. Can I get it on my Andorid?

  14. Wait but how does it know when we open our mouth and blink 😮

  15. Does iOS 8 work with it?

  16. Ur eyes are a beautiful light dull blue

  17. app name plz?

  18. I came to this video because the ad was cancer and I wanted to see people hate on this ad and I'm very disappointed.

  19. What is the app calledd !!

  20. 2:59 How do you scroll!!!

  21. Someone took this video and put it on an ad 🤦‍♂️

  22. When she put the gohtee on her memoji she looked like DAVID FRIPPING SPADE

  23. you are so cute =)

  24. IJustine I really want a Coral iPhone XR, please?
    I know you have a lot of iPhone XR’s and I just want 1
    Because my family is poor, and I’m so desperate to have a coral iPhone XR, and they are so beautiful. 😥
    I wish I can just win one at least.. and I don’t have enough money to pay for one.. 😥😥 plz?? I just want one.. I’m desperate..🙃

  25. Bitmoji is shook

  26. Now we got leaks of ios 13

  27. Her voice is soooo relaxing!

  28. I hope you got more grapefruit la croix!

  29. tongue 4:34.

  30. What is name of this app

  31. What app is it

  32. Co o se llama eso

  33. Link please Memoji

  34. bing watched this vid 5000000000 times

  35. Not hating but that’s Animoji not Memoji Memoji comes out with ios13

  36. I might be getting the iPhone xs and I am so EXCITED

  37. Your eyes are gray………….,……

  38. I love you

  39. No Hate I’m 9 And I’m A Boy And I Know What’s Curly Hair

  40. Your in an ad

  41. Wish I had an iPhone X 😭😭
    But I still like my iPhone 6S+
    Also I think they should add ‘Memoji’ to every iPhone (from perhaps the iPhone 6 up)

  42. Whats the name of this videogame?

  43. You aren't excited. You are paid

  44. Why were you whispering

  45. One of these stupid ads popped up, and it had the intro to Happy Tree Friends, and I had a thousand flashbacks and screamed….

  46. am i the only one coming here after memogii ios 13???

  47. Кто русский лайк❤️

  48. How do u creat a Memoji?

  49. 😂😂😂

  50. Can someone can tell me does iOS 12 works on FaceTime and maessages. I have installed iOS 12 on my iPad. I tried to turn on the messages and FaceTime app but it says sign in with your Apple ID and password to activate FaceTime . I've entered with both id and password, after a few minutes of loading, it says "unable to contact the Face Time server. Try again. And I tried many times.

  51. I can't figure out how to get the gender to male

  52. What The application???

  53. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  54. do you have to pay for memoji

  55. Does Memoji cost money

  56. 😎

  57. Justine: First we are going to choose my skin colour.
    People who want a tan: You can do that!?
    Me: (FacePalm)

  58. What phone do you have

  59. Is it online

  60. Hey I couldn't get this fracture in iPhone SE with iOS 12😓

  61. Fuckess

  62. I wish I had that 😔

  63. La app como se llama

  64. What is the program name

  65. she has Blue eyes not green (I mean I THINK)

  66. In memoji,it looks like you are the voice actor of the character

  67. What app called is that

  68. uhh cool

  69. hσw dσєѕ thє phσtσ lσσkѕ líkє íf чσu gσ ín plαч ѕtσrє😕Jistine

  70. WoW So CoOl

  71. This video is oddly relaxing

  72. I can’t Find Animoji it’s long to find it it’s beautiful you pick Emoji it’s Better you move your hair

  73. Are you sure Girl if you Don’t like Apps Store it’s so Terrible I can’t Find my Favorite Game I hate Apple it’s so bad, I had Apple IPhone XS Max it’s Better Have Bigger Screen

  74. lol

  75. Powie mi ktoś jak w to wejść ? 😭😭😭

  76. Your eyes are color grey okay

  77. I didn’t even watch the video yet but I have the iPad 6 so like is it on there?

  78. If i was an iphone user i would use that app a lot team Samsung

  79. Rip I have iPhone 6s and my iOS is 12 sad 😓

  80. How do u get your Memoji to copy you or do I have to have a certain iphone

  81. I was so happy when I got this on my iPhone 8! I don’t have an I phone x or 11 so I’m so glad I got that!

  82. I what it but I have a Galaxy 8

  83. 😢

  84. How do you get them in your text? Please reply

  85. can somewon talk swedish

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  87. I wish this existed on Android plus my phone is new enough to support it

  88. Were did you find the memij uhhh

  89. I am sooooo freaking mad
    Android what are you doing??????

  90. This is not a Memoji, it is an Animoji! There is a difference!

  91. I’m a IPhone XR user (coral)

  92. What phone do you guys have

  93. what is the name?

  94. Rip im android user

  95. i tHiNk I sAw yOu oN mY aDs

  96. nice tongue

  97. Its not iOS 12 ?

  98. Kokias tą programėlė?

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