Mini Militia: HandCam on iPad Mini by MiLiTian | Doodle Army 2

Mini Militia: HandCam on iPad Mini by MiLiTian | Doodle Army 2

Hello Gamers! It’s MiLiTian and Welcome back
to my channel Multiplayer Gameplays.
So Today I’ll be showing you the HandCam on iPAD and also make sure that You join our Discord Server having 1000+ members + Developers + youtubers +all the da2 youtubers in one Discord server or you can say in one Discord Group. also I am not a regular iPad Player so don’t hope for a pro gameplay just enjoy the video and see the mellee spam control on iPad

99 thoughts on “Mini Militia: HandCam on iPad Mini by MiLiTian | Doodle Army 2

  1. 1st

  2. First

  3. Awesome video and first

  4. Nice video bro

  5. Nice one

  6. Ns bro

  7. Which ipad?

  8. GG. Nice video. Can you please promote my channel bro.

  9. You pressed volume button many times

  10. nice

  11. Thx for the finger layout…i hope i become a legend like u bro💞💞😎😎👍👍

  12. Bro used 4 fingers

  13. i am also on ipad mini 2 , the default setting is best on ipad

  14. Wow… Thx a lot

  15. U shared ss of it is discord so I know about this

  16. Play 1v1

  17. bhai tera Channel Games of glance ka hai kya

  18. Lmao nice vid….
    And turn your iPad the other way, u holding I the wrong direction😅

  19. Show your face

  20. Which iPad is this?GG bro

  21. Bro I love hand cam game play pls upload many more pls bro

  22. Bro u r indian ?

  23. Hi

  24. Do you play Bullet Force

  25. I just saw ‘HOBS’ WTF man seriously

  26. Nice ipad wish i had ios..😢😢😭😭

  27. What ipad is that?

  28. nic video and i can also see ur face on ipad screen in the beginning of the vudeo😂 and u r also wearing goggles xd

  29. Tf your hands shaking😄😆😆

  30. That hands though………….
    Nice vid m8

  31. Multiplayer Gameplays i see ur FACE tune spec dala tha yes na

  32. Hahaha Bahut Hard H

  33. Nice Vid Bro😘👍👍
    I don't think so that ipad sucks!

  34. omg your video are amazing you the best .yeah ipad suck .what is the 2nd song

  35. Volcanic ki copy !!

  36. Nice video….will you plz upload a video of 3finger layout playing on cellphone

  37. GG

  38. GG

  39. you're a great noob cuz u die after killing one player !

  40. Now I see how the hand of a legendary player works on mobile phones .

  41. Nic Man 😉

  42. GG bro….

  43. I'm king noob unblock me I want to join back

  44. Video quality low

  45. bro where yasin

  46. Which ipar bro?
    How much?

  47. Awsome buddy

  48. If ipad use 4 fingers like m3

  49. Damn I wish I had an Ios device. Anyways, nice video man. Keep it up!

  50. nice.. can u do a Android one now

  51. Any vedio on mastering this control layout

  52. Militian vo SPD militia maitha

  53. Hey militian I am [SPD]MILITIA

  54. I am 3rd fastest growing MM channel

  55. Bro tell me one thing, iPhone 7 or one plus 5T which one is better for for this game

  56. there is know pro pack give away????

  57. Can we collab

  58. congrats for 5 k subs

  59. Congratulations for 5k23 subscribers 👍😫

  60. omg how fast u play

  61. hi when do u p[lay in mini mili in custom games

  62. u r awesome bro 10 k is not that far bro i believe that that you can cross kinganbro

  63. you look like a nerd

    jk u look fine

  64. hey bruh awesome played i am sorry for the fight between us i wint do that again please unbann me
    i will never ask for roles again

  65. Is the iPad still alive?? The way you played looked like you wanted to destroy it 😀

  66. Do a face reveal plzzz i beg! 🙂

  67. ipad gen?

  68. Bro did u get wide view on this ipad

  69. Congo for 8k subs

  70. What a intro

  71. englesh ke sat hindhi be bolte ho..hahahah prch la game play is ……hahahahahhah lol

  72. download mobzen screen recorder

  73. Hoping for more handcam videos bro 😍😍

  74. wow i cant control that in phone only

  75. Bai video kam fast kiya karo yarr

  76. Lmfao rewatching look at cringy old me

  77. My skill is still 39 lmao

  78. Agreed mini mitlia is so difficult to played in ipad .constantly changing guns and fast view changing and bombs in that large screen too much difficult 🙄

  79. Players online is 30789 fuk…. noo way hacker

  80. Lol what a poor guy he is😂 playing da2 on iPad mini 9.7inch😂 with 16gb😂😂😂😂😂.Even i play on iPad 12.9inch 512gb.😂😂😂😂😂

  81. lol ipad mini doesnot have screen rec

  82. GG!

  83. you have the same controls as me

  84. Song?

  85. Is death pool and militian one person?

  86. Song?

  87. Noob

  88. U play nice

  89. I want to play with u 1vs1

  90. Bhai maxtern tu yaha

  91. 2kd ka maxtern

  92. 2kd ka maxtern hai yaaa

  93. Why you not buy a new iPad you are on iPad mini 1 your are so poor in on iPad mini 4 and you only have 16gb😂😂😂

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