MPC One Sampling | How To Sample Youtube | Iphone And Macbook users

MPC One Sampling | How To Sample Youtube | Iphone And Macbook users

what up, I am BK, back with another banger thank you
guys for tuning in today today I want to help someone who recently asked me how
to uh they watched this video that I recorded like July of 2019 and it was
out a sample from YouTube and a lot of folks have have been recreating this
video since and this might be someone I’m helping who’s you know on the
recreation path but nonetheless I’m still here to help so I wanted to help
their brother on figuring this out so I did a recap to
this video not too long ago might have been like around December of 2019 and I
showed exactly the things that you need so you know for the people in the back
way back there who seemingly seemingly don’t pay attention I don’t know maybe
you’re just new to the channel for whatever reason you missed that but so
you need a few items right now with the NPC one he wanted to know this for the
NPC one I’m not positive if the NPC one has an interface built inside of it so
I’m gonna show you the steps if you if you do have the interface in the NPC one
I won’t know until I get mines I’m not going the extra mile to figure
that out but this way is still the information is still valid search Google
for quarter eight quarter-inch TRS 23.5 cable most laptops and uh most laptops
right have a 3.5 millimeter cable um thing this right here right most well
this is from my headphone so you know I have like an expensive headphone so you
know mines look a little different you know but you need to know you need you
need a cable that does that so forth for the one for the NPC one you need the TRS
cuz that they don’t have the funnel or RCA for the NPC one right so if you had
the NPC live with an NPC X you can search for RCA cable 23.5 and you can
find this is one but I have like the one have is dual let me see if i type in
dual so yeah you get something like this get something like this right here
interconnect it’s a CRE not that oh I don’t see the one that I
have but even something like this will work
this dual RCA female you plug in your RCA is in the back right here and and
you’re good or this one right here this is perfect it’s $30 but this one to work
right but this is for the MPC live an MPC X but if you have an MPC one what
you want to do is TRS cable to 3.5 mini final jet and any one of these should
work I’m typing dual as well dual so this one right here this Roland’s
RCC if you get this one for your MPC one um this should work and this is sweet
water and they have it at Guitar Center as well this is the RCA one this is the TRS this
one right here is the is is perfect right this is livewire and central
interconnect Y cable this one is perfect for you I forget for the use of the MPC
one so let’s get on over into the NPC so I could show you the pinnace all right
so we open the MPC the MPC la um sorry we’re in the MPC software and I have the
sampler opened up and I don’t have anything coming in as of yet I wanna
show you i this is my cable is connected to the back of the MPC and if I wanted
to sample from my computer I plug this into the headphones and sample from the
computer right but you have to put the input to MPC live audio that’s a step a
lot of you probably are missing like you’re just wanting to sample from the
MPC software and you’re not setting up the audio output and input if you don’t
set this up it won’t work right when you first open up your um your MPC it’s more
than likely it’s on none I can’t select none for whatever reason but it’s not
working I showed in the past two you sell flour as of on on the Mac I don’t
know about PC I don’t think that sound flowers on PC yet I’m not positive it
might be but as of right now the 10.13 into 10.14 which is high sierra into
mojave south flower isn’t working in the MPC software so disregard every
who’s telling you to use sale flour it’s not working for me if it was working for
you try it out it might work for you if it works then then by all means use it
but theoretically you’d put sale flour here and then you’d sample from wherever
there’s also something else called loopback you know it’s like a hundred
and some dollars for that so that works flawlessly there’s videos on how to set
it up on YouTube but if you guys would like to see how to set it up to use with
the NPC comment down below and I’ll do that
but um this right here this cable is really all you need and this NPC live
audio it’s supposed to work without a cable but it’s not working for
whatever reason it doesn’t it’s not picking it up um there’s people out
there YouTube that show they’re working it doesn’t work for me so I work with
what works right so I’m not gonna plug this into my um my computer I’m gonna
plug this into my iPhone I have an old iPhone I just lost the video I found this sample on YouTube that’s
fire and I’m going to show you guys how to pull it in so right now as you can
see the monitor is jumping you might not be able to hear it so it’s playing let
me bring it back and this works with your phone I mean with your computer
again if you plug this into your your uh your headphone jack it works alright
that’s the sample the stop I don’t think I’m gonna cook up in this video I just
wanted to share with you guys how to do this
I might go to a different video and actually cook up but I just wanted to
share this information with you I’m not sure if you guys hear that I’m
gonna keep it I just switched up the audio arm to the screen capture and
software just to make sure that you guys can hear this right so I’m gonna go to I’m gonna keep that one and I’m gonna
pull in one more another part of it yeah that sounds tough it’s a little
distorted um and keep that you wanna mess with your threshold right here I
usually have it around I’m negative time I’m gonna bring in one more turn down
the volume a little bit on my phone and also you can you can mess with the
record knob on your on your MPC live the MPC X or your MPC one I will record this
right here as you can see it’s not passing the threshold so I gotta
actually press record but if I turn up I turned I turned it up on my uh my MPC
live and that actually it’s passed the threshold so it started to record
automatically so you can see right here you can see where it increased in value
that’s when I turned it up on the back of my uh my thing I don’t want to get no
copyright so I’m kind of glad in a way that explained out I was playing out but
that’s y’all that’s pretty much it man I would cook up but you guys you know be
complaining that the videos be too low NPC 1 shots and key groups
banging 8 awaits value 1 bangin progressions volume 1 and banging
progressions borrowed chords are all on BK bangers calm if you don’t have them
go out and get them banging progressions bar chords is free 99 everything else
has a feat cuz you know I’ll be doing this YouTube thing and some of you guys
are digging the content so I thought to share with you what I’ll be doing you
know I mean so be sure to hit BK bangers , and grab your copy of anything that’s
dead I love the light till next time any comments or concerns posted up in the
comment section and I’ll get back to you at my most earliest convenience and
that’s pretty much it man I might uh do a cook up video um behind this one or I
might not y’all see away I see it I never like to
neck sound this

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  1. **TIME STAMPS**
    Intro: 0:00
    MPC Setup: 4:50
    setup Inputs/Outputs: 5:14
    Youtube sample: 9:29
    Adjust Sample Threshold: 9:45
    Final Thoughts: 10:55

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