Music Video Lyrics by Chad Sano – The KineMasters #MadewithKineMaster

Music Video Lyrics by Chad Sano – The KineMasters #MadewithKineMaster

What’s up, guys? Today, I’m going to teach you how to make a video like this one. Boom. Alright. So, now, I’m going to teach you how to do that. We’re going to create a new project, 16:9. Let’s go ahead and bring in your media… Now, KineMaster already has some backgrounds built in. We can go ahead and choose some different colors. I’ll show you how to change this later, in case you ever change your mind. Next, we’ve got to bring in our music. Click on Audio and find our song. We’ll click on it and choose the plus button. Now, you’re just going to want to scroll through and find a good starting point where you want your video to start. Once you have where you want your audio to start, you can click on Trim/ Split and Trim to Left of Playhead. I’m going to hold down the track and scoot it all the way left. Next we add some text. I’m going to click on Layer>Text. Now you can start typing the lyrics to the video. I’m going to scale it up and move it to the top left corner. Now, we work on the timing so that ‘I’m’ appears right when you hear the word ‘I’m’ in the song. I’m going to hit play and pause right when I want it to appear and Trim to Left of Playhead. Now, instead of creating a whole new text layer, what I’m going to do is just duplicate, scoot it over, and I’m just going to fast forward and I’m going to do the exact same thing with the next word. Again, I’m going to get the timing right, and once I have that Trim to Left of Playhead. I’m going to duplicate it again, do the next word; you can also change the color if you need to by clicking the color circle and choose whatever color you want. You can even change your animation. For this one, I’m going to change it to Flicker. Because I just taught you this, I’m just going to fast forward again until we reach something new. Now, I’m going to work on getting my background to change when I want it to. I found the point in the song where I want the background to change and now, instead, I’m going to click on Trim to Right of Playhead. Again, at any point, you can change the order of the background if you like. I’m going to change the yellow one to appear next. We’re just going to play it through to make sure it all pops up at the right time. I’m just going to fast forward. I’m just going to duplicate, do the rest of the text, do some different animations. For this one, I’m going to add a transition. There’s a whole bunch of transitions to choose from but I’m going to actually find a new one from the store. So, we’re going to click on the Asset Store icon, and I’m going to go until I find something I like. I’m going to go with one called Speed Turn. So, we can click Download… and I also downloaded one called Dolly Warp. We can go into the transitions and now we have Speed Turn and Dolly Warp, and I’m going to choose one from the Dolly Warp section. Now, the next thing I wanted to do was make it look like all the words are flying down while the word ‘up’ is flying up. The word ‘up’ has an Out Animation of fly up, so that one’s already taken care of I want the rest of the words to look like they’re flying down. I’ll show you how I did that. I click on the word and there’s the Keyframe button on the left, we’re going to add a keyframe and we’re going to scroll forward just a little bit and I’m going to add a new keyframe and I’m going to change the position to add a frame, so now it looks like it’s flying out. Now we’re just going to repeat and do that for the rest of the words. We’re going to create more text and do our next sequence. Again, you can scale it. I’ll position it up here and change the In Animation to whatever you like — I went with Enter Slide Down. You can also choose the speed of the animation, so I’m going to make it a little faster. I’m going to do that for the rest of this sequence, I’m just add more text and do more animations. Again, I’m going to mess around with another cool keyframe. So, I’m going to make it look like it flies up and rotates. Again, we’re going to do the same thing: We’re going to create a keyframe at the start and another keyframe at the end. We’re going to position it where we want it to fly to. We’re going to change the position and the rotation, this time. And now, for the word ‘Messing,’ I don’t want it to fly all the way offscreen. I want it to end on the very left but still flipped. All right. The next edit I did was make it look like the words were disappearing with the transition. I chose the transition Block In. Now I want the words to disappear as if the blocks are removing the words. So, I’m going to scroll through until it looks as if it’s covering my word. Right here, it looks like it’s covering the word ‘With,’ so I’m going to remove that by Trimming to Right of Playhead so it’s no longer on the timeline. We’ll scroll forward just a little bit more and we’ll get rid of ‘Messing’ and right here it looks like ‘My’ would disappear so we’re going to go ahead and Trim to Right of Playhead and now all the words disappear. Fast forward… adding more text, repositioning, doing some animation, adding some more keyframes These are all things I’ve just taught, so nothing new yet. Here’s something new: I’m going to go to Layer and click on Handwriting. Now, you can change the utensil or design or whatever you like. I’m going to go with the one on the far left, which is a line without an arrow. We can change the color. I’m going to go with a nice green look. I’m just going to click and draw it right here. For the In Animation, I like doing Draw by stroke – and we’re going to make it appear a little faster. We can go ahead and do the rest of our words. This time, instead of text, we’re going to do an animation in Keyframing with the line object. We’re just going to create a beginning keyframe and an ending keyframe and have the line move to the bottom. Now, on top of that, I want it to look like the words are being hit out of frame. We’re going to scroll through until it looks like the line is hitting the word, and keyframe the word as if it’s flying out left except for the ‘Down’ word. We want that to fly down. A play on words, it’s… clever. We’ll go ahead and add more text, however you want, I’m just kind of doing what I think would be cool. Again, KineMaster offers a whole bunch of tools. You can add a shadow, you can add a glow, outline, anything you want. I’m going to change the color, do another animation – this time I’ll go with Fountain. Add some more text. Now, I wanted to add something new, something unique. So, we’re going to click on Layer>Overlay. If you have anything installed that you like, cool. If not, let’s go to Get More and I scrolled down and looked around, until I found one called Smilies. So I’m going to go ahead and install that. Now, we can add that in, and I’m going to go with this little angry face which is really cool – it’s already animated. We’ll add an In Animation, so that now he pops up and I’m going to change the Out Animation to this spin so that it looks like he’s rolling and we’re going to do a keyframe and keyframe him to the left so it looks like he’s rolling off the screen. That’s pretty cool. Now, again, we’re going to make it look like it’s interacting with the words. So, we’re going to have the words fly left. Add some more of our text… Now, let’s say you wanted to change the background. You can use video clips, if you’d like. So let’s go ahead and click Layer>Media. You can click on the video clip, click on this middle icon at the top, and we’ll choose Full Screen. We can click on the three dots on the left, and choose Send to Back. Now, we can see our text. And now, we have a moving background! Now, the next thing I want to show you is a cool asset on the KineMaster Asset Store. We’re going to click on the little shop icon and that’s going to open the store. We can scroll down… now, under the Clip Graphics icon, there’s a Karaoke effect. We’re going to go ahead and add that in. Now, we can click on Clip Graphics and they’ve got a whole bunch. They’ve got your opening and lyrics, they even have a score. So, we can type in our text here and change the color. In that example, the red line went way too fast, so we’re going to change that. We’re going to click on it and you can click and drag the effect and change the duration so now, when you play it back… it matches perfectly with the song. The next thing we’re going to do is give an A+ score of 100 points. We’ll type in 100 and there we go! I know that was a lot of information, but I taught you the basics and some cool keyframing techniques so, go ahead – use it in your own way and create something unique. All right. Thanks for watching!

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