Nache Nagin Gali Gali (HD)- Meenakshi Seshadri – Nitish Bharadwaj – Hit Movie -(With Eng Subtitles)

Nache Nagin Gali Gali (HD)- Meenakshi Seshadri – Nitish Bharadwaj – Hit Movie -(With Eng Subtitles)

Narsimha Dev, by getting pleased
by your service and meditation. I have given you all
the knowledge of the mantras. By which you can
influence not only.. ..humans but also the
gods and the goddess. What more do you want?
Ask me without any hesitation. I will fulfill all your wishes,
son Narsimha. If you want to give me anything
then give me the knowledge of success. By which the prison is prepared. Getting trapped in which even the most
powerful man loses all his powers. Won’t you miss use it? What are you saying?
Don’t you trust your great follower? I trust you more than myself,
Narshimha Dev. ‘Hari Om.’ Here take this. By chanting ‘Hari Om.’ When you would make
a lace of these pearls. Then the prison shall get ready. But keep the lace carefully. Because as soon as it breaks,
the prison will get destroyed. Yes, Gurudev. Yes, Gurudev. Greetings to Gurudev. Hari Om. Hari Om. Hari Om. Hari Om. Hari Om. Hari Om. Hari Om. Hari Om. The prison is ready, Gurudev. If you command, then shall we test it? Yes, sure. Who can be a successful
man in this world than you? You move to the prison for a while.
-Me? It is only to test it, Gurudev. Sure. The test is over, get me out of here. I am not so stupid, Gurudev. Now I am the only person
having magical powers. Now you won’t have
any powers henceforth. And now you can’t get
any other person like me again. You are cunning,
you did wrong with your own teacher. Bhasmasur wanted
to vanish Lord Shankar. I am keeping you with
me with respect, Gurudev. So that I can see
you everyday Gurudav. You are cunning and a sinner.
-True Gurudev. Listen, I am the Gurudev
of this place from today. Yes sir. How dare that Narsim
dev try to capture my land? What if he is a black magician,
lift his men and throw them aside. And get our lands back. Now we will not keep quiet
and bear his exploitation. Go, what are you seeing my face.
-No. No son, Narsim Dev is
a very cunning and rude person. He is a big black magician. It is not good to
make enemies with him. Forget your land. Mother, you are unnecessarily
getting scared,.. ..that cunning person can
cause no harm to me. Devraj hit my people? He wants to be my enemy? Now his life is over,
what does he think of himself? I will kill him like a dog. How long are you going
to continue your exploitation? It is a sin to kill someone.
-Shut up and get aside. She is teaching me
about sins and good deeds. Whosoever will come
in my way I will kill him. Go, and burn Devraj into ashes. Help me, I am dying. Mother, god, oh god. Narsing Dev you are a big sinner. You are a sinner, somebody save me. Somebody save me. Oh god, no, no. No. No, no. Devraj. He is dead. You sinner. You evil, you killed my
son and now you are laughing? You are not a human; you are a demon. The injustice which
you have done to me,.. will definitely
be punished for it. I curse you. You will get leprosy. Every single part of your
body shall wither away slowly. Stop your nonsense, you
old lady otherwise.. ..I will burn you too into ashes. Kill me you rascal. When my son is no more,
what will I do staying alive? The way you have killed
my son giving him pains. Even you will die in
the same fashion you dog. Your death is forcing
you to say such nonsense. Here even you die. No, no, don’t do that. You have to face the god after death. No, no. What are you looking at my face?
Life her and throw her in the river. Get up, get up it is morning. Have tea.
-Oh tea. No. What has happened to my thumb? The way you have killed
my son giving him pains. Even you will die in
the same fashion you dog. No, this is not possible,
nothing can go wrong with my thumb. You vicious person.
-Have mercy Gurudev. Mercy and that too on you? You evil. You will die of leprosy. The one who has been
rude to his teacher. Cannot be saved anywhere
in this universe. I made a mistake, please forgive me. Please give me a solution
to get rid of this curse. I will definitely set you free. Now I don’t trust you anymore. I swear on Lord Shankar,
I will set you free Gurudev. To save a sinner
like you is a big sin. I accept all the
hardships given by you. But I can never help
an evil person like you. I promise you I won’t
get into any evil acts anymore. I will never trouble any being again,
I will serve you being your servant. Give me a last chance. Okay. I will give you a chance again. To set rid of this curse. You have to go and
have bath in the Amar pond. But, to reach that place. You have to get the stone
from the wishful snake. And that wishful snake couple.. ..comes on the black mountain
on every full moon night. But Gurudev, this skin
problem is going on increasing. I would die till I reach them. Narsingh Dev, for that you have to.. ..chant ‘Om Namah Svaha’,
for a crore of times. Your this disease will
stop for fifteen years. ‘Om Namah Svaha’. ‘Om namah Svaha’. ‘Om Namah Svaha’. ‘Om Namah Svaha’. ‘Om Hari Om’. ‘Om Namah Svaha’. ‘Om Hari Om’. ‘Om Hari Om’. ‘Om Namah Swaha’. ‘Om Namah Swaha.” “Om Namah Swaha’. ‘Om Namah Swaha’. ‘Om Namah Swaha’. ‘Om Namah Swaha.” ‘Om Namah Swaha’. ‘Om Namah Swaha’. ‘Om Namah Swaha’. ‘Om Namah Swaha’. ‘Om Namah Swaha’. ‘Om Namah Swaha’. ‘Om Namah Swaha’. ‘Om Namah Swaha’. ‘Om Namah Swaha’. Gurudev, due to your blessings
my skin disease has stopped. Now I am going in search
of the stone to Amar pond. Bless me Gurudev. But at least set me
free before you go away. You have given me a
word swearing on lord Shiva. I remember Gurudev. But first let me achieve my goal. You evil, cunning person. Sinner! Subadra, you take care of his food. Greetings Gurudev. “Let the souls meet each other.” “Let the bodies meet each other.” ‘Let the souls meet each other,
let the bodies meet each other.” “The beautiful night
of getting together has come.” “There is fire within me.” “My body is set on fire.” “There is fire within me,
my body is set on fire.” “Set my fire off with your fire.” “Let the souls meet each other,
let the bodies meet each other.” “The beautiful night
of getting close has come.” “When the full moon night arises,
the whole body feels intoxicated.” “The whole body feels intoxicated.” “When the rays of
the moon kiss my body.” ‘My whole body sways.” ‘My whole body sways.” “Come and hug me.” “Come and get my colour.” “By swaying you make
sound of your bangles.” “Let the souls meet each other,
let the bodies meet each other.” “The beautiful night
of meeting has come.” “By hugging me,
you enter into my breaths.” “Enter into my breaths.” “Our thirst shouldn’t
remain unsatisfied,.. ..let’s cross all limits in love.” “Let’s cross all the limits in love.” “For this moment.” “For this moment,
we have waited for every moment.” ‘Let the souls meet each other,
let the bodies meet each other.” “The beautiful night
of meeting has come.” “There is fire within me,
there is fire in my body.” “Come and set this
fire off with your fire.” ‘Let the souls meet each other,
let the bodies meet each other.” “The beautiful night
of meeting has come.” “The beautiful night
of meeting has come.” “The beautiful night
of meeting has come.” You keep changing your forms,
but you can’t escape me. “How did you spend?” ‘How did you spend your
night without the blanket?” “How did you spend your
night without blanket?” No mother,
first we will go to see the fare. No son, first we will
go and pay homage to lord. You are born due to his blessings. No father we will
go to see the fare first. “Lift my scarf.” “Lifting my scarf you hug me.” “You keep me awake the whole night.” ‘How was your night without blanket?” “How was your night without blanket?” ‘How was your night without blanket?” Mohini. Nagesh. “How did you spend?” “How did you spend?” ‘How did you spend your
night without blanket?” ‘How did you spend
your night without blanket” He is just like me. “How did you spend/” That one is nice. “How did you spend?” Come on. Where is he?
-He was standing here. Kamal.
-Kamal. Kamal. Where is he gone? He must be here somewhere. Son, son. Bhola. -Yes master.
-What were you doing? Where is Kamal?
-come on search him. “How did you spend your
night without blanket?” “How did you spend your
night without blanket?” Kamal.
-Kamal, my son. Kamal. Don’t cry. I don’t want to die. Leave me. Mother, father. What are you looking? Finish the job. Snake, snake, snake. Mohini. Nagesh, where are you Nagesh? Kamal.
-Little master. Kamal sir, Kamal sir. Kamal sir. There he is. Come on. Little master, what are you wearing? Little master? I am not little master.
-What are you saying? Kamal sir, didn’t you identify us? Kamal sir? who are you? Who are we? Leave me. -Your family members
are all worried for you. Where are you taking me? I say leave me.
-Master, here is the little master. My son.
-Leave me, I am not your little master. What are you saying son? And whose clothes are you wearing? This is not the time
to be mischievous. I am not your son. You have become very
naughty these days. Anyway we are thankful
to God that we found you. Go get the car, we will go home. He is being bitten
by the wishful snake. They both must be here somewhere. I got the snake. I am not able to understand
what is wrong with him. What are you looking at my face?
Go and get some priest soon. Okay.
-And you call some doctor soon. Yes, take him to the
room on the top floor. Okay. -And sit there, don’t
let him go anywhere. Okay.
-Where are you tak9ing me? Greetings Goddess Kali. No! Greetings. No. Greetings. You idiot he is a human child,
let him go. You mean he is not a wishful snake? He is his look alike. Look alike? I got fooled by this rascal’s face. I will not leave him alive. You have been fooled, that
is not his fault. -Get lost. I won’t let him get killed by you,
I beg you. Give him to me. I will raise him as my child. You will raise him?
we don’t know whose child it is. Who am I? Who am I? I feel he has forgotten
his past due to the injury. So that is good, now he will
consider us to be his parents. Come son, get up. Mother.
-Yes my child. Mother. Mother.
-Don’t cry my son. Don’t cry. Calm down. Nagesh. Nagesh, Nagesh, where are you? Nagesh! Where are you Nagesh? Son.
-Yes. I am very tired today. Yes, it was a bad day today. We couldn’t make any money today. What is it? This girl in this forest? Girl. What are you doing here in
this mountain in this lonely night? I lost my friend in the fair. I am looking out for him. Look, it is too late now. And there are many
wild animals out here. We will drop you to your home. It is possible that your friend
might have reached home. -Yes girl. I don’t have any home. There must be someone. No, I have no one
other than my friend. Look my sister, you come with us. We will search your friend. I won’t go anywhere without him. Don’t be stubborn, it is not
safe for you stay alone in the jungle. He might have missed the
way and left with someone else. Girl, we are nomads, we play music
at different places and earn money. You come with us. If Lord wishes, he will definitely
make you meet your lost friend. There is no one here. Where is Kamal? Khote, where is Kamal? Kamal, oh he is not here. We made him sit here and
locked the door from outside. And were keeping an eye. You were keeping an
eye or were you sleeping? No, not at all.
-Go search him. He must be hiding here somewhere. Oh God. Where is my Kamal? Madam. I searched each and
every place in the house. But little master is not traceable. He is nowhere then where did he go? You all search him from anywhere. Madam. What happened? Oh Lord, you are punishing
us for which sins? Where is Kamal? Did you get any news about Kamal? Little master, where are you going?
Come inside. Master, here is little master. Kamal, where were you son? Look at the condition of your mother,
being away from you. She has become paralyzed
for a lifetime. Call out at your mother, son. Call her. Call her.
-Mother. Shobha, open your eyes,
your son is calling out to you. Call out to your mother. Mother. Open your eyes. Kamal, my son. Where did you go leaving me alone? You promise me that
you will never leave and go. Why are you quiet? Promise me that you
won’t leave me again. Why aren’t you speaking? Until this sad mother
doesn’t meet her son. I won’t leave her. Say that you won’t leave me ever. I promise you mother. That I won’t ever leave you. “The snake dances in the lane.” “In your memory oh darling.” “Whenever this intoxicated
flute is being played.” ‘Whenever this intoxicated
flute is being played.” “I remember of you my darling.” “In hoping to get you back.” “I am moving out places
in search of you my darling.” “The snake dances in the lanes.” “In your memory oh darling.” “Why did you break my heart?” “Why did you break my heart?” “You left me on the way.” “I had asked for life from you.” “I had asked for life from you.” “You made me become
friends with the sorrows.” “Oh darling.” “Because of you.” “Oh darling, because of you.” “I changed so many forms.” “The snake keeps
dancing in all lanes.” “In your memory oh darling.” Where are you Mohini? Where are you? Where did you get lost? “Listen to my voice.” “Listen to my voice.” “I keep calling out to you.” “In every lane and every village.” “in every lane and every village.” “I keep moving making
sound of my anklet.” “I am very restless.” “I can’t find you anywhere.” “I am very restless,
I can’t find you anywhere.” “I keep remaining sad all the while.” ‘The snake keeps
dancing in the lanes.” “In your memory oh darling.” “Everyone dances upon my songs.” “Everyone dances on my songs.” “Nobody could understand my sorrows.” “The world has seen my face.” ‘The world has seen my face.” “No one could know about my heart.” “The seasons changed.” “The world changed.” “The seasons changed,
the world changed.” “But my destiny never changed.” ‘The snake keeps dancing in lanes.” “In your memory oh darling.” ‘Whenever this intoxicated
flute is being played.” “Whenever this intoxicated
flute is being played.” “I get all your memories oh darling.” “In hoping to meet you,
I keep moving place to place.” “The snake keeps
dancing in the lanes.” “In your memory oh darling.” Kamal what kind of habit is this? You keep staying out of the
house for a day sometimes for 10 days. You keep going somewhere
without informing. What is the matter with you? Nothing father. Goddess Kali, have mercy.
-Only 6 months are left. After that each part of your
body will wither off one by one. Gurudev, don’t try to
make me realize my sorrows. Come on, have food.
-You rascal. I am on the verge of dying
and you are worried about the food? Father. Father, I have got all
the snakes from the jungle. There must be those wishful
snake couple in it, have a look. So what do you think? You stupid,
you have got all wild snakes. It is not your cup of tea
to search for the wishful snakes. You try to find your look a like. Wherever he is,
he must be having your face. You evil, you won’t find him ever. Gurudev, you better keep quiet. Otherwise I will cross all my limits. This is your sister-in-law;
which you were eager to meet. Hello sister-in-law.
-Hello. I was unhappy to
hear about your illness. But there were some problems
that I couldn’t come here earlier. I am sorry for that. Is this Kamal?
-Yes. Son, what are you staring at? He is your uncle Dilip. Your father’s childhood friend. Go and take blessings from him.
-Yes. Hello uncle.
-Stay happy. Son, you get everything in this world. But you don’t get good qualities. Sister-in-law do you know her? Is she Roop? She has grown up now. Hello aunty. -Girl this is
not America, this is India. Here you have to touch
feet of elder people. Come on touch her feet, Stay happy girl. Today I will make a note of your
height and other measurements my love. Since I have seen you,
I have become crazy for you. Come on my love. Oh you are more
beautiful than flowers. And softer than the petals my love. Is it? -Yes.
-I can get still softer. You hold me carefully. What is the need to hold you. I will hug you tight.
-Then what are you thinking about? Hug me. Yes. Your beautiful hair. This beautiful plates my love. She lost her mother when she was 3. She stayed in America
since she was a child. And you want to make
her typical Indian in a day. I like her the way she is. Son, Kamal what are you thinking? Are you dreaming already? Oh Lord! Snake. Save me. Save me. Snake. What do you want me to see? Darling.. ..I have started
liking Indian culture,.. ..Indian costumes and Indian music.
-Is it? Hence, I want to show you something. Snake, oh my god, uncle. Snake. What happened girl?
-Snake. There is a snake on the sofa. You get the gun. You go inside and check.
-Water. -Don’t be scared. What happened Roop?
-There is a snake over there. -Snake? Where did you go leaving me alone? I was standing right there. Yes, father. This is India Roop. There are many snakes
over here, must have.. ..come hearing to the
sound of the flute. Oh my god, we will never
listen to the flute music again. Keep digging at all the places. Dig at all the paces of the snakes. If they are not found in the city. Neither in the villages, they
are surely hiding in this forest area. I want that wishful
snake couple at any cost. Keep digging. “Oh my beloved.” “Tell me how to spend my days.” ‘Tell me how to spend my days.” “Where do I go? Show me some path.” “Where do I go? Show me some path.” “Oh beloved.” “Oh beloved.” “Oh beloved.” “Oh beloved.” “I feel these bangles
to be like flames.. ..and this vermillion
too is like a flame.” “I feel these bangles
to be like flames.. ..and this vermillion
too is like a flame.” “My sleep is gone out of my eyes.” “Let me have a glance of you someday.” “Let me have a glance of you someday.” “Show me some path where I should go.” “Oh beloved.” “Oh beloved.” “Oh beloved.” “Oh beloved.” “Oh beloved.” “This thirst is not
letting me survive.” “This thirst is not
letting me survive.” “Even you don’t know what
is making me so helpless.” “How can someone survive;
you only tell me.” “How can someone survive;
you only tell me.” “Let me have your
glance before I die.” “Oh beloved.” “Oh beloved.” “Oh beloved.” “Oh beloved.” “Tell me how to spend time.” “Tell me how to spend time.” “Where do I go? Show me some path.” “Where do I go? Show me some path.” “Oh beloved.” “Oh beloved.” Darling Kamal, you are sitting here. And I was searching you upstairs. What are you thinking? Nothing. -Come on, get up,
I need to go for shopping. No, you move ahead,
I am not in the mood. What? aunty. What happened girl? -aunty, I have
to go shopping, to buy something. I asked Kamal to come along,
but he is not ready. How won’t he go? Mother, I am not feeling fine. Then you should definitely go outside. You will feel better if you move out. Correct aunty.
-Look son, she is already. Come on get up. You will go or not? Or you want
me to pull your ears in front of her? Yes, do it, it would be fun. What are you looking with anger?
Make it fast. Otherwise your ears are in danger. Kamal, Roop wants to
take you out with love. Come on get up, don’t be stubborn. Oh Lord, what a problem. What did you say?
-Nothing, let us go. Nagesh. Nagesh. Nagesh, wait. Save me. Nagesh, wait. Nagesh. Wait. Sister, did you get hurt?
-No. Stop that car, follow it, stop it.
-What happened? My Nagesh is in that car. My Nagesh is in that car. That car belongs to son
of owner of Devgad, Girdharilal. Mr. Girdharilal? Where are barging in? I want to meet the little master,
brother. Let brother go to hell. Little master never
meets any other woman. I am not any other woman;
he knows me well. What if he knows you, has
he called you this time of the night? You want to spoil your name. My little master is not like that., Go away from here. I will go inside. I will cut your hair;
my name is Ramprasad Choubey. Just move in and show me. I will definitely go inside,
even your father can’t stop me. This girl is talking about my father. Go away from here. She is mad. She wants to move in at night. Go away otherwise. Where did she go so soon? This is surprising. I am not able to see her anywhere. Let her go to hell. Nagesh. Nagesh. Mohini. Nagesh. Mohini. Mohini. Nagesh. Mohini, where were you? “The moment you met me,
my life got changed.” “The moment you met me,
my life got changed.” “Now this season appears
to be more enjoyable.” “Now this season appears
to be more enjoyable.” ‘I find this world to be pleasurable.” “The moment you met me,
my life got changed.” “The moment you met me,
my life got changed.” “My eyes were eager to see you.” “My eyes were eager to see you.” “The tears rolled out of
my eyes like the monsoon rains.” “The seasons which had
arrived were all meaning less.” “These seasons made
me restless day and night.” “Now that we have made, the
thirsty heartbeats have become alert.” “The moment you came in my life,
my life got changed.” “The moment you came in my life,
my life got changed.” “Now this season is
appearing pleasurable.” ‘Now this season is
appearing pleasurable.” “This whole world appears lovely.” ‘The moment you came to my life,
my life has got changed.” “The moment you came to my life,
my life got changed.” “Come close to me, let me hug you.” “Come close to me, let me hug you.” “Let me satisfy my heart.” “Enter into my breaths
through my eyes.” “Hug me and enter into my heart.” “The moment you met me.” “The moment you met me, the
flame of love on verge.. ..of getting extinguished,
started to brighten again.” ‘The moment you met me,
my life go changed.” ‘The moment you met me,
my life got changed.” Where were you Mohini? I was restless for you
for every single moment. Even I never had a moment. When my heart wasn’t
sad in your memory. I feel like I am
happy after many lives. Now I will not let you
go away from me even for a while. Nagesh, let us go. We will leave this place right now. No, Mohini I can’t go
away from here right now. You can’t go. Why? I have promised Mohini. With the bond of love.. ..the members of this family
have tied me in such a way. That I can’t leave this place.. ..until they don’t
find their real son. Their real son? I am not able to get you,
what is the matter? I will tell you. That day after getting
apart in the fair. All that is fine. But now I can’t stay away
from you even for a moment. I will stay with you forever. Kamal, open the door. Kamal, Kamal. Open the door, who is inside? Kamal. -what happened? Did
you have a bad dream? No uncle, there is a girl in his room. Yes.
-A girl in Kamal’s room, at this time? Kamal, open the door. Kamal. What happened father? There is no girl inside. I have heard the voice. I was hearing a drama on the radio,
you must have heard that. You are very suspicious.
-Yes, father. How can a girl enter inside
his room at this time of night? Yes, that is what I am saying father. Snake, snake. Uncle. Cobra. Father. Father, what were you doing? it is a sin to kill a snake. Take deep breaths, come on stand up. Now you are just impotent. If you keep behaving this way. Then it will lead to you
know what I am talking about. I mean everything will get over. I am giving you medicines. I mean have them. Doctor. Mr. Chedda the wrestler is here.
-Mr. Chedda wrestler is here? Did I make some mistake? No, you have to treat him. Treat Chedda wrestler? Tell me again.
-He needs treatment. What are you looking at my face? Go and get Chedda the wrestler inside. Okay.
-Don’t worry I will treat him for free. Move, Chedda wrestler is coming here. Clear the path. Come in wrestler, it is my
good fortune that you have come here. Come, are you not feeling well? I will make you alright. Come, be careful. God knows what went wrong with him. Stop shaking. He can see snake everywhere. Did he watch any snake movie? Did the flute enter in to his heart? He doesn’t watch movies.
-He must be seeing the actresses. You sleep,
I will check what is wrong with you. Don’t worry at all. I will make you alright
with in two days. Snake. What happened? Where are you running? Snake.
-You broke my door. No, no, snake, snake. What are you doing? Master, what happened to you? Take him to some black magician. He has been haunted by some evil soul. Black magician? Where can we find him? There is a village named Peepli. There is a black magician
named Narsimha Dev, he can treat him. No, no. What happened? -What happened dad?
-It will happen soon. Only 10 days are remaining
and I haven’t found the stone yet. If I won’t get the stone,
then I will have a bad death. No, no, I don’t want to die. Don’t worry have patience. Sir. Sir, my master has been haunted. All doctors have tried their best. You please treat him. -I don’t want
to do anything, take him away. I don’t want to see anyone. Please have mercy. We have come here from long distance. And he keeps shouting
that a woman turned into snake. Woman turned into a snake? Where have you seen that happening? Tell me fast.
-In my village. Ramnagar.
-In Ramnagar? Father. Father. Father, I found him. I found my husband. You found your husband?
-Yes. Thank god. Thank god. Now I want to go to him. Father. You please let me go to him. Girl is anyway an alien property. She has to be sent away some day. But look I won’t let
you go just like that. I will send you with celebrations. Even I want to see your groom. No father,
I can’t make you meet him now. He is a little helpless at the moment. You please bless me. How is this possible? What kind of sister are you? You are not letting
me meet my brother-in-law. No, brother. How do I make you understand? He can’t come here. Okay girl. May god bless you always. We are happy to see you happy. “I am a bird.” “Of your place, oh brother.” “I will reside for the night.” ‘In the morning I have to fly away.” “In the morning I have to fly away.” “Memories of your childhood.” “Will make all of us cry.” “Still we have to send you.” “To your in- laws.” “To your in-laws.” Kamal, it has been
a month that Roop is here. You never speak to her. You don’t go anywhere with her. Do you know how much she loves you? It is not good to
break someone’s heart. But mother, we have no
match as far as our.. ..traditions and lifestyles
are concerned. Then how can I make her mine? Did you try to make her like you? Crazy, humans cut the stones and
shape them according to their choice. She is just a girl
who loves you a lot. Can’t you make her the
way you would like her to be? No mother, not in this life. I can’t be like her
neither she can be like me. I will show you. “I will be what you want me to be.” “The way you would say.”, “I will be what you want me to be.” ‘I will make you mine.” “I will make you mine.” “I will be what you want me to be.” “The way you would say.” “I will follow you everywhere.” “I will make sounds of my bangles.” “I will follow you everywhere,
I will make sounds of my bangles.” “I will sway my beautiful waist.” “I will sway my body.” “I will sway my body.” ‘If I dance.” “if I dance,
I will make you dance too.” “If I dance,
I will make you dance too.” “I will make you mine.” “I will make you mine.” ‘Beloved.” “Beloved.” “I will swing into your arms.” “I will bestow all
the happiness on you.” “I will swing into your arms.” “I will bestow all
my happiness on you.” “I will kiss you.” “I will make you
happy by my gestures.” “In the juice of love.” “I will make you drown
in the juice of love.” “I will make you drown
in the juice of love.” ‘I will make you mine.” “I will make you mine.” “I will be the way you want me to be.” “I will make you mine.” “I will make you mine.” No, no, I won’t move ahead,
I am scared. There is no need for you
to get scared when I am around. Come on.
-That’s her house. She will bite me. -You are not
a wrestler; you are a coward. You look like an elephant
but are like a flat bread. Okay you go. You will soon realize. You will soon realize. Greetings Lord.
-Welcome. I am thirsty, give me water to drink. Son, get him a clean glass of water. Yes, father. -No, I always
drink water offered by a girl. But there is no girl in my house. You are lying to me. I will burn you to ashes. Father is correct. I had a sister,
but she left some time back. she left, where did she go? I don’t know, but she said she
found her lost husband at the fair. Today. At the fair? Which fair? 14 to 15 years back in
a fair at the black mountain. This black magician will
soon be taught a lesson. He thinks he is too brave. Snake, snake.
-Oh he got the attack again. Snake, snake, save me, save me. Master. Master, what happened? Master. Master is no more at such a young age. Good, he always used all
the females in the village. Yes, he was very evil. He has died in such a way that even
his soul will never rest in peace. What happened? Who died? Snake, snake, snake. Save me, save me. Mother, give me some
space I am a poor girl. Who are you? We don’t know who she is. She is being moving around
the place since 3to 4 days. Today she just entered in fooling me. Come move out. No, I won’t leave. Move otherwise will drag you out. Stop it. Don’t you have the
manners to talk to females? Mother, I am all alone. I don’t have anyone. Give me some space in this house,
I will serve you. Mother, she seems sad. Let her stay here. Is there any scarcity of servants
that you want her to stay here? Yes, Roop is right. Give her money and let her go. Master please have mercy. There is no other place
where I can get to stay. Please safeguard me. It is the duty of
man to safeguard a lady. This poor female should
get the permission to stay here. Mother, she will stay
in some corner of the house. She looks very sad and
helpless; it will.. a good deed to give
her some support. Okay, as you both wish. God will bless you all. Let us go. What is your name?
-Mohini. Khote, give her the
back quarters to stay. Madam, she is all alone. Shall I make her stay in mine? No, his quarter is too small,
I will keep her in mine. You donkey she won’t
stay in anyone’s quarters. Give her the grain quarter. Okay.
-Thank you mother. Thank you. Come with us. “You are my moon; I am your star.” “It is not easy to fall in love.” For whom are you taking food? For little master. Who told you to take it? Nobody, the food was ready. So I thought of giving
it to my master. My master?
-Yes. You mean Kamal?
-Yes. Give me the tray and there
is no need to take food to him again. Why?
-You are questioning again. I will slap you. Go and do some other work,
I will take this. Come in, no one’s here. Hi darling, there’s no one here. Hence I have come. Oh it is you. Why did you take the trouble,
why do we have servants for? This is not the job of servants,
it is mine. Two plates? Did you ask for food for two people? Yes, two we are two people. You and me. I thought we will have food together. How sweet of you. I have realized it today. That how much you love me. I have loved you in every life. And will always keep loving you. Oh darling. Kiss me. Why did you come here? The gravy. I had forgotten to keep, shall I? Food gets so tasty with the gravy. And this gravy is made especially
for him, I mean for you. Now what are you doing? Get lost. Banana. You like bananas, don’t you? Shall I get for you?
-Yes get them soon. No, there is no need,
you go from here. Okay. Oh sweetheart,
she spoiled all the mood. Let it be, serve the food. You came back again. I forgot to give the curry. Curry is so tasty. And can anyone eat without curry.
-Exactly. And I am so absent minded. That I forgot to give you curry. Oh god, have you gone blind? Stupid, idiot. This illiterate girl.
-I am sorry, forgive me. I will get another bowl for you. No, there is no need for it,
just clean this up. Oh I made a mistake. Please tell her not
to remove me from the job. I am stupid, I am an idiot. I will break your legs
if you try to come here again. Sure. Darling. I will change my
clothes and come back. Snake. “I will turn in to a
saint because of you beloved.” “Oh beloved because of you.” “Oh beloved because of you.” “I will become a saint
because of you beloved.” What are you all seeing with interest? Magic.
-Of nature. I will show you magic of shoe. Do your work. Mohini, I don’t like to
see you work like a servant. Then what else I could do? There was no other
way to stay with you. If I stay like a queen
or the great queen. I will stay close to you. Speak softly, someone will hear. Softly. There is no permission to express my
feelings nor to request for anything. My beloved wants me to
die slowly getting choked. It is difficult to even speak here. Okay, I will wait
for you there at night. In the caves of the mountain. We will talk there freely. I shall leave now. I will do such a snake worship today. That all the snakes from
the world will come here and die. Then I will see how these
wishful snakes escape me. -No. No, don’t do that. Snakes are our gods, don’t do this. What do you want?
I should die of leprosy? No, you are my husband, my god. I want your life. Don’t commit such a major sin. This will destroy your life. You go back to your teacher
and ask for forgiveness. He will definitely get
you rid of this curse. -Stop your nonsense. Let’s go. “Oh beloved, oh beloved.” “Oh beloved, listen to me.” “I got my beloved, I got my love.” “I got my beloved, I got my love.” “I got my beloved,
I love my love, I got peace.” “My heart started singing.” “When you are with me,
this world seems like a paradise.” “When you are with me,
this world seems like a paradise.” “When two hearts meet openly,
there’s lots of thirst in them.” “There is some sweet intoxication.” “There is some sweet
intoxication started to spread.” “My heart has started singing.” “With you my love, my heart swings.” “By hugging me, kiss me with love.” “By hugging me,
you kiss me with love.” “Or else you keep swinging
in my arms all night long.” “How to tell you how much fun.” ‘I am getting;
my heart has started singing.” ‘I got my beloved,
I got my love, I got peace.” “My heart has started singing.” Come in your senses,
my husband wants to catch hold of you. You all leave from here for god sake. Go away. Surround the entire forest,
they shouldn’t be able to escape. What are you looking at my face? Go. They shouldn’t escape. Surround the forest
from all the directions. Today we got saved. Yes, Nagesh but from today,
we will never leave this house again. Yes, Mohini. If you don’t find them,
then burn the entire forest. Mohini, Mohini. Mohini. Where are you? Mohini. Oh god, it is morning. Mohini, wake up. What happened? You love is in danger. Everyone is calling for you outside.
-What? Oh god, I’ll leave right now. Go, otherwise someone might get in. So what? Let them come. Nagesh. Do you remember? Today is the full moon night. Yes, Mohini. And after many years.. ., this night has come
back in our lives again. Today’s night. I will be my husband’s bride. Look at this. Mohini. You are looking so beautiful. Where are you Mohini? Mohini you get into
your form and move out.. ..through window, we
will meet at night. Yes, sure.
-Go. Save me, save me. What are you doing here? Go there and search,
I am searching here. Now I cannot put your
life in trouble anymore. I cannot lose my Mohini for their son. I will go there and tell them
the truth that I am not their son. Master, that is little master’s gun. Gun is lying thee and he is missing. Ramprasad, get the gun.
-Yes. And you all go ahead and search. He must be here somewhere. There is Kamal. Where are those wishful snakes? Son. What are you wearing? You are still mischievous. Now you have become an adult,
this doesn’t suit you. It is not your cup of tea
to search the wishful snake. You just try to find your l0ook alike. You know your mother cannot
stay without you even for a moment. Still you are wandering
around being a snake charmer. This means that wishful snake
is staying in his place being his son. What are you thinking now?
-Nothing father. Okay now let us go fast,
your mother is very worried. I will come, but let me
pay the person for the clothes. Father, I found the wishful snake. You got?
-Yes. My look alike is staying
at the person’s place being his son. And that person is
thinking me to be his.. ..son and is asking me
to go along with him. Is it?
-Let us go and catch him. Do one thing, you go with
him and fool him being his son. I will come behind you. What happened Mohini? I won’t come. You only go an meet them. Okay. Come son. Son, what happens to you at times? Why do you talk so weirdly? Trust me mother. I swear on Lord Shankar. That I am not your son. Yes, he is right. You both look similar.
-Sir. He can take form of anyone. He can change his form anytime. He is not a human but a wishful snake. Snake?
-Yes. Ask him if I am right.
-Yes. This is true that
I am a wishful snake. But I had not come
here out of my wish. I was made to come here forcibly. Very good. You were forced to come here? And then you got settled
here comfortably. I didn’t get settled. I was helpless and had to stay here. You got missed in
the fair 15 years back. And I was hiding
from a black magician. This was a co-incidence. That I am your look alike. And your parents thought that I
was their missing son and got me here. She became paralyzed
being away from you. And her motherhood made
me helpless to stay here. And I promised her
seeing her condition. That I won’t leave this place. Until they don’t find their real son. Today god answered my promise. And made you meet them. I won’t leave you today. Don’t play the flue. Their love is stopping me. Otherwise I would kill
you right now by biting you. You mean you will bite me? You! Please forgive me father. He forced me. Mother, he will gain
his consciousness. Now I will.. ..go back to my kingdom with my wife. Here you are. You came into my hands. Now I will get the stone at any cost. Mother. Father. Now you are of no use to me, you stay
with your parents now, I am leaving. No. Oh god, what will happen now? This evil black magician
will kill my husband. I will save my husband. At any cost. Uncle, she is not a woman but a snake. Kill her. You will kill me? Don’t forget. That to keep you and
your wife’s motherhood alive. My husband stayed with you
being a human for fifteen years. Today if your son is alive. Is all because of my husband. We both supported you
leaving all our happiness. Why? All for the happiness
of you and your wife. Only for your happiness. And today my husband’s
life is in danger. And you people instead of helping me,
you want to kill me? Who has the power to kill me? Don’t delay, kill her. Evil, it is difficult for you to
reach there before tomorrow’s sunset. And with tomorrow’s sunset. Your life too will end. Stop your nonsense. No one can stop me
from reaching there. I will definitely go there.
-Evil. God will never let
your wish come true. Where are you going son? To save her husband. No son, you don’t get
involved in this matter. We humans are so selfish mother. They can give such a
big sacrifice being animals. And we being humans
instead of saving them. We want to kill them? I will definitely help her. No one can stop me. You can’t go anywhere. Leave me father. I will definitely go there.
-I said you can’t go there. Take him inside and
lock him in his room. Today I came to know
that humans are so selfish. Leave me, Leave me. Let me go. My husband. No. Girl, Narsing Dev took away his stone. And has gone to Amar pond. Who are you?
Where are you talking form? Come in the front.
-I can’t girl. I am the teacher of Narsing Dev. He has made me a parrot by
fooling me and trapped me in a cage. In this condition
I can’t even help you. Oh God. If my husband doesn’t get
back the stone within 24 hours. Now he will never
give you the stone back. No, this is not possible. I will get back my
husband at any cost. Amar pond is nothing. Even if I have to go to the heaven. I will definitely go there. Snake, all your powers
have been trapped by this chain. Now you can’t take any form. You black magician
you will be destroyed. You can’t survive peacefully
by taking my husband away from me. All my problems are over now. Now I will have bath in the Amar pond. No one can stop me from getting cured. Evil. I have come here to
punish you for your sins. Gurudev, get away from my way. Now no one can stop me
from bathing in the Amar pond. Stupid, your ego is going to kill you. Having bath in this
Amar pond is difficult. I won’t let even a drop
of this pond to enter your mouth. You will keep pleading for life,
but you will have to face death. You will get rotten
and shall wither and die. Those who want to
kill me are already dead. Take this. No. Gurudev. Gurudev. Leave me. Gurudev, get away from my way. Gurudev get away.
-By sending you to hell. I will get away from here. What to do the sun is setting down. How to get rid of this Gurudev? Where will you go hiding from me? He took the same form. Let me run away,
how to get rid from him? I am your teacher Narsing Dev. You change your forms;
I won’t leave you. Few minutes are remaining
for the sun to set. Oh you took the form of a snake. Okay. Come on. -Oh teacher has taken
the form of a mongoose. Narsing Dev. Gurudev. Let me go. Let me go and have
bath in the pond once. Let me have bath.
-Evil. The sun is setting now. Gurudev please forgive me. I will never commit any
sin henceforth, I promise. Let me have bath
in the Amar pond once. It is better for
a demon like you to die. Gurudev. Have mercy. The sun is about to set in sometime. And I don’t want to die,
save me Gurudev. Today’s sunset. Will be a sunrise for
the people of People village. You have to bear the
fruits of your bad deeds. Oh Lord save me. Girl, the truth always wins over fake. Mohini.
-Nagesh. Nagesh.
-Mohini. Nagesh, meet him. He is this great man
who gave you a new life. He saved me. All the credits to give
us new life goes to him. We both shall always
be obliged to you, Gurudev. “Let the souls meet each
other, let the bodies meet.. ..each other, the beautiful
night of meeting is here.”`

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