Need a bag for your iPad Pro or Surface Pro? Check out the SATCHEL PRO from Nutsac

Need a bag for your iPad Pro or Surface Pro? Check out the SATCHEL PRO from Nutsac

hey guys EBPMAN here and today we’re going to take a look at the satchel pro this is a satchel for your ipad pro your surface book or surface pro and it’s brought to us by nutsack let’s check it out now the first thing i wanted to highlight about this product is this product is made in the USA it is full grain leather with a wax canvas it weighs just under 2 pounds at 1.9 for it has a cotton strap which you can see right here and this is going to go for supporting this satchel around your shoulder it does have this briefcase trap right here that you can use also to hold it up if you needed to the hardware is metal construction so there’s no plastic material here and it’s really going to be able to support devices like the iPad pro the surface pro and also the solar surface book I actually have a service book right now inside of the satchel the other thing to be aware of is dimensions this is a 12 point 4 inch by nine inch x 2.5 inch overall dimensions so let’s take a look at what it looks like on the inside and how i’m all the components I’ll work on the bag so now let’s go ahead and look at the overall stitching on the back because that really talks about the quality and the craftsmanship so first of all you’ll notice that it has kind of these look almost like texture or unique patterns in the material and not all bags are going to look exactly the same so I like this because it makes this bag unique to me it has on some nice stitching here and we’ll zoom in so you can see the qualities of stitching they’re stitching is really nice the treatment of the leather is very nice you don’t see any loose strands at all which again speak to the quality of the bag itself you see that also here in the the badge for the company leather on the bottom and you’ll notice how it comes onto each side the actual hardware itself is heavy-duty it’s metal and that’s on both sides and as we flip this over you’ll notice the canvas material that you have here on the back you do have this little handle here for curing it this is also very useful if you are going to the airport and you have one of those retractable arms or handles your bag you can use that I’m sure to make sure you secure this as well in the front here as we look at the front you do have a unique clothes closing mechanism this class sprite here and I’m just going to open it up and then just pull it out like this and now the satchel opens here you have a compartment and this compartment again could be used to store power adapters USB cables a battery backup just think about any kind of devices that you’d like to have here you’re going to be able to support it without any problems now as we bring the bag up we’ll be able we have two zippers one on each side and you know you can separate them just like this or you can just have only one opening one side and let me just go ahead and open this side right here and what you’ll see here is the room that you have for a very large laptop or tablet combo which is the surface book so I’m going to take my service book up and you can see how large that is and it fits there without any problems put that over to the side inside you have some couches nice made in the USA as I mentioned another zipper on the inside again this is for more storage of more goodies and things like that that you want to carry with you and overall everything is just impeccably made no issues at all with the with the actual zippers or any of the stitching that I see in the inside or in the outside so this completes my review of the satchel pro it’s $149 high quality made bag made in the US that has a lifetime warranty and also made by a company with a real unique name nut sack so if you have any comments or questions leave in the comment area below if you like this video give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to share and subscribe thanks for watching

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  1. Can you provide us video instructions on how to use the "watchland" apk so users with Gear 3 can install custom faceplates!

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