New AirPods, iMac, Mac mini, iPhone 12, WWDC and more

New AirPods, iMac, Mac mini, iPhone 12, WWDC and more

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
Apple has had some pretty interesting news lately and there’s some more
information about products coming out and so as many of you requested last
week I’ll continue doing these updates as long as there’s something new and the
first thing has to do with the 14 inch MacBook Pro Ming Chico says that those
should be expected pretty soon and I would suspect that for a couple other
reasons that I’ve seen personally and that’s someone I know that actually
placed an order for 13-inch MacBook Pros and Apple sort of delayed them and they
typically do this when they release a new product so for example this is the
16 inch MacBook Pro and last year they actually placed the same sort of order
on the 15 inch and then they got delayed and then Apple finally shipped the 16
inch to them so what Apple does is normally just says ok it’s a business
customer let’s hold off and then we’ll ship that a little bit later once we
release the newer ones because we know they’re gonna come back and get a refund
and get the new ones anyway and so it looks like we have new 14-inch Mac books
coming pretty soon with thinner bezels just like the 16 inch that we have here
and also there’s some interesting information about new iMacs and Mac
minis so along with the release of the MacBook Pro this year or maybe sooner
rather than later we would expect new Mac minis and I don’t expect them to
look much different than they do now like this basically the Mac Mini is a
pretty simple form factor factor and has all the ports and things that you would
expect but it would be nice to see a little bit of a spec bump maybe to an 8
core processor maybe better video card options and things like that otherwise
it’s a pretty perfect little Mac and it just could use a spec bump and that
should be a regular thing anyway and then finally a new iMac now I max have
not had a major redesign in a long time they’ve looked basically like this for
quite some time and we should see a new iMac redesign what that redesign
actually looks like though is hard to say now as far as new air pods are
concerned there continues to be information about some new air pods
whether or not it’s ear pods light and similar to this or air pods pro-lite
where they’re in e’re is hard to say but I hope they do not get
rid of the form-factor like this that doesn’t sit fully in your ear I like
both of them hopefully they keep this and one thing I personally would like to
see is a removable battery I think it’s a huge waste to basically be able to use
these for one to two years and then have the battery no longer lasts so I would
love to see one that maybe screws batteries on and off the bottom or
something like that that’s a little bit more sustainable and makes more sense
and would make the product more long-term for most people now other than
air pods pro light or air pods 3 or whatever they might be called Apple is
also working on over the ear ear pods so it looks like according to nine-to-five
Mac that released this picture they found it looks like this has the design
idea of what they might look like now they do look pretty generic from this
picture but it looks like the actual product is definitely going to be coming
soon so whether or not that’s in March or September we don’t know but it looks
like apples definitely working on them and then also there’s a couple things
about the displays of the next MacBooks and things like that in the future it
looks like Apple is going to go heavy on mini LED and this is not micro LED so
it’s not a new display technology that will replace OLED displays but rather
mini LED would allow for better backlighting of the display so for
example one of the major issues with OLED and the reason Apple doesn’t use it
on say the pro display XDR is color accuracy is difficult on it and some of
the colors fade more over time than on an LCD so with an LCD display it’s good
but you don’t have deep blacks and sometimes as vibrant colors so instead
you could have a mini LED display in the background of a MacBook and allow for
very deep blacks and vibrant colors in other areas with local dimming so you
can dim specific areas and they do this some now but you would see more of that
in maybe an iMac pro or an iMac and it would be really nice and so on an iPhone
you could have the similar sort of setup where they could get rid of OLED and
have a similar display as well I don’t know that they’re actually going to do
it on the iPhone 12 for example but the display could look better than an OLED
if they did it right it’s it’s hard to say when you see it but OLED displays
are very different when you compare one OLED to
another it’s very hard to get them color matched and as much as a lot of people
like o LEDs there’s reasons that they’re more expensive and they’re also not
necessarily as good as others depending on the situation now of course with the
iPhone 9 I would expect that pretty soon however there are going to be probably a
few delays whether it be with the iPhone 12 or other things as infection around
the world seems to be spreading but then China says they have it under control so
as far as that goes maybe we’ll see things resume as as
usual and maybe even see a WWDC but right now it wouldn’t surprise me if
that gets live streamed and instead we just see iOS 14 online and we all watch
it from home like we normally do and we just don’t get to see it in person if if
we actually are allowed to go to the Apple event so at this point it looks
like we could just have a live stream and then an influx of new products at
the end of March with say the iPhone 9 maybe some new air pods air tags things
like that expect those later in the month even if we don’t have an event so
I would expect that now finally with the iPhone 12 there is some information
saying it could possibly be delayed due to all of the craziness going on right
now so if they delay it I don’t think that’s a huge deal in fact it might be
nice to not have a million different phones release every single year but
either way I would expect everything to be on time until stated otherwise Apple
does not ever comment on that or guarantee anything and they usually send
out invites for WWDC in March or maybe early April at this point but it’s hard
to say maybe they’re just waiting to see what happens and we’ll still have it as
normal or maybe not it’s very hard to say at this point but I’m looking
forward to new iMacs Mac minis and especially if they have
those mini LED displays I think it’ll be really nice to see that so let me know
your thoughts about all of this in the comments below because I’m really
looking forward to a more inexpensive or less expensive iPhone and then also
maybe some new displays like I said I would love to get my hands on a new iMac
pro that looks like a pro display XDR and one extra thing I would love to see
is a less expensive from Apple so I don’t need a pro display
XDR it’s too expensive I would love to see maybe a 27-inch version or 30-inch
version that’s not quite as expensive but let me know your thoughts about all
this in the comments below and hopefully we’ll see all of these products pretty
soon if you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper of course I’ll link it in
the description as I always do and if you haven’t subscribed already please
subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks
for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

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