[NEW] How to RECOVER iPhone/iPad PASSCODE, iOS 12 | BEST Siri Shortcuts 2019

[NEW] How to RECOVER iPhone/iPad PASSCODE, iOS 12 | BEST Siri Shortcuts 2019

g’day guys it’s Saunders Tech. today I’ll be
showing you this awesome siri shortcut that I made, where if you forgot your password it
sends a verification code to your email if you type it in correctly, it gives you the
passcode, you type it incorrectly it sends your location and your battery
percentage to the email. Before we start if this is your first on there, and you want
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likes caissons glue to quickly this is working so if we tap the awesome siri shortcut it’s going to send a recovery email to the email that you specify on the shortcuts
up because you just pop up the security code is being sent and we just wait and
you can see it came up here let’s not mess up so we tap passcode a 1 8 0 8 6 4
now this is a randomly generated number and you can see it’s shown that a
passcode is 5 8 1 3 and if you just tap ok again now it’s going to ask open up
the shook us up we just use a passcode and the passcode it’s just giving us and
now we’ve had the pass code that unlocks to the device so you can see generates
random numbers because see these are all the numbers is generated if I just type
it in again I’m shooting it’s gonna send a random passcode again so my email and
you can see there we go so I’m gonna show you what happens when you type in
the wrong passcode you do not want to do this we just are 9 9
now what’s gonna happen is it’s gonna get your already said this week you’re
gonna get your location the battery life and send it over to your email so you
know what a thief is and everything so I’m just going to show you in this smell
up here is is on my address and also it does showed that date I need to cover it
up ok so now it’ll be a download link in the description but before you download
it I mean the assess this shortcut up so we tapping the triple I and leave this
as it is now you need to change email that you’re going to send from anymore
you’re gonna send to now just sign into your mail cow
on the shortcuts up and this changed this this is really important because
then you’re never going to see the email and then you’re going to give me your
location to my email which is not you don’t leave this as it is and now you
want to change this to the Pasco do you set to your iOS device – five eight one
three songs believe is that now it’s gonna add an able mobile data however if
I have an iPad or an iPad when I use that option
it just gives an error so I can’t i’ll gets the batch level gets the common
location and it’s going to send an email from – just leave this as it is and
that’s basically it for the shortcut from here to the left
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always in description have a good day guys peace out

5 thoughts on “[NEW] How to RECOVER iPhone/iPad PASSCODE, iOS 12 | BEST Siri Shortcuts 2019

  1. Hope you enjoy this shortcut I made, it was something that was in the back of my mind for some time, but finally have made it a reality!

  2. I'm looking forward to that ios 6 JAILBREAK video

    Don't worry if you can't get it

  3. Cool video this is really useful

  4. How do you get particular info to show up in the email body? I’m trying to make a shortcut that will attach pics and location info into the body of an email but it fails.

  5. Brother this is awesome…. Really awesome….. Thank You…….

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