New iPad mini 2019 – Unboxing and Overview

New iPad mini 2019 – Unboxing and Overview

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
this is the fifth generation iPad Mini the original iPad Mini came out on
November 2nd 2012 so it’s been a long time and it hasn’t changed too much but
we’ll take a look at this one in just a moment and compare it with the old one
now this comes in at 399 with 64 gigabytes of storage or 256 gigabytes of
storage for 549 if you add 129 dollars you can get cellular or LTE for a total
of 679 for the top-of-the-line model this one is the 64 gigabyte model now
let’s go ahead and open it up let’s take a look on the back and one thing you’ll
notice is the actual box doesn’t really say anything as far as fifth generation
there’s not a real way to distinguish this if you’re not familiar with the
iPad Mini line so let’s go ahead and open this up take the wrapper off here
and I was able to find this at a local Best Buy and they had them before the
Apple store so let’s go ahead and open this up there’s the box here is the iPad
Mini now I’ll be honest I haven’t used the iPad Mini in a very long time I only
have the first generation iPad Mini I wasn’t a huge fan of it because I liked
the larger size but it served its purpose so in the box we’ve got a
lightning cable just lightning to USB a and then here we have some documentation
let’s see if there’s anything exciting in here we’ve got our Apple stickers in
there as well some smaller Apple stickers or mini Apple stickers
it says iPad Mini and just tells a little bit about it and that’s really it
let’s put this away now inside of this we’ve got the iPad charger no longer
with the smaller charger and this is the 12 watt charger so we can see that there
so that’s nice we’ve got the 12 watt charger and the iPad Mini let’s go ahead
and take the wrapper off and this is in space grey if you haven’t noticed
already so let’s set this aside and we’ll take a
closer look so this is the iPad Mini doesn’t look too unfamiliar to me you’ve
got your normal touch ID sensor here your display and this display is a 7.9
inch Retina display it’s 2048 by 1536 with 326 pixels per inch now this is a
fully laminated display so it’s actually glued to the display underneath we’ll
take a closer look at that once I turn it on it has a p3 wide color gamut true
town and oleophobic coating anti-reflective coating and it can go up
to 500 nits of brightness so let’s go ahead and turn it on and we’ll boot it
up and you’ll see around the outside edge we have our stereo speakers on the
bottom lightning cable or lightning port rather on this side the volume buttons
on the top power sleep-wake a little microphone a headphone jack nothing on
this side and that’s pretty much it a little microphone in the back your
camera and this camera is an 8 megapixel camera with an F 2.4 lens it’s got
autofocus it only does 1080p video and that’s not great but on the front we do
have a 7 megapixel camera with enough 2.2 that also does 1080p now the iPad
has booted up let’s go ahead and enable zoom press home to open you can set this
up and just to compare really quickly let me power that off and bring over the
old iPad this is the original first gen iPad and this is in a black color so
we’ll take the cover off here and this one can’t even be updated to iOS 12
you’ll see if I slide to unlock this is you’ll see if I slide up we’ve got the
old control center this is an older version iOS 9 and it’s terribly slow so
even going to things like the App Store are pretty unbearable but if we put them
side-by-side the only thing you can really notice from the front here is
it’s a laminated display and it has touch ID on the back they’re pretty much
the same and nothing’s changed too much when it
comes to that now one thing I wanted to try is this is a first generation Smart
Cover it looks like the magnets don’t really line up perfectly so there’s
definitely a difference here where the magnets line up so if you had an old
Smart Cover you may need to buy a new one
the magnets not correct there it kind of works but not really like it should now
while many people were really excited about the new iPad Mini they were hoping
for the new design like we have with this
new twelve point nine inch design where it’s a little more squared off and I
think looks a little bit better but the nice thing is all of your accessories
should work with this except for maybe that Smart Cover like I showed so let’s
go ahead and agree to these will it continue we’ll hit enable set Apple pay
up later I’m gonna use my keychain we’ll set that
up later you’ll see this is zipping right through no problem continue
continue continue is just telling us how to use it and now we’re in so this looks
pretty good and in fact it’s really fast and you can see where I said this is a
laminated display right here you can actually see that there’s no gap there
there’s no air gap at all so let me bring in the old iPad and you can
actually see there’s a little bit of an air gap going on there and the screen
doesn’t feel like it’s right on top so you’ll see the sizes are basically the
same as far as thickness goes I’d say this new iPad Mini is a little bit
thinner actually and set this one aside and let’s go ahead and turn this up a
little bit and I think it looks pretty good so far and the new thing about this
is it supports the Apple pencil now the weird thing about that is it doesn’t
support the newest generation pencil it supports the old generation pencil so
that’s this one it’s got the awkward way of charging it but if we put this in
here it should pair well give it a moment there we go it popped up finally
hip hair and that’s usually it we can just take this off here and see
auto-rotate works quite well let’s trim it off for now but you’ll see it works
with the pencil now like I said it does not work with the second-generation
pencil so this one there’s no way to pair it or anything
like that so you’ll want the first-generation pencil and you can use
this will work just fine and I know a lot of people are going to be very happy
with this let’s see what version of iOS it comes with it does have that new news
app so it probably has the latest version you can see it is installed with
the latest iOS update so that part’s nice it was pre-installed with 12.2 I
didn’t have to update it or anything and then we have Apple pencil support of
course so that part’s really nice now the other thing with this it should last
10 hours on battery just like all the other iPads do and you’ve got pretty
much everything you’re accustomed to if you have an iPad Mini already now if you
do get the gigabit LTE version you will have GPS but otherwise you’ve got all
the same sensors basically your compass your eye beacon moka micro location
accelerometer three-axis gyro and barometer and it also has Wi-Fi a BGN
and AC so it’s all up to date as far as that goes the strange thing is is this
is a little bit more expensive than the regular iPad but it looks like it has a
little bit nicer screen the viewing angle is pretty good I don’t see any
issues there let’s see the brightness it’s nice and bright although not as
bright as some of the most recent displays from Apple but it looks pretty
good and you’ve got that a12 processor and
ovary try there we go it’s got the a12 processor in it so it should be super
fast so the same processor that’s in all the modern Apple devices and you
shouldn’t have any slowdowns in fact it comes with iMovie you could use that to
edit 4k video it should work just fine on this device we should also be able to
do split screen which would be interesting let’s see what we can do
here if we bring this up maybe bring up this here so we have Safari on the right
let’s go to Apple and you get the idea we can do that split screen here it’s
kind of weird looking like that but you can do it if you
we’ll turn off rotate here and see what we’ve got we’ll go back home and now it
looks a little bit better that way so we can fully use this like a larger iPad
and if you like to hold on to it with these bezels it’s pretty nice it feels
pretty rigid it does have a little bit of flex to it but I mean I’m barely
pushing so if you really were to twist this hard by accident or something you
could bend it I suppose but it feels pretty rigid so that’s it for the iPad
Mini there’s not a whole lot more to say about it other than it’s a great little
iPad if you want the mini it may be a little bit expensive especially if you
get the larger storage option you’ve just got those two 64 gigabytes and 256
but let me know if you’d like to see a full review of this or if there’s
anything else you’d like to know specifically about this I’ll try and
answer that a little bit later let me know in the comments below if you’d like
to get your hands on the wallpaper that I have on the original iPad here I’ll
leave that in the description below as well so you can check it out if you
haven’t subscribed already though please subscribe and if you enjoyed this video
please give it a like if not the other ones okay – as always thanks for
watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

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