You okay yeah, sweet, I’m alright. I just I would It’s no big deal. It’s just it’s it’s like it’s to today’s my today’s my birthday With you mean well today’s my birthday. How can I explain it the day? I was born oh, did you forget you sure she birthday? Well if I told you that I didn’t forget your birthday, and I’ve been pranking you this entire time. have ya And what if I also told you that I’ve bought your present, and I’ve been planning on it for absolutely ages And what if I told you that it’s ready for you right now soon as this present is so much of a big deal I’m gonna reveal it to you on my channel oh My Goodness ladies and gentlemen boys and girls have I got a treat for you today. Hello guys I’m welcome back to another video today. The prank King is back. Yes. You heard that correctly this video marks the return of Prank wars let me sit down and tell you guys all about What is going down in this video of what just went down on mums Channel because you guys are not Even ready for this so recently a lot of you guys have been asking me morgues. Where are the pranks? Are you know you call yourself the prank King? How come you’re not pranking more anymore, and I was thinking about that I was thinking hard and the truth is guys I just been preparing mental Preparation is important. I have so many pranks in mind right now, and this marks the return of the prank wars Well the truth is guys the prank wars has already begun now just before we continue in this video guys if you’re new And you’ve never seen my face before my name is mold you guys are team orgs And if you don’t already subscribe What the hell are you doing go down there and smash that subscribe bomb and once you’ve smash the subscribe button Gently tap the lightboard don’t smash the like button gently tap the like button But remember to smash the subscribe button and also guys the iPhone 8 Giveaway is gonna be starting within the next few days The ways you can enter into the ALF? Actually really hurt the ways. You can get entered into the iPhone 8 giveaway is by leaving a like on the video subscribing to the channel and telling me in the comment section why you want the IPhone AIDS and also telling me if you’re excited for the iPhone X, but guys Let me take you back to about a few hours ago And fill you in on what’s going down so as you guys know a video went up on mom’s channel about an hour ago If you’ve seen that video already I assume you know what’s going on, but if you haven’t seen that video you should watch it Right now and come back to this video But basically what happened in that video is I pranked mom on her channel by forgetting her birthday For a prank and she got mad however guys. Here’s the twist at the end of that video I said I had a big gift for her that I would reveal to her on my channel in this video But guys another swerve Just got added into a mix because this is a double prank on mom I said the prank wars was gonna return with a bang I said it guys double prank on mom is happening right now So the plan is that basically guys you all know about the iPhone X. That’s coming out in like a month I’m gonna get an old iPhone box make it look like an iPhone Xbox and pretend to mom like I have got a the unreleased iPhone X and see if she believes me now This is a box. I’ve got right here. This is an iPhone 7 box However mum knows absolutely nothing about phones, so if I can make this look a little bit more like an iPhone X She’ll probably believe it and that is exactly What we’re gonna be doing in this video guys remember to smash a like if you’re excited Subscribe if you’re new the pranking is back. Mum’s going down prank wars is on yes again, and I hope you guys are all excited Let’s do it okay boys and girls in the lounge right now We’ve got mine on the car mine is in on the prank of course to be fair my own. It’s kind of like Risky on your part doing this because mom is not gonna be happy, but anyway I don’t care What makes mom happy right now as you can see we’re in the lounge? And I’ve got the box what we need to do is try and make this Look like the iPhone X Box now obviously mom doesn’t know anything about phones She probably would just believe this if I just gave her this but it may be best We try and do a little bit of something to make this look like the iPhone Xbox so what I’m gonna Do I’ve got a Sharpie pen and I’m basically just gonna just gonna try and have a bit of fun with this What I’m gonna. Do is I’m going to do a big X in the middle boys and girls It’s basically the iPhone X. You know You may be thinking right now More your nerf is gonna believe that well trust me you guys don’t know Mom you guys do not know mom She is the most gullible person. I’ve ever seen in my life. She won’t 100% believe this them I’m gonna do is go inside the box and I’m gonna write. Oh that looks real. Oh my god Okay, that actually looks kind of real nicely those look pretty good Don’t lie to me then I’m gonna do the same thing on the other side Okay guys I ain’t even gonna lie that is not too bad at all then I’m gonna go in the back of the box And I’m gonna write. I’m just gonna write a little X. Let’s do an X. Let’s do it there, okay? That’s fine iPhone eight, and then I’m basically just gonna Maybe like what can we do to make this a little bit more believable? Let’s draw over the Apple logo to make it maybe stand out a little bit I don’t know. It’s just playing around really just doing stuff which looks a bit different You know I’m saying jor-el the Apple like that. Let’s just have a bit of fun now I feel like I’m back in school of all this drawing. Let’s just do a little bit around this circle back there Circle that boys and girls the iPhone Xbox is now done okay boys and girls just quickly you know just quickly cut I’m trouble into the kitchen mums out right now if the kind of wondering why I’m absolutely screaming I’ve kind of got a little bit of time to prepare for this. She’s actually out with her mom so that’s pretty cool You know we got some time to prepare you excited for mom to get pranked Are you excited for the return of prank wars? How about you Bruno? Anyway excited for the return of prime was he’s seen all the pranks Bruno Bruno has been around to see them all Poor girl hasn’t see many of them brunette have seen all the pranks you excited Who do you think’s about a plank of Bruno me? Yeah, of course of course Bruno thinks. It’s me Pogo. You don’t know as much about the prank wars You haven’t seen as many of them. Do you think is the best pranker? Mum Are you joking? Okay? Well you can get a fumo ticket to see mom get prank right now So obviously you guys are probably wondering Maude Have you actually given anything inside the box, and if you know me you’ll probably know of course I haven’t this is just an empty box. I mean look at this. There’s nothing inside here. She’s gonna Be really disappointed if I’m gonna take the leap without because I don’t even wanted to have them what I’m gonna do right here I’m gonna give her a pack of power browser. You know maybe she’ll like them instead. See you know I’m being thoughtful I know mum loves the sweets mum probably loves sweets more than the actual iPhone, so that’s me being really considerate I’m gonna pop the iPhone xbox back on there, and we’re good to go boys and girls They call me the present wrapping king. They don’t no one’s ever called me that but still whatever This is not going well guys. They don’t call me the present wrapping king. They call me The guy that should probably not ever wrap presents guys now that we’ve got the iPhone boom you’re probably thinking Did you get more cars and boys and girls you know how much of a caring person? I am you know how much I love mom of course I got her a card I Mean It may not have been you know the right one. Happy Mother’s Day, but Again, it’s the thought that counts right I was in a rush every dentist use a card from last Mother’s Day It’s the thought that counts, right It’s the thought that counts less right on this, okay, so we’ve got to try and do something it says happy Mother’s Day So how about this how about I go and put a line through that important? Happy birthday see Perfect problem resolved right there. Oh no guys problem. It says it again. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day cost the help and then today we go do my own overweight, but Beautiful Mom That’s exactly what you are have a wonderful birthday. Happy Mother’s Day mother, but happy birthday mom Let’s go surprise with the iPhone X guys Okay guys Back what are you doing? Okay, well you know well yeah, I said, you know I got your present and everything You will take that on your video this everything’s ready I Think you should sit down in the lounge. Are you ready mom the big reveal Wow are you excited? Yeah? Yeah? Yeah, you’re excited Yeah, yeah, yeah, I think one more thing before I bring you a present happy Birthday to you Happy birthday to you Obama prison whoa Can we have my present now? Yeah pro-gard’s hospital a broken elbow? That wasn’t really necessary was it babies you have never even had a birthday be worn in prison Yeah, but don’t sing up your birthday again. Whatever you do because that was like Atrocious look at this guy’s even added to dad crossed it out and then put mom and then I’ve got I’ve got them right here Let’s go deliver. Hey you ready. Oh, you got me a present Why I said dad crust ow oh just a little bit confused Happy Mother’s Day no stays happy birthday be To my Overweight, but beautiful mom this is actually starting to go downhill a bit now Morgan. Oh, you know That counts right – my overweight the beautiful mom that’s exactly what you are Have a wonderful Mother’s crossed-out birthday From mugs I’m even saying do fancy Incredible I’m hoping that the presents gonna be a little bit better no improvement on this Morgan Yeah, I’m not sure what you know what gratefulness right well now he’s fine. It says mom in a million. That’s nice this car You’re gonna use this again. The Mother’s Day you’re gonna like cross the hour or something usually no robot the pen That’s a good. I live it. I hope you’ve not spent a lot of money on me. I mean it seriously What no honestly I said just some chocolates or something Wait wait before you open it wait. Let me put it away first say before you open it Well you do eyes what they is right? That’s the iPhone next it’s not released yet have you got one? I’ve got a special contact Apple who knew it was for you just for you it comes out in a month more That’s the brand new iPhone X that isn’t even out yet unreleased two thousand three thousand pounds because obviously it’s not released had to pay a special fee for I said just get Chocolates would have been fine. You can’t just spend all that are you getting really emotional well folks you’ve got me a film I just don’t think you can keep spending money like that Morgan. It’s too much oh God Martha, you get really emotional Yeah, because she keeps surprising me with things and it’s lies does. I make up for the card see a deck I couldn’t I thought you know does that make up for the car? You did the card as a bit of a joke and then fall of course can’t oh? God Morgan Walter you’ve got me On your colonel bow and your birthday Morgan. Oh my god residents about your lovely things This is what this is about isn’t it because you weren’t happy for what I bought you Is this just that payback time? This is how you reward your mom after looking after you and helping you with you create a channel You put on the Bob Simon yeah, you’ve been drawing on the box, you’re shocking just don’t wait now My birthday twice you put cake in my face on my birthday But Lisa bought you on at least the ball you want I think you need to go to your room now, and think about this this is terrible What are you doing? You know not doing a birthday present move if you just give me a bag of the repose in guitars I bought today if you didn’t wrap them up and give them to me how to feel better But it’s actually put me in a box of pretend. Why have you done it? It’s just about money for you in it you just wanted the money didn’t you but we just wanted the money I Said show me the phone. I need to show me the money no Morgan. You know what don’t push me push You never it’s moving away from the door. You look you look after your dogs tonight said to the wall I’m go back to Nana’s house and then upper-tier Nana’s house And I would have a glass of wine and I might even stay there tonight Oh, you don’t need a walk five o’clock You need to walk at ten o’clock, and they need to walk at five o’clock in the morning Good luck with that Well guys I think it’s safe to say as a prank wars is now well and truly Back a mod has just came back with a strong return to pranks on mom both of them Successful – Nell – morgs the prank King is back boys and flipping girls And I guess the moral of the story as well is if you can’t take being pranked don’t prank This is the exact same thing mom did to me on my birthday where she pretended. She bought me a dog She’s flipping out about it But at the end of a I’m just giving her a taste of her own medicine team morgues anyway boys and girls but another successful prank for Team morgues We’re on the op team mommy’s on the down as usual if you haven’t already seen the prank I did on mums Channel go and watch that because it’s so funny I got her so good as well as getting is so good on here. There’ll be a link to her video in the Anyway I was willing to forgive and forget everything that you’ve done to me because now yeah, you’ve restarted the prank wars now You watch your back I go so George in team bugs. I love all of you Thank you all for all the support go get yourself some team bugs mate So you can wrap the team walks everywhere you go Thank you all so much for watching and as always I’ve been more you guys have been awesome And I’ll see you in my next video peace out if you enjoyed the video then remember to subscribe and mugs is Don’t forget to leave a like if you have a big penis Thanks for watching this happen

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